Everlast New Pro Style Elite Training Gloves review

Everlast New Pro Style Elite Training Gloves

Ever since 1910 when the Everlast Company, was founded, the company has maintained its strong reputation in the boxing world by making sports gears for both boxing, mixed martial arts comprising of fitness products and accessories. The company’s latest addition, the Everlast New Pro Style Elite Training Gloves has kept up to the company’s promise. This staple brand in boxing and fighting industry is renowned for its quality gear ranging from amateur to professional boxing. 

The Everlast New Pro Style Elite Training Gloves is the improved version of the initial Pro Style training gloves series. These gloves are one of Everlast’s training gear products targeting both the amateur and experienced boxers that want to improve their punching skills.  Below is a detailed discussion of the desirable features of these gloves that make it a number one choice for fighters worldwide.

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Everlast New Pro Style Elite Training Gloves – The Features

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The Everlast New Pro Style Elite Training Gloves measure 13.6 inches by 6.7 inches by 5 inches and weighs 1.8 pounds. These specs provide adequate coverage for the hand circumference without the wraps.

These gloves are available in five different sizes ranging from 8 oz to 16 oz. The smallest size is the 8 oz size that is ideal for teenage and lady boxers. Then, there is the 10 oz size that is perfect for light fighters honing their skills for competitive boxing.

The 12 oz size is suitable for the first sparring fights. The all-rounded 14 oz size is a favorite with persons preparing for heavyweight fights. Finally, the additional padding in the 16 oz size is suitable for persons taking part in heavy weigh bouts since they minimize the potential injury in sparring.

Boxing being a sport involving a lot to emotions a boxer can take advantage of the glove’s color to sway the opponent’s mind into making mistakes that will eventually lead to the fighter emerging with a win. Subsequently, the Everlast New Pro Style Elite Training Gloves retail in black, blue, blue/red, red and white colors to match the rest of your outfit. 

These color choices make it difficult for opponents to telegraph punches. They also easily excite opponents to the point of making blunders. Overall, these gloves’ color range provides a variety of choice for differing boxer’s tastes.

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Construction and Fabric

The Everlast New Pro Style Elite Training Gloves are of superior quality and quite useful in offering the best protection for training amateur boxers. These hour-glass shaped gloves support and secure the wrist from heavy punches. From the outer mesh and stitching to the inner stitching and smell, these gloves ooze quality.

The gloves feature a one-piece design made of premium synthetic leather coupled with inner foam padding. These gloves have a convenient grip cord providing additional gripping power to the boxer. This construction hones the right fist placement during training while promoting different natural fist throws at varying angles. The gloves’ closed-cell foam technology absorbs and redistributes shock from heavy punches, cushioning the boxer’s hand from injury.

The Everlast New Pro Style Elite Training Gloves have a smooth outer finish with numerous ventilation panels that keep the hands cool throughout the match. It also features a full mesh palm design that is comfortable and keeps the gloves breathable throughout training.

The interior of the gloves utilizes the EverShield wrists padding with hook and loop closure. This padding provides adequate room for the boxer’s hand, supporting it firmly from sliding around. It also protects the fighter from possible hyperflexion.


All boxers seek boxing gloves that not only protect their hands and wrists but also retain their high quality over extended training periods. Equally, the Everlast New Pro Style Elite Training Gloves are of premium quality that maintains its form and shape when used for long periods regardless of the variety of unusual angles. The gloves retail with a 120 days manufacturer warranty period.

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The Everlast New Pro Style Elite Training Gloves are mid-range gloves that retail for under $50. This price differs slightly depending on the location of the physical store. The gloves are easily accessible from many sportswear shops both online and at selected branches nationwide. The affordability of these boxing gloves is ideal for boxers who take into account their primary training methods to get value for their money.

Weight and Distribution

A boxer who is still in training prefers using heavier gloves for better cardio workout and building of wrist muscles. These boxers then switch to lighter boxing gloves in preparation for the actual match. The Everlast New Pro Style Elite Training Gloves weight range of between 8 oz and 16 oz offer an all-around weight distribution compared to other gloves in the same category.

Care and Maintenance

The Everlast New Pro Style Elite Training Gloves are easy to care for and maintain. To avoid the buildup of pungent smell causing bacteria, spray your gloves with an anti-bacterial spray before hanging them out in the open. Do this immediately after your training session. Wash the hand wraps frequently and wipe the exterior of the glove using a damp piece of cloth. Use leather protection wipes to prevent the leather from cracks.


