Giro SOURCE MIPS HELMET vs Bell Super 3R MIPS: Best for Aggressive Trail Riding

Giro SOURCE MIPS HELMET vs Bell Super 3R MIPS Best for Aggressive Trail Riding

When it comes to aggressive trail riding, your safety is a must. You want to tumble in the rough, challenging your limits, knowing you got all the safety gear you can get. That’s not all. Aggressive bikers need lightweight, comfortable, and well-ventilated lids, more so, when they get to those head-down riding positions.

But what if you are on a tight budget? Must you compromise these attributes for the price? Well, we believe, with a little bit of research you can get hold of the best stylish mountain bike helmets for your money.

In this quick guide, we present you with two such MTB helmets. The Giro SOURCE MIPS Helmet and the Bell Super 3R MIPS. Both shells guarantee all-around impressive performance at a reasonable price.  These are all tried and tested for safety, endurance, and overall comfort.

The Products:

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Giro Source MIPS Men's Dirt Cycling Helmet - Matte Chalk (2022), Medium (55-59 cm)

Giro SOURCE MIPS Helmet is a go-to MTB helmet for riders looking for safety and exceptional performance in a trail-ready helmet. This rugged shell opts for lightweight construction with lots of wind tunnels for a comfortable, fun adventure. More so, it incorporates premium attributes like an adjustable visor, typical with high-end helmets. Yet, Giro Source MIPS retails at an affordable price to be accessible by the majority of riders.


Brand: GIRO


Category: Trail/XC

Size: Small (51-55 cm), Medium (55-59 cm), Large (59-63 cm)

Gender: Men’s

Weight: 12oz

Vents: 16

Slip Plane: Yes (MIPS)

Visor: Adjustable


Giro Source MIPS helmet uses a lightweight in-mold polycarbonate shell that fuses to an EPS foam liner for ample head coverage. It is a low-profile design ideal for trail riding.


Inside the hardbody, the polycarbonate shell is an integrated MIPS slip plane. The plane protects the rider from brain injury due to the spinning of the brain matter inside the head on certain impacts. It does this by slowing down the rotational forces that occur on angled impact.


Giro Source MIPS helmet relies on the detachable and washable CoolFit™ Anti-Microbial padding to guarantee all-day freshness for the rider. This padding is scattered all around the helmet to wick away moisture on a hot day.


There are 16 wind tunnel vents all around the Giro Source MIPS helmet. These channels offer deep internal ventilation, keeping you cool and fresh on variable terrain.


The Roc Loc® 5 Fit System is easy to use and secure fit system. You can use it to custom-tune the helmet’s tilt and overall fit to stabilize and adjust the shell as you please. More so, it is quite easy to operate its small diameter dial-up function, with or without your gloves on.


Are you trail riding in the hot sun or the thick woods? You can wear your goggles or glasses with the Giro Source MIPS helmet. This helmet has a large, moto-style adjustable screw-in visor that is compatible with lots of eyewear. It will shield your eyes from direct sun glare, tree branches, or oncoming objects.

  • An In-Mold construction that is light, durable, and better ventilated for trail riding
  • A comfortable, stable, easy to adjust, and lightweight Roc Loc® 5 Fit System for a skull-hugging fit
  • Has the E.U.: CE EN1078 and the U.S.: CPSC BICYCLE FOR AGES 5+ certifications for safety
  • Has lesser features than its predecessors model

Bell Super 3R MIPS

BELL Super 3R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet - Matte Green (2023), Medium (55-59 cm)

Bell Super 3R MIPS is a lightweight enduro-style helmet with a removable chin bar. It retails with the Go Pro Mount at the top, a MIPS slip plane, and of course, the removable chin bar. This convertible full-face helmet is the lightweight version of the Bell Super DH Spherical model. Hence, it is designed and certified for trail racing, and not downhill racing like it is heavier than the Super DH alternative.


Brand: Bell

Series: Super 3R

Category: Trail/XC

Size: Small (52-56 cm), Medium (55-59 cm), Large (58-62 cm)

Gender: Unisex

Weight: 783g (Medium Size)

Color: Downdraft Matte Gray/Gunmetal, Matte Black, Matte Blues, Matte Green, Downdraft Matte Crimson/Black, Matte Emerald/Retina Sear

Vents: 23 Helmet Vents, 6 Chin Bar Vents, 4 Brow Ports

Slip Plane: Yes (MIPS)

Visor: Adjustable

Is Bell A Good Helmet Brand


Now, most riders have a general concern about comfort, hotness, tightness, or getting claustrophobic when shopping for full-face helmets. Not so with the Bell Super 3R MIPS helmet. This helmet has got plenty of vents, doing a pretty good job at keeping the helmet cool. First-time users find it a bit tight on the sides. Well, that is only because of the removable cheek pad inserts added to attain a snug fit. You can always remove these to feel less constricted.


Bell Super 3R MIPS uses a similar outer shell to the Giro Source MIPS helmet. Here, there is a sturdy and lightweight fusion in-mold polycarbonate outer shell fused to an EPS foam liner for durability and comfort.


Inside the lightweight polycarbonate shell of the Bell Super 3R MIPS helmet is a MIPS slip plane. It guards against abrupt rotational forces that may cause brain damage in certain impacts. It is a reassuring addition for mountain bikers who are hitting jumps, drops, and other styles to progress their skills. The wraparound protection is the removable chin bar that connects to the helmet via a 3-step connection.


