1. jacob
    October 25, 2017 @ 2:46 am

    Thanks for making this post

    I’ve been running for a while now but have stuck to doing shorter runs so I have often just relied on water fountains in the area to stay hydrated.

    But now that I want to start getting into longer distance running and doing it in new areas I can’t rely on this anymore so I need a way to easily store water for when I go running.

    This article made finding the right hydration pack easy as it narrowed down the options and described every thing I needed to know for each before buying


    • Sports Send
      October 26, 2017 @ 10:34 pm

      Thank you, Jacob.
      It´s good to mix short and long runs. But I recommend that you focus on that the size is compatible to your need and it is easy to carry. In my opinion, this is the basic. But all these packs are user friendly, portable, and functional no doubt but the Explorer Hydration Backpack perhaps stands little ahead of its competitors.


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