Champion Women’s Double Dry 4-Pack Performance Heel Shield Socks Review

The Champion Women’s Double Dry 4-Pack Performance Heel Shield Socks come with a comfortable experience which is based on the polyester and spandex mix. The socks are made from 97% polyester and 2% spandex and 1%. In terms of design, you would want to wear the socks for the great arch support.

Together with good moisture control, the socks represent a good option if you want to wear them daily.

The good news is that the socks come with great versatility and you can use them in any environment. Thus, you will be able to wear them to any location such as at the gym or even at the office.

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Champion Women's Double Dry 4-Pack Performance Heel Shield Socks, Grey/Grey Stripe/Assorted, Shoe Size: 5-9


Features of the Champion Women’s Heel Shield Socks

  • 97% polyester, 2% spandex 1% other fibers
  • 4 pairs pack
  • Moisture wicking


  • Cushioned heel
  • Shield at the back of the ankle
  • Good arch support


  • Not for thinner ankles


Champion is one of the important manufacturers in the textile industry. The good news is that the Women`s Performance Heel Socks are made to the same standard users expect. You will find the socks are not too thin or too thick. The socks are made for daily intense use and this can be easily seen with the reinforced design.

A high friction area comes with the heel area and this is where the socks come with reinforced materials. They will also prove to be a comfortable option with the shield at the back of the ankle. This shield might prove to be a good design addition, especially during demanding movements. This is why the socks can be a good choice for women who use them at the gym or while out running. And since the socks come with different colors, they may even be paired with your sporting clothes.

Maybe the most important characteristic of the socks comes with the good arch support. This is where the socks will manage to provide the comfortable experience you are looking after with your regular socks. The good news is that if you decide to use the socks every day you will be able to wash them together with your regular clothes in your washing machine. This is mainly due to the combination of materials which will allow you to wash them as often as possible.

The materials chosen by Champion will allow you to do this and they include 97% polyester, 2% spandex and 1% other fibers. Similar combinations have also been used by other manufacturers and the good news is that this is a sign the materials work.

One of the main concerns of the users comes with the ability to control the moisture. Since they may be used in varied conditions this will also largely influence the moisture level. The socks perform well with in-shoe slippage and this is why they will also perform well with moisture wicking.

One of the most important areas that perform well is the arch and the heel support, where the manufacturer placed an important attention to detail. You will find that these areas will also perform better in terms of moisture control when compared to the toes area.

The cushioned heel and the shield at the back of the ankle might also recommend the socks for durability. Since these are the main friction areas and the areas which support most of the weight of the foot, it will prove to be a good design characteristic which will make the socks a good option for long-term use.