Bell Super 3R MIPS helmet converts from a full-face helmet to an open one in a snap. Here, you have the removable chin bar attached to the helmet via two clip points on the sides. Plus, there is an extra lock at the back for a stable fit.  Inside the chin bar is ample padding to achieve a proper fit while keeping you comfortable throughout. You can wear the Bell Super 3R MIPS helmet with your sunglasses on. Likewise, you can take it off without detaching the chin bar first. However, you will need to have a backpack in tow where you can secure the detached chin bar. Despite being a full-face helmet, Super 3R gives your unrestricted view from side to side.


Here are two more accessories that make the Bell Super 3R MIPS an attractive option for fun-loving trail riders. At the top of the helmet is a seamless camera mount that is designed to break away, hence minimizing the risk of injury to the rider upon impact. Second, a GoggleGuide visor system that is compatible with glasses and goggles is attached to this shell.


There are several ventilation ports on the brow of the Bell Super 3R MIPS helmet, channeling cool wind into and around the head.


Bell uses No-Twist Tri-Glides and X-Static Padding to stabilize the helmet on the head. Further, the padding has anti-microbial properties keeping you dry and fresh.

  • A lightweight, durable full-face construction with an unrestricted view
  • Has a convenient removable chin bar
  • Padding in the chin bar guarantees a snug fit
  • Adjustable visor accommodates glasses and goggles
  • US CPSC compliant for safety
  • The clip at the back is a bit noisy

Do All Giro Helmets Have MIPS

People Also Ask:

  1. Do All Giro Helmets Have MIPS?

No. Giro cycling helmets target different riders with varying safety needs. They include the Scamp series for kids which retails with an optional MIPS version. In contrast, the Selector and Advantage II models have no MIPS options. Instead, they optimize aerodynamics for smoother and faster riding in competitions. 

Likewise, Air Attack Shield and Air Attack models are a sprinter’s first choice for wraparound eye protection, aerodynamic efficiency, and the best cooling power an MTB helmet can offer. So, if you take part in extreme MTB rides or tackle unfamiliar trails, confirm that your choice Giro helmet that the MIPS slip-plane technology extra brain protection.

  1. Is Bell A Good Helmet Brand?

Yes. Bell prides itself as a renowned brand for stylish cycling helmets. More so, it offers optimal protection for different riding styles at a reasonable price. The brand stocks a variety of designs targeting amateur, recreational, and experienced riders, both men and women. This philosophy gives Bell a competitive edge in a sporting niche where speed and looks matter.

Bikers opt for Bell helmets to be safe, look good, and guarantee efficient and reliable performance on varied terrains. Likewise, these helmets offer to use top-quality materials, offer unrivaled ventilation, and have aesthetic touches that make them stand out. Each Bell helmet is SNELL and DOT certified for safety. And, the company offers a good warranty ensuring you get value for your money.

Our Verdict

The Giro Source MIPS helmet is an improved version of the discontinued Chronicle series. It has a secure and comfortable feel, protective and durable construction, and is well-equipped for a fun adventure.  However, it features smaller vents and omits extras typical with high-end models. For example, if you are looking for a helmet with an integrated light mount or a magnetic buckle, you may have to opt for other brands offering these at a premium.

This review focuses on the Bell Super 3R MIPS helmet as an affordable alternative to the Giro Source MIPS helmet. Bell has lots of extras trail riders seek, that are omitted in the Giro model. It gives the riders the option of converting from an open-face to a full-face helmet as desired.

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  1. I have been trail riding a time or two and let me tell you, the most important aspect is the helmet. You have to protect the noggin! This article was so well written. The research aspect behind each product was so in depth that all questions and objections were answered to anyone who would be looking for a new trail riding helmet.

    I enjoyed this article and did some browsing as well and the site is great! Keep up the good work.

    • Hello, Brian, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

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  2. Hi! I’ve just gone through your post on Giro source MIPS helmet vs. bell supper 3R MIPS: Best for aggressive trail riding. I found it very educative and helpful too. I never realized that helmets differ according to the riding. I only thought that any helmet could be suitable for all types of riding. I must agree with you that when it comes to aggressive riding, safety is a must. I loved these helmets, each of them has its importance. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello, Kokontala, and thank you.

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  3. I’m a road bike rider, and of course, head protection is extremely important because of the ever-present danger of being knocked off your bike by a car. We call it the SMIDSY syndrome (Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See Ya). I’m thinking seriously about taking up trail and mountain bike riding as well, so your review of these two helmets is very timely for me. Both the Giro and Bell helmets look great. Would you recommend one over the other?

    • Hello, Phil Lancaster, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

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      Both helmets are excellent, so it is much more question about taste in my opinion.

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  4. It’s great to have a specific comparison and analysis of how the Giro SOURCE MIPS HELMET and the Bell Super 3R MIPS perform during aggressive trail riding. Trail riding can be a dangerous sport and it’s critical that the gear you choose will keep you as safe as possible. Thanks for the specific feature details on why I might want to choose the Bell over the Giro helmet. Very thorough and helpful reviews!

    • Hi, Aly, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

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  5. My boyfriend is always careful. He never leaves his Giro helmet behind whenever he goes riding anywhere. According to my boyfriend. As with pretty much all the Giro Helmets, the Source is very, very comfortable. The padding is soft to the touch and quite thick.

    Your article gives a lot of useful information about it, thank you!

    • Hi, Emmanuel Emmato, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Great to hear about your benefit of the article too.

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