Best Water Bottle Holder for Running and Other Activities

Best Water Bottle Holder

A peeve that some athletes may have is that they are unable to run with their water to keep them hydrated. Although they can bring one, they might not feel comfortable, or they get distracted easily, especially if it is in the wrong place.

What happens when you can’t get enough water while running? Well, of course, you’ll be dehydrated and might lose energy. So, why not consider buying the best water bottle holder for running?

A water bottle holder should not become a distraction for you during your exercise. It should not move and get in the way of your hand movements. Some water bottle holders are actually pretty cool, and they come with fanny packs so that you can store your cell phone and other valuables. They even allow you to use headphones.

Hence, if you are interested in a water bottle holder for running, this article will give the features of five models from trusted brands for you to make a sound decision.

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Best Water Bottle Holder for Running

Apart from keeping you free from distractions, the water bottle holders that we have chosen to evaluate also have features that can help you easily access your water bottles. Each of them has a design that is suited for both men and women.

1. CyberDyer Running Belt Hydration Waist Pack

The CyberDyer Running Belt Hydration Waist Pack comes in a single gray color. However, there are options in its color accents, like green, rose, and orange. As such, you can easily choose which colors best match your style.

The waist pack has a dimension of 6.3 by 53.5 by 2.8 inches, and the pack weighs a little under 5.6 ounces. It has an interesting slanted water bottle holder design that stays at a 45-degree angle. Its maximum water holding capacity is 27 ounces.

This waist pack comes with a designated pocket to hold your mobile phone, cards, money, and so on. This is kept safe with a secure zipper. There are also small inner pockets that hold coins and keys. For people who like to listen to music on the go, you can attach your headphone wire to the phone through the hole built into the pack.  

As a safety measure, the pack comes with reflective strips, which is a great feature if you are running at night. Lastly, the pack is ideal for anyone who has a waist size anywhere between 23.6 and 44 inches.


  • Fits most waist sizes

  • Comes with a hole for headphones

  • Securely holds the phone

  • Has reflective strips


  • Not waterproof

  • Cannot fit large-sized phones


2. GeoRo Fit Hydration Running Belt

The GeoRo Fit Hydration Running Belt has a simple design available in black color with orange accents. The waist pack is made from neoprene and polyester. Its water bottle holder comes at an angled position and is capable of holding a maximum of 17 ounces of water.

This waist pack comes with waterproof pockets and zippers. There is a phone pocket, too, which is transparent. Similar to the previous waist pack, this features a hole to plug in your earphones, as well.

There are smaller pockets on the inside to hold your cards, coins, and keys. It also features an insulation system and is equipped with a hook-and-loop strap.  

The waist belt size range on this belt is between 22 and 44 inches. You will get a tennis wristband on the purchase of this belt, along with a three-month warranty.  


  • Made from durable materials

  • Waterproof

  • Integrated with an insulation system

  • Easily adjustable  


  • Can hold only a little quantity of water


3. MyCarbon Fanny Pack  

The MyCarbon Fanny Pack has a classic 90’s fanny pack design. Its water bottle holder is horizontally positioned, unlike the previous two.

The pack is made from a waterproof material. It is completely black in color with the brand name on the front. It has a pocket at the front with two-way zippers and is designed with small inner pockets for your cards, coins, and keys.

The pocket for the phone also comes with holes to plug in your earphone. The pack is easily adjustable and can be used by anyone with a waist size ranging from 30 to 45 inches.    


  • Securely holds phone and valuables

  • Can hold large phones

  • Easy to wear and use

  • Very lightweight


  • Not for people with small waists


4. Athle Sport Running Belt  

The Athle Sport Running Belt is an attractive waist pack with several color options, including blue, green, pink, red, and so on. The belt is comfortable and lightweight enough that it will not weigh you down while you run.

The pack comes with a pocket that can hold even the largest iPhone along with your wallet, keys, and cards. The bottle pouch is capable of holding up to 24 ounces of water securely. It is also ideal if you are traveling and want to safely store your passport, cash, and other important personal items.

The pack has a 360-degree reflective material that will give you up to 1,400 feet of visibility under any condition. It is designed for men and women and can be easily adjusted, as well. The waist belt size range on this is between 30 and 55 inches.


  • Available in multiple color options

  • Large pocket size

  • Comes with 360-degree reflective material


  • Bottle bounces as you run  


5. Keepspence Hiking Fanny Pack  

The Keepspence Hiking Fanny Pack is an excellent waist bag that is quite large in size. Its dimensions are 11.8 by eight by two inches, and it weighs only eight ounces. It features quality workmanship and material, as it uses a highly durable 600D nylon fabric along with a solid zipper and buckle.

The fanny pack is available in a wide range of colors, like green, grey, pink, blue, black, and more. It comes with three large and highly functional pockets that are separate from each other. The phone pocket is quite massive and can hold a large-sized phone along with other things, like your keys, cards, energy bar, and more.

This fanny pack comes with a large bottle holder that measures 3.4 inches in diameter and can expand up to 3.7 inches to fit a 35-ounce bottle. The anti-fall elastic band holds the bottle securely in place while you jog or run.

Its easily adjustable long waist strap can easily fit anyone with a waist size ranging between 23 and 46 inches. Lastly, the company offers a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.


