Best Shoe for Treadmill Running in 2023: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

best shoe for treadmill running

Wearing the best shoe for treadmill running can help you make the most of every movement while working out.

Keeping your feet and ankles safe will give you the support and stability you need to go the extra mile.

That said, it’s not always easy to find the perfect footwear.

This guide will review six unique pairs of treadmill running shoes (three for men and three for women) to help you find the perfect pair.

Best Shoe for Treadmill Running for Men

Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 9 Running Shoe


Brooks Ghost 14 Men’s Neutral Running Shoe


PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Wide Sneaker


1. Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 9

The Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 9 is a fantastic shoe designed for everyday wear and working out.

With a dozen colorways and a ton of fantastic tech, it is no doubt one of the best pairs you are bound to come across.

You will love their sleek and modern look, working perfectly with your gym gear.


Some of the best things that make the Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 9 stand out are:

  • Leather Overlays

The leather overlays on these shoes add extra luxury to the exterior.

They also help add stability through the midfoot, ensuring your feet are locked in and secure.

  • EVA Sockliner

Gone are the days when you had to wear uncomfortable runners on the treadmill.

The comfy EVA sockliner in these Under Armour shoes allows you to easily slip them on and off, offering a customized fit each time.

  • Charged Cushioning

The most remarkable feature of the Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 9 is its midsole.

Designed with Charged Cushioning, it boasts a specialized molded foam construction that offers added compression.

This tech helps absorb immense impact from your feet hitting the treadmill while also enhancing the responsiveness of the shoes.

  • Rubber Outsole

Are you concerned about the bottoms of your shoes wearing down over the months?

If, you’ll be thrilled to know that the Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 9 has a full rubber outsole designed to withstand heavy impact.

You will have enhanced durability with a more lightweight feel, making running more effortless.


  • check enhanced sole support
  • check high-quality design
  • check feel comfortable and snug
  • Great for easy daily runs


  • It has a slightly small toe box
  • Not ideal for 15km+ runs


2. Brooks Ghost 14 Men’s Neutral

Brooks has been in the footwear industry for several years, so it’s not surprising to learn that these runners are designed to impress.

The Brooks Ghost 14 Men’s Neutral is sleek, stylish, and comfortable to wear for hours on end.

You will also find that they are anatomically designed to be ideal for all kinds of runners.


Why is the Brooks Ghost 14 Men’s Neutral a good shoe for treadmill running? Here are the top reasons why:

  • 3D Fit Print Technology

The first piece of tech to discuss in these shoes is their 3D Fit Print, offering strategic support and stretch.

On the inside of the shoe, you’ll find that the fabric lining adjusts to the unique contours of your feet.

Also, the underfoot padding is highly adaptable, offering support and comfort with its removable cushion.

  • DNA LOFT Cushioning

Another remarkable feature of the Brooks Ghost 14 Men’s Neutral is its interior padding.

Along the footbed is Brooks’ DNA LOFT cushioning, which is gender-friendly and works with all foot types.

As you wear your shoes, they will accommodate the unique requirements of your strides, adapting to every need of your feet.

  • Natural Support

When running on your treadmill, it can be helpful to have shoes that mimic the natural feel of your feet.

The Brooks Ghost 14 Men’s Neutral is designed with a flexible sole and soft rubber outsole that offers flexibility when running.

That said, you won’t be lacking essential support and traction.


  • checkNoticeably smoother transitions
  • check offer neutral arch support
  • checkCan fit all types of running speeds and styles
  • Exceptional shock absorption and durability


  • Don’t last very long
  • Feel flimsier than expected


3. Puma Men’s Tazon 6 FM

The last pair of shoes we recommend for treadmill runs are the Puma Men’s Tazon 6 FM.

Like the other pairs we’ve reviewed this far, these shoes are stylish with an iconic Puma-esque flair.

You can choose from several colorways, from cream to all-black, to fit your workout gear.


Aside from its looks, here are the reasons why the Puma Men’s Tazon 6 FM is a good investment:

  • Comfort Padding

When you wear these shoes for the first time, you will notice they have padding in all of the most important places.

You’ll find extra comfort around the collar and the tongue, not to mention throughout the underfoot and in the insole.

  • Lace-Up Closure

As you would expect with most high-end treadmill runners, this set comes with a lace-up closure.

