HOFAM Graduation compression socks: improve your running, recover faster

HOFAM Graduation compression socks

Compression socks are no longer just medical tools to help patients recover. No, serious athletes and amateur runners have started to use something as basic as a sock, to improve their performance and comfort.

So in this review, we will take a look at the HOFAM graduation compression socks. We will tell you more about how these socks perform and if they actually do what they should.

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If you want to run more comfortably (or just spend a huge amount of time on your feet) compression socks can really make a huge difference. Let’s see if these HOFAM graduation socks are the ones that will do it for you.

These compression socks are made with nylon and silver moisture-wicking material. The material is 20-30mmHg and has anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties (to keep those smelly feet at bay as well).

It is made with graduated compression to promote circulation. They have a secure fit and a no-slip cuff to keep it in place (there is no point in a compression sock that doesn’t stay up).

It has a reinforced toe and heel with arch supports. It also has extra protection in the ankle area. It has a black and silver design with a checkered front panel (shiny!)

These socks are suitable for a large variety of sports such as hiking, running, and cycling. But if you don’t see yourself as the world’s next marathon champion, it is ok, because they are suitable for office workers, nurses or other professionals who are on their feet all day. Now, how the pros and cons measure up?


Compression Socks for Men and Women Graduated Athletic Sport Socks for Running, Biking, Hockey, Baseball, Flight Travel, Nurse, Maternity Pregnancy- (S-XL)


  • It is made with nylon with silver moisture wicking
  • It has anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties
  • The material is 20-30mmHg
  • It is made with graduated compression to promote circulation
  • They have a tight secure fit
  • It has a no-slip cuff
  • It has a reinforced toe and heel
  • It has arch support
  • It has extra ankle protection
  • It is a stylish black and silver design
  • It is suitable for a variety of sports as well as office workers, nurses or travelers
  • Men’s sizes (US 6-12)
  • Women’s sizes (US 7-13.5)


  • They won’t slide down
  • They hold up very well in the wash ( in hot water and the dryer)
  • It has very good support and pressure
  • They work really well to prevent muscle fatigue
  • These socks offer great value and are durable
  • The moisture-wicking is a nice feature and helps to avoid sweaty feet
  • The ankle support is great and the padding makes them suited to outdoor activities
  • They alleviate pain if you are on your feet all day (marathons anyone?)


  • They can cut off circulation if the size is too small
  • They aren’t very fashionable (depending on your taste)
  • The toe seams are quite thick
  • The toe material is thin and doesn’t last with heavy use
  • The toe box is straight with extra material
  • They don’t go up very high if you are tall


When you choose compression socks you want them to give you support, stay up and last long. These socks by HOFAM are a graduated design compression sock that is made to promote circulation, support your ankles and reduce fatigue.

This is great for runners, especially when you need to get your recovery time down, but if you are on your feet all day they can also support you at work. The ankle support is very good and they are well padded.

These socks hold up well after machine wash and even tumble drying, but they will last better and longer if you rather air dry them (the elastic components in the material will last longer). They are reasonably priced and do well against their competitors.

The moisture-wicking material is a great feature that helps keep sweaty feet under control. This is a nice feature if you do longer runs and need to keep your feet ventilated and comfortable.

But like everything in life, it’s not all just wonderful all the way. We won’t keep the bad from you. So keep in mind that if you choose the wrong size, and get them too small, they can cut off circulation.

This is, of course, is counterproductive, so you should be sure to get the correct size. There seems to be some debate about the style of these socks as well if you are a fashionable runner you might love or hate the design of these socks. They are quite dark and have silver lines, stylish to some, ugly to others.

The material is thin and might not give you years of service with heavy use. The toe box is also straight and if you have a narrow foot there will be extra material. If you are taller than average these socks also won’t cover you up to the knee.

Winning choice

These compression socks are a great choice for the price. They offer good support and if you get the best size for your feet and calves they will stay up without severing an artery (remember compression socks should be tight, but not too tight). They have good padding and sit well under the arch of your foot.

The toe seam is a bit thick, but the fabric is breathable and durable and will take a turn in the washing machine time and again. They will really help you with muscle fatigue on your longer runs or hikes, so you can train more effectively for your next race.

A winning tip is to keep in mind what a compression sock does and that it won’t feel like a standard cotton sock. You just need to be sure about the way a compression sock should sit. They need to be tight but shouldn’t leave you in any pain.

