Best Plus Size Sports Bras of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons 

best plus size sports bra

Are you looking for the best sports bra for plus-size women? If so, you’re on the right page.

Over the next few sections, we’d be taking a close look at some of the best plus size sports bra for both high- and low-intensity workout routines.

Additionally, you will also find a buyer’s guide, shedding light on the most vital factors you should consider while trying to pick a sports bra.

Comparison Chart

BESTENA Sports Bras for Women


Champion Full Support Sports Bra


Wacoal Women’s Underwire Sports Bra


Hopgo Women’s Sports


Elomi Women’s Plus-Size Energise Underwire Sport Bra


Best Plus Size Sports Bra Reviews

1. Bestena Seamless Yoga Bras for Women

This wide-strapped sports bra from Bestena is comfortable, soft, and incredibly stylish.

Thanks to the breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, you can wear it for hours at a stretch.

The bra also features a powerful elastic band that offers ideal support to both busty and slender women.


One of the defining features of this bra is that it has wide, elastic straps.

These straps work in conjunction with the wide bands in offering just the right amount of support to your bust.

Comfortable and convenient, this is an ideal pick for daily wear and low-intensity sports.

As with other bras from Bestena, the elastic yoga bra is exceptionally comfortable.

Made of high-quality fabric, it is incredibly soft, so you won’t encounter any new struggle while wearing it.

The bra also ensures that you do not experience any instances of scratching, pinching, or general irritation.

Since it is non-wired and non-buckled, you won’t have to struggle with any complicated mechanisms, either.

Given these incredible features, you can always use this product as nightwear. Likewise, you can wear them during and after pregnancy and surgery.

Another remarkable feature of this bra is its extra stretch.

Unlike bras from other leading brands, this has just the right amount of stretch for all body types.

Therefore, whether you have a small or a large bust, this will seamlessly work with your body shape.

This comfortable yoga bra features small padding in the front, which allows it to retain its natural shape without inconsistencies.

Thanks to this feature, you won’t have any bra bulges, too. It has been designed to embrace your figure to manage curves better.

The final and the biggest highlight of this bra lies in its multi-functional operation.

Since the product is made from high-quality, breathable fabric, it can always double up as your workout and everyday bra.

This means that you can wear this bra while running, jogging, weightlifting, boxing, skipping, strolling, or performing any other exercise.

Because it is specifically tailored for fitness enthusiasts, you can also wear it during yoga.

The wide straps will offer much-needed support, and the lack of wiring will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Overall, this is an excellent product for all plus-size women who just need a tad bit of extra support around their bust area.

No products found.


  • checkMaximum support
  • checkKeeps you consistently comfortable
  • checkPerfect for daily use or low- and high-intensity workouts
  • Doesn’t come with complicated wirings or buckles
  • Slight frontal padding for natural shape
  • Easy to wear and clean
  • Ideal for both slender and plus-size women


  • The pads are slightly smaller
  • No washing instructions provided with the package


2. Champion Women’s Plus-Size Bra

This bra from Champion is yet another ideal option for plus-size women.

Featuring cup molded straps, it is perfect as both daily and outdoor wear.

The bra is comfortable, and it offers proper and consistent support.

Since the straps are also gel-cushioned, you can comfortably wear it without any visible signs of discomfort.

The bra doesn’t come with any unnecessary wiring, and the interior, breathable fabric keeps you well-ventilated and cool.


Made from a perfect combination of nylon, spandex, and polyester, this bra is comfortable, breathable, and elastic.

Thanks to its cup-molded linings and the gel-cushioned straps, you can wear it for hours without experiencing any stress or marks around your shoulder area.

The linings also go the extra mile in helping you retain the perfect shape of your bust.

This means that you can always adjust the bra, regardless of the attire you choose to sport.

One of the biggest highlights of this bra is its interior mesh panels.

Because of the breathable fabric, you get cool and comfortable ventilation even when sporting a tight top in a congested environment.

The mesh fabric also goes the extra mile in preventing allergies, irritation, and rashes.

