Can you put a softball glove in the dryer?

Can you put a softball glove in the dryer

Amid the day’s excitement, you sometimes forget where you placed that special softball glove; it happens. Your softball glove can become a wet lump when you leave it outdoors while it drizzles or when the lawn sprinklers operate.

So, can you put your softball glove in a dryer?

It would be best never to place a wet softball glove in a clothes dryer, microwave, or oven. Heating a damp leather softball glove causes more harm by evaporating more oils. When the oil evaporates, your gloves’ leather can become dry, brittle, and useless. Besides, a clothes dryer’s tumbling movement often harms more than the water.

There are additional methods of fixing a damp softball glove. You can often breathe new life into a softball glove with care and effort. However, water and heat may permanently destroy a decent softball glove. With these simple step-by-step instructions, you can have your damp softball glove back in operation in no time. But first,

Let’s Understand Your Softball Glove’s Leather

Only a few of us dislike the feel and fragrance of a new softball glove. Softball is all about the smooth, buttery feel of the leather and its distinct odor. The oils that penetrate the leather are responsible for this scent and texture.

Water and Oil

The rule “oil and water don’t mix” also applies to the oils found in softball glove leather. The water that absorbs the leather pulls away the vital oils that preserve it. As the water evaporates and dries, the leather becomes dry and weak. Consequently, the softball glove becomes stiff, with brittle leather and ruined lacing.

The Perils of Heat

Heat may also wreak havoc on your leather softball glove. A player’s first instinct when their glove becomes wet is to try to dry it as soon as possible. Although heat can do the magic, the leather can shrink as it dries if you apply too much heat too rapidly.

Restoring the Oils in Your Gloves

To restore your cherished softball mitt to its former glory, you must replace the oils in the leather while it dries. Something must replace the water that evaporates from the leather. What goes back inside the softball glove should be the correct blend of oils to re-establish protection.

The Correct Method of Rehabilitating a Wet Softball Glove

The Correct Method of Rehabilitating a Wet Softball Glove

Don’t give up if your beloved softball glove has become wet. There are techniques to restore your softball mitt to its former splendor. With these simple steps, you can get your damp softball glove back in action.

  1. Remove as Much Water as Possible 

The goal is to eliminate as much moisture from the leather as possible. Do it as gently as possible to prevent hurting the leather while wet. For this step, we suggest using a clean, soft cloth. There are various things to remember as you progress. Prevent further leather damage.

You want to prevent more damage to your softball glove while it dries until you fully restore the oils. Using a clothes dryer to dry a softball glove is a formula for catastrophe. If the dryer’s heat does not kill the leather, the tumbling movement will. You’re practically killing your softball glove in the dryer.

The leather will lose its form, and the laces will be strained and fractured if they survive.

  • DO – Gently dab and press the towel on the inside and outside of the leather. Keep a dry section of the towel on the leather as you work. Microfiber towels are very absorbent and suitable for this task.
  • DO – Dab the towel on the leather rather than rubbing it. Rubbing the towel over the wet leather’s surface might abrade the surface and cause extra damage. Roll a towel part into a ball and press it firmly against a leather region. Continue until the towel absorbs no more water from the leather.
  • Don’t – Use the towel to massage or scrape the leather.
  • Don’t – Wring out the water from the leather softball glove. You are just stretching and misshaping the damp leather, which may never return to its former shape.

Certain publications recommend using newspapers to absorb moisture, which may help in some circumstances. The newspaper may be sliced and curled to fit within the glove’s fingers to collect wetness that a towel may not reach. This is, however, time-consuming since the paper balls in the glove need replacing every thirty minutes.

  • Allow Nature to Do Its Thing

Let nature take control once you’ve eliminated as much moisture as possible from the softball glove. Allow the glove to rest for a day as the leather dries naturally. Patience will be valuable in this situation. Allowing the glove to dry naturally protects a few oils in the leather and maintains the form of the leather.

Allow the leather to dry naturally since using artificial heat to speed up the procedure, such as a shoe drier, is out of the question. Excessive heat will remove additional oils and degrade the leather of your softball glove.

  • DO – Hang your softball glove to dry in a cool, dark area. Avoid putting it under direct sunlight. Air should circulate freely around your damp softball glove.

Avoid exposing your leather softball glove to direct sunlight. Sunlight’s UV rays are harmful to your glove’s leather.