This feature allows you to create a customized fit with every wear, making the most out of your runs.

  • Enhanced Midfoot and Insole

The two most impressive features of the Puma Men’s Tazon 6 FM are its insole and midfoot.

At the midfoot, you’ll find an enhanced saddle that keeps your feet comfortable and secure throughout the day.

In addition, you will have the intuitive Soft Foam padding through the insole for remarkable support.

  • Rubber Outsole

When running on a treadmill, keeping your feet secure is essential for the best workout.

These shoes feature a grippy outsole designed to easily hold onto the treads of the treadmill.


  • checkComfortable
  • check tick soles
  • check have a snug fit
  • High-quality memory foam padding


  • Lack durability
  • It could be better for long-distance walks


Best Shoe for Treadmill Running for Women Reviews

Let’s jump into the list of the top three pairs of running shoes women can consider for their treadmill workout.

adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure-2.0 Running Shoe


ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 8 Running Shoes


adidas Originals Women’s Swift Essential Sneaker


1. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure 2.0

The Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 is fashionable, lightweight, comfortable, and high-quality, perfect for all your running needs.

With the exclusive Adidas aesthetic, you will have a pair of gym shoes that you’ll love to show off.

There are a ton of fantastic features this footwear will bring to your performance from day one.


If you enjoy treadmill running more than any other workout, you may want to get the Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 for the following reasons:

  • Cloudfoam Cushioning

By far, the most remarkable feature of these shoes is that they have Cloudfoam cushioning, a patented Adidas technology.

With this, the bottoms of your shoes adapt to the contours of your feet, offering a customized fit.

It also helps maintain security and stability, reducing the likelihood of accidental trips and injuries.

  • Lace Closure

With the traditional lace closure on these shoes, you can have the perfect custom fit with every wear.

All you have to do is tighten the laces as needed, making them great to wear with different types of socks.

  • Lightweight and Flexible

When you hold the Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 in your hand, you’ll notice it is very lightweight.

Compared to other runners, this footwear feels like you are holding a cloud just as much as you’re running on one.


  • checkMade from 50 percent recycled materials
  • checkComfortable and cute
  • check extremely lightweight
  • High durability for runners


  • Hard to slip on easily
  • Not ideal for high-intensity training


2. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 8

The ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 8 has a unique style that is sure to set you apart in the gym.

It is also designed specifically for runners, whether you prefer working out on a treadmill, running on the street, or trail running.


With remarkable traction and upgraded features, there’s plenty to appreciate with the ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 8.

  • Neutral Design

One of the best features of these running shoes is their neutral design.

It helps ensure your feet can run as naturally as possible, reducing the likelihood of strains and injuries.

With these shoes on, your feet will feel like they have even distribution from your toes to your heel.

  • Durable Upper

The durability of your runners is an important feature to note because it makes the difference between having to buy new shoes.

The ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 8 has synthetic overlays that are double-stitched into a mesh upper.

With mesh, your shoes have enhanced durability plus strategic support for added stability.

  • Enhanced Traction

Another remarkable feature of these shoes that sets them apart is their underfoot for sprinting.

The high-quality outsole lugs keep your feet attached to the ground, preventing you from slipping and tripping.

This sole is what makes them a phenomenal choice for treadmills but also outdoor runs.

  • Shock Absorption

Every high-quality pair of runners needs some type of shock absorption to keep the feet comfortable and safe.

The ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 8 features GEL technology, one of the brand’s many innovative techs.

With GEL tech, you will have excellent shock absorption starting at the forefoot and working all the way to the rear foot.


  • checkAmple shock absorption
  • check high-quality padding
  • check incredible underfoot traction
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use


  • Low-quality laces
  • Need to be broken in


3. Adidas Originals Women’s Swift

At first glance, the Adidas Originals Women’s Swift looks like a fashionable pair of walking shoes.

However, the intuitive design of this footwear makes them one of the better options if you’re a regular runner.


With an adaptable design and a high-profile style, the Adidas Originals Women’s Swift is the type of runners every athlete should get their hands on.

  • Sock-Like Style

It can be frustrating to invest in a pair of runners only to find that they feel like a heavy pair of rubber on your feet.

Well, not if you get this pair.

The Adidas Originals Women’s Swift is specifically designed to feel like a second skin or a sock on your feet.