This feature is then further enhanced by the soft fabric that wicks away moisture to keep you free from sweat and chafe.

With these features in place, you stay comfortable throughout the day.

Another key takeaway is the natural shaping option provided by the bra.

Unlike conventional products, you get to choose from maximum and high support in and around your bust area.

This doesn’t just improve your shape but also enables you to flexibly change the settings depending on the clothes you plan to wear.

Finally, you also get to choose this bra from multiple vibrant colors. Whether it’s nude or a bright shade of pink or yellow, this Champion Sports Bra has all the shades you need.

Lastly, since it also comes with simple cleaning instructions, maintaining the bra won’t be a hassle, either.

Overall, this is an excellent product for plus-size women.

No products found.


  • checkAvailable in a wide range of colors
  • checkOffers comfortable ventilation
  • checkHelps you to manage creases better
  • Improves natural shape regardless of your attire
  • Prevents allergies and irritation
  • Provides long-lasting support minus any unnecessary wiring
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Quick, hassle-free cleaning


  • Straps aren’t durable
  • Stitches are prone to opening after multiple washes
  • Has a tiny thread along the seam that creates unnecessary friction and discomfort


3. Wacoal Women’s Underwire Sports Bra

Tailored for women of all sizes, this sports bra is a must-have for sports enthusiasts.

The bra’s unique underwire ensures that minimum breast movement during high-intensity workouts.

This means that, whether you’re running, jogging, or simply taking a brisk stroll, this bra will undoubtedly serve its purpose.

This Wacoal bra also features fabric cups to help retain your bust shape.

What’s more, its mesh back keeps your skin comfortable and irritation-free even when you’re venturing outside.

It offers excellent support and perfect style without compromising on comfort.


This underwire bra is designed to provide support for women every time they perform high-intensity workouts.

Since it is specifically designed to keep your breast steady (regardless of the constant movement), you can count on it during any form of sports.

The double-plied fabric cups are incredibly comfortable, and they also offer the kind of support that many of us want and need.

Unlike other bras that can’t completely prevent breast spillage, this one does its job by keeping breast motion at a bare minimum.

This ensures your breasts are right in the middle, without any instances of spillage.

The best part is that you look great, and there’s no discomfort through and through.

Another impressive feature of this bra is that it has cups with a hidden sling in the interiors.

Specially tailored for plus-sized ladies, it offers maximum support to G and H cup sizes.

The bra is also made using moisture-wicking fabric, ensuring that your skin stays non-sweaty and dry.

In turn, this prevents the possibility of rash and other heat-specific infections and discomfort.

Another key feature of this bra is its mesh back, which keeps your skin cool even during tedious workouts.

The carefully arranged back straps further aids with this, and the side-hook adjustment lets you slip into this bra in just a couple of seconds.

The side-hook adjustment also ensures the soft and plush fabric comes in direct contact with your skin.

This feature doesn’t just add to the comfort but also enhances the overall shape of the bust area.

Since the underwire is placed outside, the chances of both chafing and discomfort are minimal.

Overall, this is a perfect bra for plus-size women who want a daily wear bra that’ll perfectly double up as a workout bra when needed.


  • checkHelps avoid irritation, chafing, and discomfort
  • checkPrevents spillage and render natural shape to the bust
  • checkMinimizes breast movement during heavy workouts
  • Offers maximum support to bigger cup sizes
  • Positions your breasts in the middle
  • Durable back straps that provide complete support


  • The underwire is not that durable
  • Doesn’t come with any specific cleaning guidelines


4. HopGo Sports Bra for Women

If you are looking for a reliable, plus-size sports bra, Hopgo’s Sports Bra might just be the one to do the trick for you.

Made with pull-on closures, this sports bra is ideal for use for every type of low-impact sports.

With that said, whether you’re into brisk jogging, Zumba, barre, or yoga, this bra will conveniently align with your workout routine.

Available in vibrant designs and a wide range of shades, the HopGo Sports Bra for Women is flirty, stylish, and beautiful.

Since it is also made from breathable fabric, this bra keeps you comfortable and enables a broad range of movement.


