Best Sunglasses for Women: Your Fashion Guide for 2021

Best Sunglasses for Women: Your Fashion Guide for 2019

Primarily, sunglasses were invented to protect one’s eyes from the harmful UV rays, allowing one to ski, drive, run, walk or do any other activity that can be hindered by glare from reflections. Today, sunglasses are more than just an accessory to protect one’s eyes, especially to a woman, as a nice pair of sunglasses either complete her whole look or complements her style, making her more attractive and confident. This is among the reasons why sunglasses are now considered a wardrobe staple. But, what are the best sunglasses for women?

Women sunglasses range from cat-eyes, round lenses, aviators, rectangular, and oval, among others. In this fashion-forward world, most women wear sunglasses for their aesthetic appeal. They have learned how to make different kinds of sunglasses work to enhance and frame their features.

And because of the fast changes with the trends these days, one may find it difficult and overwhelming to choose the right sunglasses that will fit her perfectly. With that said, let’s get to know three top brands of women sunglasses and find out what they have to offer.

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Best Sunglasses for Women: Top Three Picks

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In this post, we will discuss the top three products popular on the market today and compare their features, pros, and cons, so we can lay down all the facts and make it easy for you to choose which one to get.

Dior 30Montaigne2 Sunglasses

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The Christian Dior brand makes luxury eyewear using contemporary fashion frames and cutting edge enhancements. Its 30Montaigne2 sunglasses opt for an oversized square finish inspired by the 1970s bold shapes. The trend is making a comeback with a vengeance. This series was unveiled at the SS20 runway as part of their ready to wear collection.


  • 57 mm lens, 17 mm bridge, and 135mm temples
  • Acetate frame
  • Frames fit with prescription lenses
  • Retails in gray, burgundy, or blue lenses
  • Gold finish metal rims with ‘CD’ hinges
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Filter category: 3

Premium Quality Construction

These sunglasses retail in larger polyamide frames in the eyes. They retail vary in a black, brown-tortoise shell-effect, or ivory acetate lens finish. This style conforms to the 2021 futuristic sunglass trends for thick oversized frames. Plus, its ultra-lightweight design has impact-resistant metal rims with a sleek gold finish. It is a flattering retro-vintage look that suits most face shapes and sizes. 

More UV Protection

The 30Montaigne2 Sunglasses uses a filter category three lenses that offer 100% protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Further, its 57 mm oversized frames have a wider visual field, translating to more protection from the UV rays and annoying glare. It is a definite advantage over the traditional frame sunglasses. Besides, the frames are compatible with most prescription lenses, keeping you stylish while enjoying ultimate protection. 

Attention to Details

The 30Montaigne2 shades use gold-outlined metal rims with “CD” signature logo hinges at the temples. Combine that with the ultra-thin wire arms and, you have the eye-catching fashion statement typical of the luxury brand. Yet, these hinges are comfortable for everyday use. Second, the lenses retain in varying color schemes of gray, burgundy, or blue to spell out your mood and complement your outfit for the day.


  • All hand-made in Italy
  • A trendy bold oversized design 
  • Compatible with prescription lenses
  • Stylish and comfortable for everyday use
  • Available in versatile colors


  • Retails in one size

Maui Jim Women’s Honi Cat-Eye Sunglasses

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The world-renown Maui Jim brand makes flattering shades to suit any budget. Here, all its sunglasses use polarized lenses, guaranteeing you 100% protection from harmful sun rays. The brand grew from a humble beginning selling with a few styles at their shop at Hawaii’s Ka’anapali Beach Maui Jim.  Now, it boasts of at least 100 designs on demand worldwide.  One such shade is the Maui Jim Women’s Honi Cat-Eye Sunglasses, guaranteed to create a unique fashion statement for the user.

The Features

  • Cat-eye design in sunset color themes
  • Sturdy nylon infused acetate frame
  • Lens 54 mm width, 18mm bridge, 140 mm temple
  • Spring hinge
  • Saddle-style fixed bridge
  • Embedded nose pads 

Durable Plastic Frame Construction 

The Maui Jim Women’s Honi Cat-Eye Sunglasses uses a lightweight acetate frame injected with nylon. This trendy frame is more comfortable around the head compared to other metal frames. Yet, this plastic blend makes shades shatter and scratch-resistant. Next, the 18 mm saddle-style bridge has nose pads for extra comfort and optimal fit. And the spring hinge facilitates a broader range of motion while preventing the frame from snapping.

Cat Eye Feminine Allure

These shades use the old-school cat-eye theme that creates an oversize impression for a laid back or active woman. Choose between the sunset with a blue, sunset with rose or grey tortoise gloss finish to match your bold silhouettes.

Thin Polarized Lenses

These sunglasses use HCL® Bronze polarized glass lenses that are at least 32% lighter and slimmer than standard glass for shades.  The lenses adjust to a warmer tint in response to the current light intensity. That way, it shields your eyes from the harmful UV rays while getting rid of any unwanted glare. Indeed, you can enjoy the beautiful view around you uninterrupted. Unbox these shades in an attractive tri-fold case.


