How to Keep Glasses from Slipping When Sweating: Tips and Tricks for the Fitness Nuts and Bookworms

Whether it’s running, biking, playing a friendly game of basketball or just sweating on a hot day, glasses are often an essential accessory in carrying out these outdoor activities. Prescription glasses could be swapped with contact lenses, but there’s no such alternative for sunglasses. Hence, let’s talk about how to keep glasses from slipping when sweating, something every sports enthusiast faces eventually.

A note, though, is that sports practitioners are not the only ones who suffer from this annoying little side effect of warm temperatures. Wearers of prescription glasses are the true victims since they have to put up with slippery frames throughout the year. With that in mind, throughout this piece, we’re going to briefly discuss the different steps that one can take to wear glasses in any sort of conditions. To be plain, some workarounds might be a bit of a pain, but they are efficient and well worth the time and investment.

How to Keep Glasses from Slipping When Sweating: The Details

The first thing to consider when trying to rid oneself of this annoying little occurrence is swapping pairs. While aviators definitely have a smooth texture, the metal rims and heavy glass make them unsuitable for practicing sports. Anything with a light frame and good temple tips will suffice.

Temporary Solutions

The glasses accessory niche is a very unknown and dark place. Not really, but it is a pretty unknown to the general public. There are a lot of small contraptions that can make wearing glasses during physical activities easier. First off, it’s important to make sure that the glasses are clean. Grease tends to build up over several days of use, and cleaning them with mild soap and wiping them down with a paper towel is the first step towards solving the issue.

  • Elastic Bands

Learning how to keep glasses from slipping when sweating involves getting creative. Elastic bands are great, especially the type of band used in styling hair. Placing them tightly on the glasses temple tips will prevent the glasses from slipping since these accessories have a very adherent surface. Moreover, they will definitely absorb some of the moisture. That being said, they’re not that hygienic since the bands will get dirty after just one session. Thus, it’s important to clean the bands after every use.

  • Silicone Ear Hooks

Ear hooks are definitely glass accessories that most people have no idea exists. They are grippy, hook-like silicone temple tip add-ons. They come with cutouts that allow them to slip onto the temples. The hook-like shape will ensure that they will fit comfortably in the ears, and the grippy texture will keep them in place.
They’re better than the elastic bands since silicone does not soak up any sort of dirt. Although inexpensive, innovative and very efficient, the only drawback is that they might bring unwanted attention; the concept itself being rather peculiar.