  • Maximum wrist support, comfort, and security from injury
  • Optimal mesh palm breathability
  • Wide, bright color variety
  • Durable construction
  • Competitively priced
  • Cons

  • Comes a bit too stiff when new
  • The Verdict

    Overall, the Everlast New Pro Style Elite Training Gloves are an excellent choice for boxers seeking to master their punching skills while protecting their hands and wrists from injury. These gloves are of premium quality, comfortable, safe and easily accessible from significant stores countrywide.

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    10 thoughts on “Everlast New Pro Style Elite Training Gloves review”

    1. This is a great article, thank you for sharing! I am a complete amateur, having only done one boxing class quite a long time ago, but I love it at the time! I had to stop back then due to injury, but I am now considering starting at the gym again and seeing how my body goes with my injury, and starting to look around at the equipment. I got quite a lot out of this post, particularly about the weights of gloves, using the heavier gloves for additional cardio workout.

      • Hi, Josie and thank you.

        Thank you for your kind words.

        Boxing is a great fitness form and that is, in my opinion, the greatest things about it. It is all rounded training form.

        Good luck.

        If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

    2. Hi Sports Send:

      I have never taken up the sport of boxing, but I have always been familiar with the Everlast brand. I guess it is one of the best-known brands about boxing gloves.

      Can men and women use the same style of glove? Do men and women use the same weight?

      Thanks for your post!

      • Hi, Christopher and thank you.

        Thank you for your kind words.

        Everlast is a great brand and has been leading in the box for descents of years. They have a lot of good fitness outfits.

        Yes and no, men and women use the same style. The critical factor, weight, is the same. But as women have slimmer hands men usually use more heavy gloves when you take the actual size altogether. Because the women gloves are designed for smaller hands and the designer need to have the comfort and fit in mind. For that reason, again when you take altogether, the men usually have heavier gloves.

        If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

    3. Thank you for your thorough review of the Everlast New Pro Style Elite training gloves. My son is getting more into training and has been spending much more time at the gym. It sounds like this brand might be exactly what I’m looking for – they’re priced decently and yet are good quality for serious training. Your review suggests these gloves are very stiff when they are new. Do you have any suggestions on loosening them up? Is there an oil or other product that can help with this issue? Thanks!

      • Hi, Shannon and thank you.

        Thank you for your kind words.

        I´m sure he will be happy with that! This brand is excellent. Leading in the boxing gear and as you say, the prices are fair.

        I would not use oil but try to stretch it in the start. After it you can give a bag some light punch, it will be good quick.

        If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

    4. I’m searching for a pair of boxing gloves for my nephew as birthday gift. He is learning boxing in the gym, but he hasn’t proper glove to do the training. I’ve heard about Everlast gloves being friendly for beginner with suitable price. I may incline to buy this glove, but I want to ask about its durability. My nephew’s hand is very sweaty, so do I actually need another more durable glove or it is enough with this glove? Thank you

      • Hi, Alblue and thank you.

        Thank you for your kind words.

        This glove is very durable. I would not be worried about that. Everlast is an excellent and leading company in the box worlds and has been for a decent of years because of their qualities.

        If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

    5. What a shameful review.

      This is one of the cheapest, poorest quality pairs of gloves on the market, and nobody with more than a few months experience would ever recommend them to anyone. Either your writers have never used the product and are copy and pasting the specs, or you’re just looking to trick people into using your affiliate link.

      If you want proof, you’ve used three different stock images, none of which are actually the model of glove being reviewed.

      • Hi, AJ.

        Sports Send stress to have all information, advice, and reviews as good and important for us most important people, the readers. And if you look at comments here on this website it is obvious that people agree about that.

        It is important to have that in mind when we read to strong words you use.

        First, because it is quick to answer it, about the images. For many reasons, but all-important for the articles, we use many types of images that help the readers when they read the articles. So in this case, yes, we know very well that the model of these gloves was not in the images. But! The photos stress what we are talking about in the review.
        This is a great training glove looking at the value of the money (which is the second part of the answer).

        Even in the title, we stress that it is training gloves, in another post about it we stress again it is training gloves for beginners and calls it, rightly, mid-range gloves.

        Too, we mention it in the cons that “Not for professional-level fights!”

        So with this all in mind the review is right! But, we can have different tastes and opinions and that is normal. From my playing career, I have had a lot of opinions about my gear as if it fits me personally. Knowing that I can find people which are not agreed with me.

        But as I said before, we give always an honest opinion about things and all words from you about other things can´t be farther from the truth. And again, have a look at the comments from many people in all kinds of posts from us and you see that your opinion are very different from the others! We are proud of the work and will keep that work with the goals I mention.

        Good luck in your training and sport.


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