Enell Sports Bra Review

enell sports bra review

Quick Overview





  • Snug fit
  • Prevents moisture build-up
  • Wide and comfortable straps
  • Large cup size
  • Prevents spillage
  • Features a racerback design


  • The cups aren’t quite durable
  • Doesn’t provide any specific cleaning guideline

Plus-size women often encounter difficulties while zeroing in on the perfect bra. Enell helps address this issue by manufacturing high-quality sports bras with unique features.

These bras are not just comfortable; they also prevent bounce in the middle of your workouts. Ideal for athletes, Enell products are both snug and secure.

In this Enell Sports Bra review, we’ll learn more about the brand as well as its proud creations.

Keep reading for a detailed insight into the features of this excellent bra.


Enell Sports Bra

If you want a sports bra that’ll offer consistent support, this product from Enell might just be the excellent pick you’re looking for.

Streamlined and comfortable, this bra offers bounce-free movement while also enhancing your overall bust shape.

Thanks to its narrow-cut back, you can now perform a wide range of low- and high-intensity exercises without having to worry about breast movement.

The bra is easy to slip into, and the cleaning guidelines are equally straightforward. Unlike typical bras, this product can withstand machine-washing.

Overall, this is an excellent multifunctional bra that’ll double up as a workout bra in addition to being a comfortable piece of daily wear.

Who Is This Product For?

While both regular- and plus-size women can benefit from the bra, it is especially useful to the latter.

Since the bra keeps the bust movement at a minimum while also supporting an extended range of motions, you might want to get it if you’re an athlete or someone who does high-intensity workouts.

Thanks to its wide straps and large C-cups, you can now enjoy a snug fit without having to compromise on the support.

What’s Included?

The package comes with a bra and a manufacturer’s manual, where you’ll find details about the sizing as well as the cleaning guidelines.

Overview of the Features

As with most other bras from Enell, this bra comes loaded with some incredible features.

One of the most impressive features of this bra is that it offers consistent, streamlined support, where you can enjoy a bounce-free performance during long hours of workout.

Despite being workout-friendly, the bra doesn’t compromise on style. Thanks to its racerback design, you can now enjoy a more defined silhouette.

The narrow-cut back will also aid in movement, allowing you to perform your workouts better.

Another remarkable feature of this bra is that it offers a snug fit. Enell’s sports bra won’t fit you like a regular bra.

Instead, it will offer uncompromising support without cutting down on comfort.

While it might appear small at the outset, your body will soon get accustomed to the cups’ shape.

This will prevent creases and also offer a natural shape to your bust, regardless of the dress or top you wear.

The bras also feature the iconic hook-and-eye closure. Located in the frontal area, this feature doesn’t merely give you support but also stabilizes the rear band.

The straps are wide and comfortable. They do not pinch, irritate, or dig your skin in any way.

Because of this design, the bra stays snug, giving you the support you need as you perform high-impact exercises.

We were also impressed by the Movement Control Band of this product. Thanks to this wide, elastic band, you now have just the kind of extra support to reduce back pain and improve your posture.

These straps are non-stretch, and they also distribute your shoulder weight throughout the body, thereby preventing tiredness around your shoulder and back.

As with other bras from Enell, this product is crafted from high-quality combination fabric.

With a perfect combination of spandex, lycra, and moisture-wicking technology, the bra keeps you secure and comfortable almost effortlessly.

The patented NATUREXX technology keeps moisture at bay, preventing possibilities of heat build-up. This also enables you to stay cool and dry inside.

Since there’s no sweat build-up, the chances of perspiration and heat-borne infection are significantly reduced.

Although most women can sport this bra, the product is specially tailored for women with a heavy bust area.

The elastic band and the motion-control powered neckline region will prevent all kinds of movement, keeping you comfortable regardless of your surrounding or the activities you’re doing.

Finally, we also loved the flexibility offered by the product in terms of sizing.

The manufacturer’s manual provides a detailed size guide that lets you pick just the size you need.

The best part: you will find a size even when your cup size is C or above. Just refer to the guide to check your best fit.

The bra is also available in a wide range of shades. So, explore your options for a perfect color that works best with your regular attire.

You can also check more Enell Sports Bra reviews to find out more about the color and the size options.

Overall, this is an excellent product for plus-size athletes. Given the degree of comfort it offers, the bra is undoubtedly worth your money.

How to Make the Most Out of It

You can make the most of Enell’s Bra by choosing your ideal fit. For the right fit, avoid referring to your actual bra size.

Since sports bra for larger breasts needs specific measurements, it is best to follow the sizing guideline provided by the manufacturer.

This will not just ensure a bounce-free fit but also enable you to take full control while performing a wide range of activities.

To get the right fit, take proper measurements around the fuller part of the bust. The measuring tape should be around your rib cage and right below your breast.

After recording the size, refer to Enell’s sizing chart to check which size works best with your body. If you’re in between two sizes, consider choosing the smaller size.

This way, you’ll have a perfect fit that’ll keep you comfortable and support almost every type of movement.


This bra from Enell is ideal for plus-size ladies. It is snug, supportive, and completely secure.

However, you might want to try Enell Maximum Control Sports Bra for advanced control and better shape around the bust.

Since this bra covers more area around the bust, you can enjoy maximum maneuverability and consistent support.

Like Enell’s sports bra, it comes with a hook-and-eye closure system. Check out the latest Enell Sports Bra reviews online for even more details about their products.


Since the Enell Sports Bra comes with plenty of useful features, we will certainly recommend this to well-endowed athletes.

The bra will fit you perfectly, and since it comes with advanced options for controlling movement, you won’t experience any discomfort in the middle of your workout or games.


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  1. That’s a quality bra you have there, for some time now has been checking in on your blog and sees the product you promote they are good, and one of the most part I love about your post is the way manner you arrange your article, and I must commend your good work. Thanks for sharing this great review here with us.

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  2. I have used this brands sports bra some time ago and I can certainly agree with everything you stated. This bra is absolutely comfortable not only for working out but for your everyday activity. This company has a lot of affordable, unique and good quality products to which I highly recommend. 

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  3. Hello there, thanks for this well written review. I liked the way you outlined the pros and the cons on this product. Lots of women wear sports bras because they do active things, just as men wear jock straps. 

    I really love the features of Enell sports bra. They will look amazing on my wife and I sure will recommend it to her.

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