Unlike other similar products, this bra is imported. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that it is manufactured under stringent guidelines without any compromise on the quality.

The bra successfully lives up to expectations by turning out to be comfortable and itch-free.

Thanks to the high comfort and the snug fit, you can wear this bra while performing a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities.

The product is especially suited for low-impact workouts, though, which include floor-specific exercises, pilates, barre, and yoga.

What’s even more impressive is that you can also wear this bra under your party dress.

Thanks to the scoop neckline and the perfectly strapped back, you get just the kind of flattering look you want with this bra.

As with most sports bras, this product comes with extra padding in the front.

Since this padding is removable, you can always choose to keep or leave it, depending on your outfit and your preference.

This feature also means that you can clean the removable padding as and when needed.

Another remarkable thing about this bra is its pull-on closure. Thanks to this, you can slip in and out of the bra without any hassle.

This bra is made from high-quality fabric with moisture-wicking ability, so you won’t feel hot and sweaty while venturing outside or working out.

The fabric will draw the sweat away, bringing it near an area where it can naturally evaporate.

Another equally important feature is its anti-odor technology, which effectively repels odor and keeps you clean and dry.

This also prevents the chances of bacterial growth, allowing you to stay fresh for longer hours.

The fabric comes with four-way stretch abilities to boost comfort and support maximum movement.

The fit will offer more support and enable you to work out without even thinking twice and worrying about your bust area.

The elastic band right under the bust will render more support, and the Flatlock will also reduce chafing and enhance comfort.

Other impressive features of this bra include the lightweight material and its quick-dry fabric.

Being lightweight, the bra won’t make you appear bulky at any instance.

The quick-dry function, on the other hand, will ensure fast, hassle-free drying in just a couple of minutes.

Overall, this is an excellent product for plus-size women who want maximum support, perfect style, and complete comfort.

The bra will support almost all outfits, and since you can also choose from a wide range of colors, you’ll enjoy just the kind of style you always wanted.

No products found.


  • checkMade from high-quality lightweight fabric
  • checkHelps keep sweat at bay
  • checkDries up in a couple of minutes
  • Ideal for low-intensity workouts
  • Keeps you fresh for long hours
  • Provides enhanced comfort and support
  • Available in multiple colors, designs, and styles
  • Straps are comfortable and secure


  • Although comfortable, the straps aren’t wide enough
  • No specific cleaning guidelines provided by the manufacturer


5. Elomi Women’s Plus-Size Energise Underwire Sport Bra 

Ultimate Support and Fit for the Plus Size Woman

As an active plus-size woman, getting a bra that has the right fit and support is everything. Yet, you want a cute selection that you can wear in and out of the gym. Consider getting the Elomi Women’s Plus-Size Energise Underwire Sport Bra for all-day comfort.

Non-Compression for Ample Support

This bra has a non-compression design that separates and defines each breast. Its front closure section uses three-piece cups with supporting side panels that uplift, shape, and control any bounce when running.  In turn, it creates a custom fit and ample support for plus-size women in cup sizes D to K. You can now prevent long term sagging of breasts. Instead, you get to be natural and move around as you feel necessary.

Soft Microfiber Fabric

The Elomi Energize sports bra uses 94% Nylon/Polyamide and 6% Elastane, a flexible and breathable microfiber blend.  This exceptionally soft fabric is structured for a firm, long lasting, fit, guaranteeing maximum mobility when doing high-energy workouts or light yoga with a soft mat. Plus, it will wick sweat and moisture away, leaving you feeling fresh, for hours.

Smaller Band, Under-wire for Workouts

The sports bra retails in smaller bands for each cup size. This style ensures the breasts stay put when working out or layering. Plus, it creates the impression of an even bust line and a slimmer torso. Further, there is a non-abrasive underwire that sits behind the breast, against the rip cage, ensuring the band does not roll up when you move. Hence, there is no gouging or pinching.