Allowing excess moisture in your softball glove to evaporate gradually helps retain the natural form and structure of the leather. It will be simpler to bring the glove back into operation if the leather is allowed to dry slowly and organically.

  • Leather Reconditioning

Once the leather has dried, you must reintroduce the removed oils. The types advised are special glove oils. These treatments include essential oils and softeners, which may help reduce the rigidity that dry leather is prone to.

Apply the leather conditioner to your softball glove using a sponge. Don’t use too much conditioner on the leather at once. You don’t want the leather to soak. Applying modest quantities over time prevents any residual water from being sealed in.

Rehabilitating your damp softball glove may need multiple treatments over time. Work gently, and don’t rush the procedure. A little effort invested in these tasks will provide you with many more years of service in the long run.

How to Quickly Break In Your Softball Glove


How to Quickly Break In Your Softball Glove

There are various methods for breaking in a new softball glove, all of which are useful to different degrees. Every individual has an opinion on what is a superb strategy. Try Vaseline. This might entail anything from working the new leather with your hands to applying shaving cream or glove oil.

It’s fast and straightforward. In just 20 minutes, your stiff glove will have turned into a pliable molded glove suitable for play.

To begin, you’ll need a pillow slip and a Vaseline-filled container. You’ll also require a shoestring, an old softball, and your new glove.

The Procedure

  • First, slide two to three fingers into the Vaseline container and scoop a decent quantity on your fingertips.
  • Then, apply Vaseline to the whole glove area, front and back. Also, apply more to the glove region where it flexes/bends. The Vaseline quantity you put on the glove shouldn’t be a light film coating.
  • After administering the Vaseline, insert the old softball into the glove pocket to secure it and help shape the glove. Do this by tying a shoestring around the glove.
  • Put the glove inside the old pillow slip and make a knot near the top of the pillow slip gap. This will protect the glove from falling out.
  • Place the pillow slip/glove in the dryer on a low heat setting for around 20 minutes. This should give the Vaseline adequate time to sink into the leather.
  • Take the glove out from the dryer and pillow slip and massage any remaining Vaseline. With your newly broken-in glove, you can now play!

The Bottom Line

Don’t be discouraged if your beloved softball glove becomes wet. You can restore the glove to its original playing condition with a little effort. Don’t rush the process, and avoid using too much heat. Under no circumstances can your softball glove be dried in the dryer.

Follow these instructions, and you’ll be able to enjoy playing days with your beloved glove once again.

How Long Does it Take to Break In a Softball Glove

People Also Ask

  • How Long Does it Take to Break In a Softball Glove?

It all depends on the glove’s fabric. There are several types of leather, some of which are softer, thinner, or have leather on the inside of web fingers only. A soft-leather glove can be broken using a heated glove or some liquid/cream in a few days. However, it usually takes up to three weeks to use it in practice and daily catch.

  • How Do I Keep my Glove in Good Condition?

Wipe it from your gear bag with a clean cloth and place it on a shelf. In between usage, keep your glove on a cabinet in a cool, dry area or at ambient temperature. Never leave your glove outdoors, near a furnace, or in your gear bag.

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  1. Heat is one of the major enemies of my softball glove. No one likes the feeling of the shrinking leather of softball glove. It looses its loftiness from the texture of the leather and the oil like you rightly mentioned. As such best practise is to keep the glove in safe on a shelve after given it a gentle wipe.

    • Hi, Parameter, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Yes, it is vital to Keep the Glove in Good Condition. Both the heat and wetness are not the gloves’ best friends.

      Because you mentioned the oil, I thought you would enjoy this article. It is about why and how you oil the gloves. You know a lot about the oil, but it could be some tips for you even so.

      Great to hear about your benefit of the article too.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me to help you with anything else or if you have any questions.

  2. This is a very helpful article even for people who use gloves in other sports. For example, we train in kickboxing and we also use gloves but they are different from softball gloves. What’s the same is that they are all wet inside after the training and we have a huge problem because we train every other day. I have tried newspapers as my mother told me, but since the internet era, we don’t even buy newspapers. Tried some marketing papers from the stores, but they leave stains of the colours they use. 
    So towels do the best or if you have the time it’s best to leave them dry naturally. Vaseline preserves leather very well too. 

    • Hi, mywoodenblocks, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Yes, if you can, it is almost always best to let them dry naturally.

      Great to hear about your benefit of the article too.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me to help you with anything else or if you have any questions.


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