HOFAM Graduation compression socks: improve your running, recover faster

Compression socks are no longer just medical tools to help patients recover. No, serious athletes and amateur runners have started to use something as basic as a sock, to improve their performance and comfort.

So in this review, we will take a look at the HOFAM graduation compression socks. We will tell you more about how these socks perform and if they actually do what they should.

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If you want to run more comfortably (or just spend a huge amount of time on your feet) compression socks can really make a huge difference. Let’s see if these HOFAM graduation socks are the ones that will do it for you.

These compression socks are made with nylon and silver moisture-wicking material. The material is 20-30mmHg and has anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties (to keep those smelly feet at bay as well).

It is made with graduated compression to promote circulation. They have a secure fit and a no-slip cuff to keep it in place (there is no point in a compression sock that doesn’t stay up).

It has a reinforced toe and heel with arch supports. It also has extra protection in the ankle area. It has a black and silver design with a checkered front panel (shiny!)

These socks are suitable for a large variety of sports such as hiking, running, and cycling. But if you don’t see yourself as the world’s next marathon champion, it is ok, because they are suitable for office workers, nurses or other professionals who are on their feet all day. Now, how the pros and cons measure up?


HOFAM Men, Women Graduated Compression Socks for Sports, Running, Circulation Flight Travel Nurses and Recovery, Black


  • It is made with nylon with silver moisture wicking
  • It has anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties
  • The material is 20-30mmHg
  • It is made with graduated compression to promote circulation
  • They have a tight secure fit
  • It has a no-slip cuff
  • It has a reinforced toe and heel
  • It has arch support
  • It has extra ankle protection
  • It is a stylish black and silver design
  • It is suitable for a variety of sports as well as office workers, nurses or travelers
  • Men’s sizes (US 6-12)
  • Women’s sizes (US 7-13.5)


  • They won’t slide down
  • They hold up very well in the wash ( in hot water and the dryer)
  • It has very good support and pressure
  • They work really well to prevent muscle fatigue
  • These socks offer great value and are durable
  • The moisture-wicking is a nice feature and helps to avoid sweaty feet
  • The ankle support is great and the padding makes them suited to outdoor activities
  • They alleviate pain if you are on your feet all day (marathons anyone?)


  • They can cut off circulation if the size is too small
  • They aren’t very fashionable (depending on your taste)
  • The toe seams are quite thick
  • The toe material is thin and doesn’t last with heavy use
  • The toe box is straight with extra material
  • They don’t go up very high if you are tall


When you choose compression socks you want them to give you support, stay up and last long. These socks by HOFAM are a graduated design compression sock that is made to promote circulation, support your ankles and reduce fatigue.

This is great for runners, especially when you need to get your recovery time down, but if you are on your feet all day they can also support you at work. The ankle support is very good and they are well padded.

These socks hold up well after mac