Best Sports Bra for Running with Large Breasts

best sports bra for running with large breasts

Running can be cumbersome for busty women if they do not have the right gear, such as a fitting bra for exercise.

It is bothersome to have your breast pop out of position in the middle of running or working out in the gym.

The good news is that there are now sports bras in the market that take care of women with big breasts.

Running time doesn’t have to feel like a challenge anymore.

Let’s have a look at the best sports bra for running with large breasts.

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Comparison Chart

Mirity Women Racerback Sports Bras


icyzone Workout Sports Bras for Women


SYROKAN Women’s Sports Bra


Panache Women’s Plus Size Wired Sports Bra


Wacoal Women’s Sports Bra


​Best Sports Bra for Running With Large Breasts: Brief Reviews

​1. Mirity Women Sports Bras

This is a bra that supports vigorous workout sessions and is designed in a pullover style.

It is perfect for use and fits almost all women of different body shapes.

It has impressive features that make it an excellent choice for Saturday wear.

When you wear it under a t-shirt, you can engage in slightly or highly vigorous activities requiring a lot of flexibility.


  • This has a very comfortable racer back made from smooth fabric that keeps your skin fresh, whether you are cycling or aerobic training.
  • It comes with an inbuilt bra that provides additional support to the breasts.

    Besides, it has ventilation spaces that allow your skin to breathe.

  • The broad shoulder straps give you a perfect fit that does not dig into the skin.
  • The material from which the bra is made allows the free flow of air. It is soft and elastic.
  • It is the best bra for exercise because it provides full support.

    The shape of the breasts and the uprightness of the breast wall are upheld.

  • It limits movement to a minimum. Remember that a lot of movement can cause the ligaments surrounding the breasts to tear.

    Eventually, this kind of movement can cause irremediable damage to the breasts like flabby and sagging boobs.

  • It keeps your bust looking neat by tightly fixing the breasts to the chest.

    Whether you are working out on the treadmill or lifting some weights, this sports bra for exercise will serve you just right.

  • Lastly, it minimizes pain in the breast and discomposure that follows as a result of intense movement.


  • Smooth fabric
  • Offers great support
  • Available in a wide range of colors


  • Not ideal for heavy workouts


​2. Icyzone Sports Bra

This is yet another one of the best sports bras for running with large breasts because of its sleek and stylish design.

It is a strappy padded bra for yoga, athletics, and running activities.

With the Icyzone Workout Sports Bra, you have the perfect chance to adapt to a flexible lifestyle.

Being one of the best bras for running with large breasts, it allows for a great fitting, smooth movement, and relaxed jogging for women and girls.

The collection of Icyzone workout wear comes with well-designed pieces that you can comfortably rock during the day.

The bra will let you remain focused on your activities and workout.

Other features that make it an ideal bra for exercise include:


  • This bra is made using an absorbent fabric that keeps your skin dry and comfortable.

  • It comes with detachable padding, which is also wire-free. This helps you to find the best level of comfort for your breasts.You can wear the bra with the padding for extra support, or without it for more comfort.

  • The soft cup provides an extra layer on which the breasts rest, making this suitable for activities like cycling, jogging, and fitness classes.

  • An open-back style makes it a perfect bra for a working out, especially in warm weather.

  • The closure at the back of the bra keeps it in place.

  • Finally, it has crisscross straps that provide you with flexible movements without feeling as though your back is glued to your chest.


  • Highly absorbent fabric
  • Detachable padding
  • Comes with crisscross straps


  • Not as comfortable as advertised


​3. Syrokan Bounce Control Bra

In addition to offering control to breast movements by minimizing the rebounding effect, the Syrokan sports bra is ideal for vigorous activities.

It is wire-free, which means that you do not have to worry about having the skin under your breasts scathed by the pressure of a wire.


  • This has two-layer stretch cups that ensure your breasts are well supported and protected from stresses that may occur during exercise. Additionally, it offers you maximum coverage for your bust.
  • Instead of an underwire, the bra has a powerful under-band that is lightly embroidered for more comfort and support to your bust.
  • It comes with fastenings made from a solid material that does not stretch. This, therefore, ensures that the bra remains in position, reducing pressure and increasing support.
  • The netting material at the front and inside of the bra allows your skin to breathe.
  • Since it is designed as a bra for exercise, it gives your bust a firmness wrap that ensures everything remains in place.


  • Comes with an under-band instead of underwire
  • Breathable material
  • Controls excessive bouncing


  • Needs improvement in its design


​4. Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra

Having roughly a decade of experience in this industry, Panache Sport is an award-winning and popular innerwear brand that designs bras specifically for larger busts.

Their sports bra is known to deliver superior comfort, maximum support, and overall stability that enables women of every size to be a part of any sport they wish to.