You will love the OrthoLite sockliner, adding breathability and all-day comfort without requiring orthotics or insoles.

  • Lightweight Style

As mentioned, the Adidas Originals Women’s Swift is extremely lightweight and easy to wear.

The EVA midsole provides cushioning throughout the day without adding unnecessary weight to the shoes.

  • Breathable Upper

If you are tired of dealing with sweaty feet at the end of your workout, these shoes are an upgrade.

The knit upper allows optimal breathability, keeping your feet cool and dry for hours.

That said, these are not the shoes you’d want to wear outside in the rain, as they offer little weather resistance.

  • Rubber Outsole

The final feature of the Adidas Originals Women’s Swift that’s worth noting is its outsole.

It has a basic, grippy rubber outsole that is just as lightweight as the rest of the shoe. You’ll find it will help you hold onto the treadmill easily.


  • checkCasual, comfortable sneaker style
  • checkSupportive for jogging
  • checkBreathable and flexible material
  • Keeps feet in neutral positions


  • The knit upper needs to be broken in
  • Lacks arch support



Our choices for the best shoe for treadmill running are two styles—one for men and one for women.

Women will want to consider the Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 with its tailored fit and all-day comfort.

For men, the Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 9 is our top pick because of its patented Charged Cushioning and exceptional support.

8 thoughts on “Best Shoe for Treadmill Running in 2023: Complete Reviews With Comparisons”

  1. Hi.  I didn’t know that there were running shoes better suited for treadmill running.  I just assumed that my outdoor shoes would work just as well.  I may give one of these suggestions a try.  Question, what do you mean by 3D print technology for the Brooks Ghost shoe?  Are portions of this show 3D printed?  Does this mean a custom fit for individuals feet?  Thanks.  Dave 

    • Hi, Dave from Ohio, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      The idea behind the 3D is a lot to have an excellent balance and make it even more comfortable. What it does is that it thinks about stretch, which is so essential in shoes, and the structure and makes the best outcome of it with the correct balance.

      And yes, it is a custom fit. This an excellent development, something that Brooks has always done, meaning they are perfect in always making their shoes better.

      About Outdoor shoes, I thought you would like to see this article which has a good mix of basic and pro tips for choosing good running shoes.

      It is great to hear about the benefit of the article too!

      Don’t hesitate to contact me to help you with anything else or if you have any questions.

  2. Thank you for this interesting post on the best running shoes for a treadmill. Adidas is my foot doctor’s recommendation, but I am somewhat addicted to my Sketchers.

    When I am looking for a running shoe, I always try to find one with the following qualities – a flexible sole, soft cushioning under the feet, not too tight around the big toe, but the shoe must not move around on my foot while I am moving, and they must be comfortable from the first time that I try them on. I am on my feet a lot, so I definitely try to look after them.

    • Hi, Michel Maling, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      It is an excellent method you use.

      When I read your comment, I thought you could be interested in this article. It is about the difference between neutral and stable running shoes, which is good to know.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me to help you with anything else or if you have any questions.

  3. Thank you. This post benefited me because I run a lot in the gym, not least because I like running on the treadmill. After all, I can relax a lot on it.
    Don´t need to think if something is in front of me or if other things around which can make trouble for me run. So I use it a lot to think.
    I like the Brook 14 a lot. But I have a problem with my knee, so I need very soft cushion shoes. Is this item ticked in that boxes?

    • Thank you for your kind words.

      I understand very well your idealogy about the treadmill. I do a lot of similar things when I run on it!

      I added Brooks shoes with my running shoes last autumn and absolutely loved them! I had heard many good things about the brand, but somehow I had yet to test it before that time. And it was even better than I had heard.

      I use other items from Brooks than the Brooks Ghost 14 as it is better for my body. But this item, Brooks Ghost, has been the most sold shoe in running shops in both America and Europe year after year, and to get a lot of prizes!

      You mention your knee problem. These shoes, Brooks Ghost, is excellent and helpful for runners with pain in the knee, hips, and back because the design of the midsole is made to shift the load from the step down to the side. Because of that, it reduces the load on the support system and protects the knees, hips, and back exceptionally well. The Ghost 14 features a new sole that fits your stride.

      Here is an article about cushioned shoes, mostly neutral running shoes, if you like.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me to help you with anything else or if you have any questions.


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