How to Fit a Sports Bra

how to fit a sports bra

How to fit a sports bra is a question that bothers women who love sports as a hobby or career. A well-fitting sports bra is one of the essentials sporty women must have. Whatever your size, shape or level of activity, do not be duped into thinking that you will be just fine with the regular day-to-day bra. There is nothing as embarrassing as having to adjust the bra every now and then in the middle of your activity, probably with people watching you.

A sports bra is designed to give you more comfort and hold your jewels in position as you engage in sports activities. For women who wear a sports bra, in most cases, they wear the wrong size. The discomfort can lead to tissue damage and pain in the bust. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that you get the right a sports bra. First things first;

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sports Bra

       a) The Bra Support– The kind of bra you go for should give you maximum support. Sports bras are designed to provide you with three levels of support; high, medium, and low support, depending on the impact of the sports. Low support bras are ideal for use in yoga, walking, and strength training.

Medium support bras are recommendable for use in skiing, moderate hiking, and road cycling. The high support ones are best for aerobics, running, swimming, and mountain climbing. If you engage in sports of different impacts, have separate support bras.

       b) Sports Bra Construction– the way in which a bra is made determines how much breast movement you will have while running for example. Encapsulation sports bras have individual cups that surround each breast and hold it firmly in place separately. They have no compression, making them ideal for low-impact sports activities. They provide a more natural shape than the other types.

The other type is the compression sports bras, which you typically have to pull over your head. They press the breasts against the chest to hinder movement, but they do not have cups in their design. They work best if you use them for low-to-medium impact sports.

Thirdly, there are the encapsulation sports bras that combine the compression and encapsulation features, to provide more comfort and support. These are generally the best type of sports bra, especially for high-impact activities.

       c) Essential Features- pay attention to the small little details. Things like the shoulder straps, band, back closure, underwire, and wicking fabrics matter a lot. The band is the primary source of support which forms the foundation of the sports bra. Ensure that it does not tightly press against the rib cage, but instead, it should snugly fit around the area. A good fit is when you can fit two fingers between the band and your body.

The shoulder straps should also be designed in a way that they provide minimal stretch, make you feel secure, and reduce up-and-down movements. Fit two fingers, not more or less, between the strap and your shoulders to check if the bra is the right fit.

The back closure tends to give many women problems because of the hooks for closure. When fitting a new bra, they tend to go for one with one hook level, which should not be the case. Choose a bra with three different hook sizes. The furthest hook provides the best fit measurement, and as it stretches with time, you can use the closer hooks. However, if you wish to have it easy, go for a sports bra that you can pull over your head.

The underwire plays a vital role in supporting each breast individually and leaves no room for movement. The underwire should leave you feeling comfortable, without pinching, poking, or pressing against your rib cage.

The wicking fabrics absorb moisture, keeping your skin comfortable. Bras made from cotton are always the best fit. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a sports bra that is both convenient and highly effective at wicking away moisture. To make a bra more comfortable, sturdier fabrics must be used, which may not keep moisture away.

How to Find the Right Size for Your Sports Bra

It is not a guarantee that you will automatically find a sports bra that fits you in the right way. However, through this guide, you can have an idea of what to check especially when shopping online. Every woman is unique in matters body proportions, and sometimes it will be necessary that you make adjustments on the straps and back closures to get the right fit.

Start by taking the rib cage measurement, which should be done right under your breasts. The tape measure should be snug and not too tight; otherwise, your bra will hinder normal breathing. Round off the measurement to the nearest inch.

Secondly, check the band size, based on your rib cage measurement. For example, if your rib cage is between 25 and 27 inches, the band size should be 30 and 32. If the rib cage measures anything between 27 and 29 inches, you can check these measurements with you sports bra dealers for more accuracy.

Lastly, check the cup size by subtracting your rib cage measurement from bust measurement. The difference in inches is the suggested cup size. The interpretation of the difference in inches is as follows:

The difference in Inches. Cup size.
3 AA
4 A
5 B
6 C
7 D
8 DD
9 E
10 F

The Bottom Line

With this information, you should have an idea of how to fit a sports bra. Remember not to choose your bra hastily, lest you risk missing out on valuable details. Once you have bought your sports bra, ensure that you take good care of it by avoiding hot water, fabric softeners, and bleach during laundry. Most importantly, replace it as soon as it gets out of shape and does not give you the support you need.

4 thoughts on “How to Fit a Sports Bra”

  1. Good advice and accurate. I actually paid to go see someone to be properly sized and basically what she did was the same as what I just read on your site. The only other thing that she pointed out to me was that all bras, sports bras included should ALWAYS be hand-washed. I actually didn’t know this, that’s the only reason I pointed it out here.

    • Thank you, Ringraham.

      Yes, you are right. It is much better to always hand washing sports bras. Keep the quality in top.

      Thank you very much for remember us of this great and important point.

  2. Hi there,

    Useful article!

    You have given wonderful pieces of advice, and I thank you for it! I didn’t know how to fit a sports bra, and this is why I always end up trying to fix my bra while jogging:) It is really bothering me because it prevents me from staying focus on the road. Just a question, please. Would suggest buying sports bras online or offline? Maybe it is better to try them out first? I wouldn’t want to get the wrong fit.

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Thank you, Daniella.

      I recommend that you first buy offline. Each woman is unique, and you need to find which size fits you best. On same time it´s right to mention that for example on Amazon you can change if you buy a wrong size. But it´s better to buy online right size from the start so in my opinion is best to buy it offline.
      After that, you know your size so you can buy online.

      But give you your time to find which fit, it´s so important that you feel comfortable in it.


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