  • This sports bra is developed and tested using the latest 3D and biomechanical technology from Progressive Sports at Loughborough University.
  • The great thing about this bra is that it encapsulates the breasts instead of just strapping them down as most other sports bras do. It effectively reduces the “bounce” by a whopping 83%, while ensuring that you have the fit and feel of a normal bra.
  • Since this bra does an excellent job of reducing the bouncing, it ensures that there is minimal stretch, stress, and irreversible damage to the cooper’s ligaments (the connective tissue that holds and maintains the shape of the breasts).
  • The bra is made from a lightweight microfiber fabric that effectively wicks moisture away from the skin. The breathable mesh panels help in keeping the skin cool at the same time.
  • The bra comes with smooth, molded inner cups that improve comfort and reduce friction.
  • It also comes in multiple sizes and color options.


  • Excellent bra construction and quality
  • Superior comfort
  • Controls bounce


  • The straps could be more comfortable


​5. Wacoal Women’s Sport Contour Bra

Wacoal is an innerwear company that is every large-breasted girl’s favorite.

The company was founded back in 1949 in Japan and currently has divisions in Europe and North America.

Their sports bra is known for its impeccable fit, superior quality, and its ability to enhance your natural shape without adding any bulk or padding.


  • The bra comes in a wide range of color options such as gray, pink, beige, black, blue, and several more. In addition, you also get to choose from a variety of sizes.

  • The Wacoal bra is made from a superior material that is not only comfortable but also very long-lasting. It consists of 80% nylon and 20% spandex. The latter gives the bra ample stretch that is necessary when you work out.

  • This bra also encapsulates the breasts instead of strapping them down. In turn, this leaves you feeling more secure and supported without being suffocated.

  • Even over time and constantly holding up large breasts, the bra does not get saggy or stretchy like most other regular bras.

  • The contoured sports bra features high-fabrication inserts at the straps, center front, and back panel. Even the cups come with a material that wicks moisture. The back is equipped with three hooks and eye closure.


  • Comfortable material
  • Multiple sizes and color options
  • Lasts a long time


  • The hook in the back can bend at times

A Few Things to Note About Sports Bras for Busty Women

Now that you have successfully found the best sports bra for running with large breasts, it is essential that you keep in mind a few things about it:

  • Bras for exercise should be replaced approximately after 40 washes.

    The elasticity of the sports bra becomes compromised during washing, which means that they will even offer you less support with time. 40 washes may translate to between six and 10 months of use, depending on the frequency of wearing and washing.

  • Encapsulation bras are the best sports bra for running with large breasts as they are more supportive than the others.

    Encapsulation bras prevent haphazard movements of the breasts during exercise, which is why vigorous activities are best done in complete cups.

  • Good bras for exercise do not have to be expensive to give you excellent service.


Still uncertain which one of these sports bras would work the best for you?

We recommend that you take a close look at our detailed buyer’s guide, where we list all the top aspects of a good sports bra for large breasts.

best bra for running with large breasts

1. Comfort

A comfortable sports bra is an absolute must if you are looking to be comfortable during fitness activities.

You must choose stretchy and soft fabrics as they tend to be the most comfortable.

Look for bras that have minimum seams as they will prevent irritation.

How comfortable your sports bra is also depends on its sizing.

It is imperative that you buy yourself the right sized sports bra.

They also have various adjustments that further offer a perfect fit.

For intense activities, adding a number of adjustments to it will provide you with a superior fit.

We will talk at length about the correct sizing of a sports bra below.

2. Support

Depending on how intense your workouts are, your breasts are subjected to differing impact levels and will need the right kind of support from a suitable sports bra.

For activities with a lower level of impacts, like yoga, gentle gymnastics, or Pilates, a sports bra that offers light support will offer the necessary support without any unnecessary compression.

For activities with a moderate level of impacts, like cross-training or choreographed classes, you can choose a sports bra with medium support.

This will offer you optimal support and decent perspiration wicking.

Higher-impact activities will need a sports bra with stronger support that reduces the movement of the breasts by at least 50% during those high-intensity workouts, like jumping, step, treadmill running, and so on.

3. Fit

Finding a sports bra with the right fit isn’t an exact science.

With that said, we aim to offer you a simple guide that will help find your size.

Keep in mind that everyone’s body is different in its proportion, which means that you will need some amount of fine-tuning by using back closures and adjustable straps, or even trying out different brands and styles, until you get the perfect sports bra for yourself.

Step 1

The first step involves measuring your rib cage.

Take a soft measuring tape and measure around your rib cage, right under the breasts.

Make sure that the tape is snug but not tight that it ends up interfering with your normal breathing.

Round up the measurement to the nearest inch.

Step 2

You now need to know your band size.

We have provided a measurement guideline below.

Find your band size on the basis of your rib cage measurement.

Since we are only referring to large breasts, we have listed the rib cage sizes from 31 inches and up.

Rib Cage Measurement Band Size
31 to 33 inches 36
33 to 35 inches 38
35 to 37 inches 40
37 to 39 inches 42
39 to 41 inches 44

Step 3

Take your measuring tape and measure your bust size.

You will need to measure around the fullest part of your breast.

Make sure that the tape is staying straight across the back.

Round it up to the nearest inch.

Step 4

The last step involves determining your cup size.

For this, simply subtract the measurement of the rib cage from your bust size measurement.

The difference in the inches is your suggested cup size.

You can, again, round it up if you are between sizes.

