Best Running Vest: Clothes that Save Lives

Maintaining good health by doing regular exercise should be everybody’s top priority. However, there are a lot of things that get in the way of keeping fit and doing exercise outdoors while there is still sunlight.

Hence, when jogging or biking outside when it’s already dark, it is important that one is wearing the best running vest.

The Emergence of Running Vest

Even if health-conscious people are asked about their fitness training schedule, it is usually during the early morning or at night when the sun hasn’t still risen or set. The number one reason for this is because of people’s jam-packed schedule, especially during weekdays.

Most individuals are still working eight-to-five jobs, and they cannot compromise coming on time at work or leaving the office early for their exercise schedule.

This is the reason why running gears with reflective bands are now very popular. Running hats and shoes have adapted this technology to help motorists and everyone else to spot runners and cyclists on the road. This technology assists people in keeping themselves and others safe.

Unfortunately, sometimes, small bands are not enough. There is a pressing need for something to make these joggers visible in the dark even from far away, and from all angles. In order to respond to such a problem, running vests with reflective bands have been manufactured.

Below, three brands of running vests are reviewed to provide everyone with information on what to look for in running vests.

Our Top Three Running Vest Picks

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In order to have a clear understanding of the top three running vests that we have picked, we will detail each of their features, pros, and cons.

Freemove Reflective Running Vest

No.1 Reflective Vest Running Gear - YOUR BEST CHOICE TO STAY VISIBLE UltraLight & Comfy Motorcycle Reflective Vest - Large Pocket & Adjustable Waist - Safety Vest In 6 Sizes (Small, Yellow - Vest Set)

This running vest is made of mesh fabric that is lightweight and breathable. It is available in six sizes: XS which is suited for kids and petite individuals, and small, medium, large, extra large and XXL for adults of all genders.

Nonetheless, it is fully adjustable with the help of its Velcro closure or lock. Hence, it can be worn loose or fit. It also has a pocket in front, which is zippered, to secure the user’s important belongings such as mobile phones, car keys, and cash cards.

This vest has been designed to cover up to the ribs and does not extend up to the waist. Although such may be needed for added comfort, this product will surely not get in the way of the user’s movement when running, jogging, or cycling.

The reflective bands on the vests can be seen from 750 feet away and also cover the user with bright “lights” 360 degrees. The vest also comes with two extra bands that can be put around the arms and legs or even around the neck of dogs when walking them outside at night. There is also a mesh bag that comes with the package for ease of storage and transport.


  • It comes in six different sizes.
  • Aside from the safety it provides, the reflective bands that come with the package can also be used on other things like bicycles without built-in lights
  • Since it can be seen even from 750-feet distance, startling motorists with the reflective bands are avoided
  • This product also meets EN20471 standards and requirements for Ragnar competitions


  • The Velcro is not big enough.
  • The sizing is a bit off for some people.

Roadrunner Reflective Vest for Running or Cycling

RoadRunner New 360° Reflective Running Vest for Men and Women – Visibility Vest with Pocket, Bands, and Bag for Night Running, Motorcycle, Walking, and Cycling (Yellow, S/M)

Roadrunner Reflective Vest can be seen 200 meters away especially in pitch dark visibility level, and even during bad weather conditions. The product is made of mesh material that makes it lightweight and thin. It also does not absorb water and is 100% breathable, so it does not become cumbersome even with sweat or rain.

It also does not make the wearer feel too warm. Such will also help maintain the form of the vest no matter the weather or how much the movement the wearer does.

The Velcro closures attached keep the vest in place and in the fit the u