Wide Comfy Straps

This sports bra uses wide comfortable straps with an adjustable hook and eye closure. Plus, it has a J-Hook fastening that clip the straps at the back. It creates a racer-back closure for considerable movement. In turn, the sports bra will support all body shapes achieving a zero bounce for the full-busted woman.


  • checkComfortable and firm
  • checkBright colors with a feminine touch
  • checkBack clip is study and easy to close
  • Gives a full coverage
  • Breathable to keep you fresh and cool as you workout


  • The pads appear pointed and might not offer a smooth silhouette




Choosing the best sports bra for plus-size women isn’t an easy task.

To help you with your search, in this section, we’ve listed a detailed buyer’s guide that’ll guide you zeroing in on just the right product.

1. Band

The right bra band will sit perfectly along your rib cage without moving up or down.

It will not constrict or squeeze you, but it will keep you snug and secure.

Since these vital features ensure maximum support, always make sure the band in your bra is thick enough before making the final choice.

Obviously, thick bands are known to be more secure and supportive.

2. Strap

When choosing a bra, aside from the band, you should also always check if the strap is wide enough.

Although thinner straps may be good enough (depending on the manufacturer), in most instances, thicker ones ensure maximum support.

When choosing the strap, you might also want to check if it comes with extra cushioning.

In this way, you can wear the bra for longer hours without having to worry about pinching or any similar form of discomfort.

3. Size

The right kind of bra will flatter your overall shape while also defining your silhouette.

Additionally, it should also keep you feeling comfortable and secure regardless of the intensity of your movement.

Since the sizing guidelines tend to vary depending on the manufacturer, it is best to refer to the manufacturer’s guide while picking the size.

Is sports bra good for heavy breasts

4. Design

The overall design of the bra you’re looking to buy is yet another major factor you need to consider.

Although sports bra usually features limited design options, you can choose from crisscross backs, racerbacks, encapsulation, and pullover bras.

5. Fit

Since one bra size doesn’t and won’t fit all, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s guideline while checking the fit.

Ideally, your bra should have a snug fit to keep your breasts in proper position and prevent instances of spillage.

6. Material

Sports bras are made of various materials, but you might want to look for cotton, microfiber, or mixed fabric sports bras.

Still, regardless of the fabric you choose, you would want to make sure that it wicks sweat away effectively.

Since you’d be wearing the bra as activewear, the moisture-wicking fabric will enable you to wear the shapewear for longer hours.

Plus Size Sports Bra FAQs

1. Is sports bra good for heavy breasts?

Yes, a sports bra would be an excellent choice for women with heavy breasts.

If you are gifted with a pair of rather heavy breasts, you need to get a plus-size sports bra with larger cups.

This will prevent spillage and restrict breast movement.

2. Is DDD the same as F?

While DDD is almost the same size as F, it is best to wear the bra to test it.

Alternatively, you can also follow the manufacturer’s guideline specific for a better idea about the right cup size.

What type of bra should wear for heavy breasts

3. What type of bra should wear for heavy breasts?

While a sports bra is ideal for those with heavy breasts, you may also want to try full coverage bras.

This type of bra will provide you with just the right support you need to stay comfortable every day.

4. Is underwired bra good for heavy breasts?

An underwired bra is great for women with heavy breasts because the wire offers extra support to your breast and bust area.

5. What’s the next bra size after DDD?

G (US) and F (UK) are the next sizes after DDD.


While each of these bras is excellent with their offerings, Bestena’s Sports Bra stands ahead of the rest.

Ideal for both high- and low-intensity exercises, this is the best plus size sports bra that’s also lightweight, comfortable, and secure.

Since it also features wide straps, you get to enjoy the kind of support you need.

If, however, you’re looking to settle with a more affordable option, Champion Women’s Plus-Size Bra is an equally good pick.

Doubling up as activewear and sleepwear, this bra supports multiple workouts with reduced breast and bust motion.

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    I am in love with the Champion Women’s Plus-Size Bra. It looks very comfortable, and I am in love with the cup molded strap feature. I also love that it does not come with unnecessary wiring. My second choice would be the Besten Seamless Yoga Bras for Women. I will be purchasing soon.

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