Rib Cage Measurement Minus Bust Size Cup Size
3 inches AA
4 inches A
5 inches B
6 inches C
7 inches D
8 inches DD
9 inches E
10 inches F


Step 5

After finding your right size, it is time you try on the sports bra to test its fit.

The perfect fit of a sports bra should be a bit tighter than your regular bra but still allow you to breathe comfortably and deeply.

Make sure that you are checking the following factors.


Between the shoulders and the strap, you should be able to fit in two fingers with ease.

If you can do that, then your bra is comfortable and secure.

If you cannot, that means it is too tight and will dig into your skin.

If you can fit more than two fingers, then the bra is too loose and will not offer the right amount of support.

In addition, it might even slip off the shoulder.


Ensure that there isn’t any chafing around the shoulder straps, armholes, or the seams.

If you are choosing a bra with snaps or hooks, make sure that even those do not chafe.


To check the fit of the band, simply raise your hands.

If it rides up, then it may be too big. You can try adjusting the back closure or the straps.

If that does not help, try a bra with a smaller band size.


Make sure that your breasts are centered are contained fully in the cups.

Scoop them in and center them. Puckers or wrinkles in the fabric will indicate whether the cup is big in size.

If your breasts are oozing out of the bra from the sides, that means the cup is small or maybe that the bra style is a wrong cut for your bust type.

4. Style

Now that you have a good understanding of the fit of a sports bra, let’s move on to the fun part, and that is the style of the sports bra.

You can choose from a variety of different styles to fit your tastes.

Sports Bra Back Styles  


This sort of silhouette goes perfectly with a T-back top.

This bra’s straps do stay in place, but they aren’t adjustable.

This means that you must get the perfect fit right from the start.


These sports bras come with two straps that offer great flexibility, which means more comfort.

These bras are typically pullover types instead of clasp designs.


This is basically a top that comes with an in-built sports bra.

It is perfect for activities with a low impact as its support is light.

This is a great option if you sweat a lot.

Sports Bra Front Styles  


The straps on this style of bra are normally cut closer towards the neck to offer a more flattering silhouette.

This style makes it ideal for women with larger breasts.


This is a breathable style of bra as it allows more air circulation between your breasts when you sweat.

With that said, women with larger breasts tend to avoid this as there is a high chance of spilling out of them.


This style means that the bra is wire-free, reducing the chances of chafing.

This style is ideal if you are doing low- or medium-impact activities.

5. Price

When it comes to the price of a sports bra, we recommend that you have a good budget before you begin searching for one.

Sports bras tend to be a bit pricier than regular bras, and since you are using them for physical activities, it is better than you do not skimp out here and be prepared to spend more than you are used to.

This often gets worse for women with larger breasts, as good sports bras for them tend to be even more expensive.

With that said, we can assure you that spending those few extra bucks would be worth every penny.

When the price of the bra goes up, it also means that the bra is well constructed and more durable.

In fact, the bra will come with high-tech features, like better engineering overall, luxurious fabrics, and more.


1. Is sports bra good for large breasts?

Yes, sports bras are indeed good for large breasts.

These bras are known to support the breasts and not compress them against the chest wall.

They also offer better support and comfort.

Nevertheless, these are only good if you wear the right size.

2. Is underwired sports bra better for large breasts?

The benefit of having an underwire in a sports bra for large breasts is that it will support each breast individually.

This can help in minimizing movement.

3. How do you know what size sports bra to buy?

If you have had a professional bra fitting done, then you most likely know your exact size.

However, for those who haven’t, it can be a bit confusing to find the right size for yourself.

Thankfully, we have provided a step-by-step guide to finding your sports bra size.

Simply refer to the Fit section in the buyer’s guide.

4. What is considered plus size bra?

A plus-size bra is a bra that is made specifically to accommodate a woman with a more generous body type/bust size.

Typically, a plus-size bra will include features such as proportional bra cups with added coverage, a wider band, wider straps, and several other designs that help make the life of a full-figured woman easier.

5. What is the largest size bra available?

In all honesty, this is a tough question to answer.

We don’t think there could be an upper limit because a boutique can make any size for their client.

However, the Guinness World Record states that the woman with the largest natural breasts in the world wears a US size 52l bra.


A wrong choice of bra can cause tension and strain in the neck and upper back, especially for busty women.

The excess weight at the front gives the muscles at the back a lot more work as they try to keep the shoulders in a good position.

The muscles eventually get overworked, and they stretch, leading to soreness in the neck and back.

For this reason and more, it is important that you find a bra that would fit your breasts perfectly.

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  1. Great job explaining the benefits of these products and helping people who need it to know what will benefit them for certain thing versus using something else. Like I said I had a friend who this would have been perfect for because she just tried to minimize how she was so uncomfortable. You even used the terminology with great explanations behind them so people weren’t confused.

    • Hi, Larry O’Connor Jr and thank you.

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  2. Sports Bras are one of the toughest things to buy for me because I don’t want to feel squeezed in. lol  I am a little bit of a large breasted woman and it tough to find one that fits.  I was checking out the Icyzone Sports Bra my only concern is getting into them. It always seems to be very tough to do for me.  Will have to check this one out for myself and let you know.  Thanks for your input. 

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