  • Made from a highly durable fabric

  • Large bottle holder

  • Available in multiple colors

  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • None


Buyer’s Guide 

We’re sure that these five water bottle holders we have reviewed have jogged some interest in you. However, if you still feel that you need to know more before making a decision, then we recommend going through our brief buyer’s guide, which we are certain you will find helpful. 

1. Pockets 

While water bottle holders tend to be quite small, to begin with, they should still feature at least two to three pockets in addition to the water bottle holder. If you like listening to music when you run, make sure that the pack comes with holes to insert your earphones, too.

When you go on a run, you are most likely going to carry your phone, keys, and some cash. Make sure that the pocket is large enough to accommodate your phone without you having to struggle to put it in. It should also hold it securely so that the contents do not bounce while you jog or run.

Also, there should be smaller pockets to hold some money or your cards along with your set of keys. All of these pockets should come with solid zippers so that your valuables are safe at all times.

2. Strap  

A good water bottle holder must come with a long and adjustable strap that would fit every adult comfortably. It should be capable of accommodating all possible sizes and even offer the choice to wear the pack on your waist as well as across your chest.

It is imperative that you are carefully referring to the size chart of the waist pack you are interested in so as to know whether the strap is suitable for your weight and size.  

In addition, the strap must also come with a durable lock system that keeps it in place. Most waist packs come with an adjustable buckle system that keeps it rested on your waist snugly. It must also not slide down while you are running and jogging and should be strong enough to hold the weight of the water bottle.

3. Material  

A good water bottle holder must be made from durable and strong materials. It should also come with decent weather-protection features.

Make sure that you are looking for a waist pack that is at least water-resistant and can breathe properly with good ventilation. The use of a waterproof material becomes essential if you mostly run in a place where it constantly rains.

You will notice that several waist packs will be made using nylon fabric. This is because nylon tends to be lightweight and is also quite soft. Most important of all, this tends to be quite durable compared to other materials. This is sweat-resistant and waterproof, too.  

4. Weight  

This refers to the weight of the water bottle the waist pack is capable of holding. After all, if you are looking for a water bottle holder, you will want one that can hold a water bottle that is big enough to accommodate your hydration needs.

While the quantity of water depends on how much you consume during your run, we believe that an ideal water bottle capacity would be over 20 ounces. Having over 20 ounces of water ensures that you are good to go for a five- to six-mile run without feeling parched.

If you are looking for a pack with a higher water bottle capacity, make sure that the bag is strong enough to hold that added weight.

5. Price  

The price of the water bottle holder waist pack depends on the make of it. You will want one that is built well but not something that will cost you north of $50. A good price for a decent and long-lasting water bottle holder for running will be around $25. If you are spending anything more, make sure that the pack is made using premium materials. 

best water bottle holder for running


1. Should you carry a water bottle when running?  

The answer depends on a lot of factors. For starters, if you are going for a short run, you don’t necessarily need to carry a water bottle. If you are going for a long run and are constantly going to pass spots where you can easily get water, carrying one becomes pointless. However, if you don’t get water as easily, then it makes sense to carry it along.

Make sure that you don’t hold it in your hand as that will make your run uncomfortable and distracting. Always use a waist pack water bottle holder.

2. Is it okay to drink water while running?  

It is okay to drink water while you run. However, the amount of water you consume while you run should be only according to the level of your thirst, just the exact amount to offset your dehydration. Drinking too much water while you run may cause gastrointestinal distress.

3. How much should I drink while running?  

The general rule of thumb when it comes to drinking water when you run is that you should consume about four to six ounces every 20 minutes. For runners who run faster than eight-minute miles, it is recommended to consume about six to eight ounces every 20 minutes.

4. Should you carry water during a marathon?  

Assuming that there is no water offered and you are running a marathon that is over 5K, it is advisable to carry a bottle of water.

5. How long can you run without water?  

There is no one answer to this question as there are a number of factors that can affect how long you can last without drinking water when you run.

For instance, the weather plays an important role in how much water you consume. If it is too hot, you’re going to be dehydrated rather quickly. How much water you consumed prior to your run also makes a difference.


Definitely, deciding which bottle holder to get isn’t rocket science, but for physical and outdoor activities, you should get one of the bottle holders listed here as they take the weight off of your hands.

The products we reviewed above can be your companion during your run, jog, gym session, and other activities. They will also not just keep you hydrated, entertained, and free from distractions but also allow you to carry your valuables securely.

Although their waist straps can be adjusted to fit different waist sizes, the one from MyCarbon is only suited for individuals who have bigger body frames. The GeoRo model, for us, is the best water bottle holder for running and other activities because it is the only one that can maintain the temperature of your water.

2 thoughts on “Best Water Bottle Holder for Running and Other Activities”

  1. I start running a new city and I don’t want my things to stolen since this neighborhood is not the safest one. You said that CyberDyer Running Belt has lightweight and I can carry my phone with it. It seems suitable for me but how long can I use it?

    • Thank you, Furkan.

      It´s a good choice. And having in mind what you say; it´s a bonus that it has the Anti-theft design.

      The CyberDyer running belt is high quality and will last a long time, but it is always difficult to say precisely how long. It is so many factors which come in it like how often is it used and how well is taking care of it. 


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