Best Plus Size Sports Bras of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons 

Are you looking for the best sports bra for plus-size women? If so, you’re on the right page.

Over the next few sections, we’d be taking a close look at some of the best plus size sports bra for both high- and low-intensity workout routines.

Additionally, you will also find a buyer’s guide, shedding light on the most vital factors you should consider while trying to pick a sports bra.

Comparison Chart

BESTENA Sports Bras for Women

Champion Full Support Sports Bra

Wacoal Women’s Underwire Sports Bra

Hopgo Women’s Sports

Elomi Women’s Plus-Size Energise Underwire Sport Bra

Best Plus Size Sports Bra Reviews

1. Bestena Seamless Yoga Bras for Women

This wide-strapped sports bra from Bestena is comfortable, soft, and incredibly stylish.

Thanks to the breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, you can wear it for hours at a stretch.

The bra also features a powerful elastic band that offers ideal support to both busty and slender women.


One of the defining features of this bra is that it has wide, elastic straps.

These straps work in conjunction with the wide bands in offering just the right amount of support to your bust.

Comfortable and convenient, this is an ideal pick for daily wear and low-intensity sports.

As with other bras from Bestena, the elastic yoga bra is exceptionally comfortable.

Made of high-quality fabric, it is incredibly soft, so you won't encounter any new struggle while wearing it.

The bra also ensures that you do not experience any instances of scratching, pinching, or general irritation.

Since it is non-wired and non-buckled, you won’t have to struggle with any complicated mechanisms, either.

Given these incredible features, you can always use this product as nightwear. Likewise, you can wear them during and after pregnancy and surgery.

Another remarkable feature of this bra is its extra stretch.

Unlike bras from other leading brands, this has just the right amount of stretch for all body types.

Therefore, whether you have a small or a large bust, this will seamlessly work with your body shape.

This comfortable yoga bra features small padding in the front, which allows it to retain its natural shape without inconsistencies.

Thanks to this feature, you won’t have any bra bulges, too. It has been designed to embrace your figure to manage curves better.

The final and the biggest highlight of this bra lies in its multi-functional operation.

Since the product is made from high-quality, breathable fabric, it can always double up as your workout and everyday bra.

This means that you can wear this bra while running, jogging, weightlifting, boxing, skipping, strolling, or performing any other exercise.

Because it is specifically tailored for fitness enthusiasts, you can also wear it during yoga.

The wide straps will offer much-needed support, and the lack of wiring will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Overall, this is an excellent product for all plus-size women who just need a tad bit of extra support around their bust area.


  • check
    Maximum support
  • check
    Keeps you consistently comfortable
  • check
    Perfect for daily use or low- and high-intensity workouts
  • Doesn’t come with complicated wirings or buckles
  • Slight frontal padding for natural shape
  • Easy to wear and clean
  • Ideal for both slender and plus-size women