The idea is that you have a tight supportive fit that gives your muscles a helping hand. We hope this review has given you a clear idea about the qualities of the HOFAM Graduation socks. Enjoy your next run!

12 thoughts on “HOFAM Graduation compression socks: improve your running, recover faster”

  1. Hello there!
    I’m wondering… My mom is 84 and not really an athlete (LOL) but she does have swollen ankles all the time. I’m sure it’s due to poor circulation. As I read your post I wondered if they could help her too? Would she wear them at night when she sleeps or better to wear them during the day?

    • Thank you, Jackie, for your comment.

      Yes,  compression socks can help swollen ankles. But she should not sleep in it before she asks doctor about it.

      Leg compression is highly beneficial to your health as it increases blood circulation to the extremities.In
      part because of gravity, blood tends to accumulate in the legs,
      especially the lower part. This occurs both when a person is at rest and
      when exercising. By wearing compression socks, you can help improve blood
      flow to your legs.

      But of course, like all socks and clothes, she needs to feel comfortable in it and .it´s wise to get advice from a doctor.

      Have a look at this links, could be interested if it helps your mother: https://sportssend.com/bluetre

  2. Hi

    Great Information on what looks like some fantastic socks to help overall performance and comfort with running.

    I like to go for a run a few times a week so I think it is important to have the correct gear to optimise performance here.

    I will definitely look into sock like this as my feet fatigue a lot whilst running.

    I look forward to some of your future posts.


    • Thank you, Chris.

      My advice is that you should try it if your feet fatigue would not be teasing you, and actually, with all the benefit I recommended that you test it even if it was not teasing you because all the pros it has.

  3. Thanks for a great post which is very helpful and informative. I have noticed recently many more runners out with compression socks but had not tried them myself. Thanks for the information. Do people use them in other situations other than sporty pursuits? Also I saw someone out the other day with a footless compression sock! Do these work in the same way? Thanks again Helpful. Keith

    • Thank you, Keith, for your comment.

      Compression socks Increase blood flow which is very important for the foot. Like you said, more and more runners use it, and players in other sports too, and it´s reason for it. In few words it just good for your foot. And too, people which work a lot standing or walking to use the blood flow to have fresh legs. For the same reason, many use it in an aeroplane too.

       Footless Compression socks helping calfs too so as you see, we are always helping to blood to flow with all the big benefit of it. Here is a good article about it; https://www.americanvein.com/s…  and you can get good ideas here too https://sportssend.com/what-do

  4. Hi there,

    This is great socks.

    I am an active runner and I’ll make sure I jog every weekend to keep fit and healthy. After reading your article, I want to try wearing this compression shocks as I can sense it is flexible and more comfortable to your feet.

    And knowing it has the features of anti-bacterial and anti-odor, what’s more can one ask from a pair of sock. That’s great news I have never heard before.

    Great review.


    • Thank you, Ammar Aiman.

      Yes, it is a lot of benefit to use compression socks. You will find the difference very quick when you start using it.

  5. Hi,

    Thank you for the awesome information! Before coming across this site I had no idea what compression socks even were. But I am sure glad to have read your article as I am on my feet a lot as a teacher and an avid hiker.

    My only concern is that I tend to get very hot feet when I wear socks and shoes. But according to your review, it seems these socks have moisture wicking properties so this is something I will definitely be considering using as it seems the benefits are numerous!

    Thanks again for the information!

    • Thank you, David.

      The compression socks will help you your job as a teacher and hiker. Because as a teacher you walk for sure a lot. 

      In my opinion, you don´t need to have worries about the hoot feet. The moisture wicking is brilliant and lets you feel comfortable in the socks.

  6. A very clear review of hofam graduation compression socks. I think that for the price offered, you really “run” no risk at all. Although the design is an entirely personal taste matter. Why do you call them socks, when they look like stockings? Another thing is, having some extra protection for the heel and toe, does this mean that you will need to have larger shoes than normal?

    • Thank you, Jerry.

      Yes, it is an excellent price indeed. Stocking or socks, I think it´s a matter of taste, but most people use the socks words because it is the feeling you have when you put it on.

      About the shoes, no you don´t need larger shoes than usual. Have in mind that if you are in running and walking shoes, it´s important to have them in the correct size, it needs to hold well over your feet.


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