Best Running Hat: Improved Performance with Style

Best Running Hat: Improved Performance with Style

Every runner has his or her essentials when doing the sport. Others are comfortable wearing loose clothing, while some want tight-fitting compression gears.

Some get more inspired by music, while there are those who like to enjoy the ambiance. There are also a lot of them who run with bare heads, while most want to wear the best running hat when they run.

Nonetheless, there are four main benefits of wearing running hats.

Benefits of Wearing a Running Hat

The first one is for protection from all the elements in the surroundings. For instance, too much heat from the sun, raindrops, wind, and dust. The second benefit is keeping the head cool while running.

Quality running hats absorb and breathe out moisture and sweat that are supposed to flow down the face and neck of the runner while breathing in cool air.

The third reason for wearing running hats is improved performance. Just like swimming caps and bike helmets, some hats help with aerodynamics. Some say they do not make a lot of a difference, but they actually do especially during a race when every second matters.

The last reason is better appearance. Aside from the fact that they add to the sporty look of the runners, for female athletes, they also keep their tresses neat and stylish, avoiding the hairs from getting in the way of winning.

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Top Three Running Hats

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Below are three of the popular running hats that seasoned runners and jogging enthusiasts rave about.

SLS3 Running Beanie

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This German-designed running hat or beanie is made of a stretchable micro-fleece material that is comfortable and functional. The cloth is lightweight and breathable to a point that it would feel like a second skin for the runners.

The insides of the product are thermo-conductive to ensure that the user is kept warm while running. Nevertheless, it wicks moisture to keep the head as dry as possible.

The beanie has a reflective logo to keep the runner safe especially when running in a dim or dark environment. It also comes in black and neon pink color to give users better options. SLS3 Running Beanie can also be worn with motorcycle and bike helmets, as well as when snowboarding, skiing, and other outdoor activities that require head protection.



  • There are two colors to choose from. Hence, women runners have the option to pick a less neutral color.
  • The runners would feel more confident and safe with the reflectorized logo on the beanie.
  • It fits most head sizes, and it fits just right. The fabric ensures that it does not feel too tight or lose.
  • This beanie is durable and versatile because it is made of high-quality materials.
  • It would go with any running attire perfectly


  • This running hat does not have a “bill” that could provide added protection and speed.
  • Some people find the material too thin, probably because of the weight.

Headsweats Performance Sports Hat

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This sports hat uses proprietary fabric technology made of Eventure knit shell and Eventure terry sweatband. Together, these work to remove moisture faster by evaporation and keep the head at the right temperature since they are breathable.

The hat carries a classic design. The front panel is perfect for any kind of logo or other characters and can even be printed or knitted onto the fabric.

It comes in a lot of different colors as well. However, for all colors, the under visor is black to avoid glare when running during the day.

The Headsweat running cap fits perfectly to the head of the user, giving more confidence when jogging or running even during windy days. That is because it has an adjustable buckle at the back and a hole or opening for women with long hair. Likewise, the bill also gives the runner an advantage when it comes to aerodynamics and speed.


  • The design of this running cap is simple, so it would match all kinds of running attire the user prefers to wear.
  • The materials used are also comfortable since they do not make the head feel too hot.
  • Available in a lot of colors and can be personalized since it does not have any elaborate design.


  • It could be heavy on the head for some people because of the hard bill.
  • There is no design at all except for the logo.
  • It is not meant to be worn during cold weather since it is more breathable than warm.

Urban Boundaries Men’s Running Hat

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This running hat looks like a beanie. It is made of 100% polyester knitted fabric, so it is stretchable and can fit most sizes of runner’s head. It efficiently wicks moisture and sweat to make the runner feel dry and comfortable during the race or training.

The stretchy material is breathable but could be too hot during extreme weather conditions. Nevertheless, it provides significant warmth during the cold season.

Specifically, it retains heat to make the runner feel warm and pumped during winter and cold months. It is soft and does not feel too tight when worn.

It can be hand- or machine-washed and does not change in color or shape after washing.


  • It can be worn as the first level of protection when wearing helmets to keep the hair away from the face, and for the helmet to fit the head better.
  • Its snug fit makes long hair easier to handle when running or doing other outdoor activities.
  • It ensures that no sweat will escape and run through the face and neck through its snug fit.


  • It is available in black color only.
  • It could be too hot during summer because it does not have any cotton material.

Best Running Hat: The Verdict

When it comes to hats that are expected to provide protection and comfort when jogging or running, the best running hat is SLS3 Running Beanie. Runners and triathletes themselves design it, so they know firsthand what the needs of runners are.

This beanie is comfortable and very safe to use. Although it does not have a bill that helps with aerodynamics, it is helpful enough to make any runner finish a race with ease.

It is available in colors that cater to both men and women, and it has a reflector logo for the safety of the users. SLS3 Running Beanie is both a functional and stylish running hat.

2 thoughts on “Best Running Hat: Improved Performance with Style”

  1. Hi there,
    Just started a running campaign and need to buy some sort of hat.It’s summer here in Australia and the sun certainly has some bite… You give a comprehensive read of the three hats but I think I will go with the head sweat performance hat because it is light durable and offers protection from the sun. having said that I really like the SLSC running beanie style and may look at that one come winter.
    Thanks for the advice makes my decision very easy

    • Thank you, Paul.

      SLS3 Running Beanie is a great choice! 

      I like this hat a lot. 
      Not only because the high-quality materials which is used in this hat. Of course it is very important for so many things. 
      But I like it a lot because it have been thinking about so many but important things. Like for example the  stretchable micro-fleece material that is both comfortable and functional. 

      Runners and triathletes themselves design it and I think it´s a great example about great outcome when groups works together.  For example the hat can be worn in bike helmets which is a great option for so many.


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