  • Cat-eye designs ideal for round, oval or heart-shaped faces
  • Lightweight, sturdy sunglasses for everyday wear
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Shatter-resistant and scratch-resistant lenses
  • Crisp optics
  • Retails in three color options
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty 


  • Quality deteriorates when exposed to saltwater

Prada PR01OS CONCEPTUAL Square Sunglasses for Women

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The Prada brand is a new entrant in the fashion eyewear category, investing in the finest materials to make high-quality, stylish sunglasses. Its PR01OS series aims for comfort, durability, and a trendy look that is both sophisticated and glamorous. And, if you have a round or oval face, the Prada PR01OS CONCEPTUAL Square Sunglasses for Women will enhance your radiance.

The Features

  • Lens 55 mm width, 17 mm bridge, 140 mm temple
  • Mirror-coated, non-polarized lens
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Compatible with prescription lenses

Luxurious Full Rim Frame

Are you a cosmopolitan chic looking for shades with a wow factor? Check out the Prada PR01OS sunglasses whose large square frame with a hint of the cat-eye theme is a definite touch of elegance. This frame is of a lightweight yet durable acetate material with metal accents at the temples and endpoints. Further, these temples adopt a butterfly theme that includes the Prada logo. And its three-barrel hinges and saddle nose bridge guarantee all-day comfort and a custom fit. 

Gradient Non-Polarized Lenses

The Prada PR01OS shades use polycarbonate lenses. This material is resistant to scratches and impacts. Next, these lenses use gradient technology with brown as its dominant color. They radiate a warm vision for that subtle look. Also, the lenses will protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays while preventing unwanted glare from snow, glass, or water.

Convenient Packaging 

Get your choice Prada PR01OS in five versatile colors. Inside the case is a free cleaning kit for your convenience. Here, you have a microfiber cloth, spray bottle, mirror, and a key chain. 


  • Medium size sunglasses for women
  • Has the appealing Prada logo encasing at both temples
  • Includes a free eyewear kit
  • Firm and comfortable three-barrel hinges
  • Retails in 5 attractive styles
  • 100% UV400 protection
  • Has a 2-years manufacturer warranty


  • The gradient tint is not ideal for persons with sensitive eyes

Your Fashion Guide

The Final Verdict

After a detailed discussion and comparison of the features, pros, and cons of the top three items famous on the market today, which can we now choose as the best sunglasses for women? Well, all three of them offer awesome features and are very fashionable. However, our top pick is the No products found. because of its simple, comfortable, and elegant look. Plus, it is 100% protection against harmful UV rays.  and stylish and comfortable for everyday use which can fit an average woman.

But if you are looking for both functional and stylish sunglasses, The Prada PR01OS CONCEPTUAL Square sunglasses are the choice.  It uses a coating that sieves 100% UV rays.

Meanwhile, the Maui Jim Women’s Honi Cat-Eye Sunglasses is a good option if you are into Cat-eye designs trends.

All these products are famous for good and exciting reasons. And so, depending on what you need, consider thinking about the factors that are critical to your decision. Do you need one to pull off a certain type of look? Or would you wear one just to protect your eyes? Simple questions such as these can help you choose one that will best fit your needs. But, whatever your reason is, remember to take your time and know in your heart that you are beautiful in and out. You got it, girl!

6 thoughts on “Best Sunglasses for Women: Your Fashion Guide for 2021”

  1. Hi! Very nice post!

    I was looking for a gift to my sister but I have no clue about fashion, at least not to her capabilities in the matter.

    I will probably fall for the Gucci GG0062S Pilot Sunglasses, I do have concerns about the scratches.

    Do you happen to know a trick to “repair” them? She had the same problem before…

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi P.J and thank you.

      The Gucci GG0062S Pilot Sunglasses is a beautiful sunglasses, I´m sure that your sister will be happy with it like so many people which is Gucci fans. And for reason.

      I use glasses myself and scratches is a problem for all people which use it. Unfortunately are a lot of myth on the internet how to solve it. I have read that you should use baking soda and similar things but it is a myth.

      So it is more important to prevent that it happens.  To prevent scratches, you can treat the plastic in a special way and tighten it. This can often pay off.

      It is difficult to clean a plastic glass and never wipe away any dirt without rinsing the glass first. In the glass stores, special detergents are available for the plastic. Glasses with plastic glass should always be kept in a hole but not in a pocket or purse.

      If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

  2. Really elegant also very classy and adequate.
    I was just telling my child that most of my sunglasses have broken and I am seeking a pair similar to my old ones. I’m seeking round, big and black. Well something like that. Glad to have found your page. Best sunglasses ever.

    • Hi Linda and thank you.

      Great, you like it.

      If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

  3. Summer may be over but it is still important to protect our eyes from the suns rays. These sunglasses are really amazing and give such a cool look beside protection one’s eyes. What you are sharing here is pretty great and I am sure that many women will love these glasses that can offer much help to them.

    • Hi, Norman and thank you.

      It is important to have in mind too, that sunglasses help a lot in the snow too. You rest your eyes better having sunglasses on when it is sun and snow.

      If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.


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