The Balega hidden comfort athletic running socks: light comfort for your next run

The Balega hidden comfort athletic running socks

A nice sock can make a huge difference in your running performance. If your feet are comfortable and cool you can run longer and faster.

If you are working towards your first race or a new personal best good socks can be a component to help you get there. So, let’s take a look at the Balega hidden comfort running socks and see what they will do for you.

These No products found. are made from imported Drynamix polyester, polyamide nylon andelastane yarns in the republic of South Africa for the American market. It has a hand linked toe closure to create a seamless toe and prevent blisters. It has a heel tab to prevent slippage and has a structured fit with elastane.

The toe and heel are reinforced. The mesh construction creates ventilation and it has plush cushioning at the sole for comfort. It comes in a huge variety of different colors to suit every runner’s taste and a good range of sizes for men and women.

These are the main features of the Balega socks but in this review we will also take a look at what are good and bad about these socks. That way you can easily decide if you want to use them on your next run.


No products found.

No products found.

  • It is made from imported yarns
  • It has hand linked toe closure to create a seamless toe
  • It has a heel tab to prevent slippage
  • It has a structured fit with elastane
  • IT has a reinforced toe and heel
  • It has a mesh construction to create ventilation with DryNamixpolyester
  • It has under sole cushioning for comfort
  • It is available in twelve different colors
  • Small sizes are (all US) (men’s 4.5 to 6.5 or women’s 6 to 8)
  • Medium sizes are (men’s 7 to 9 and women’s 8.5 to 10.5)
  • Large are (men’s 9.5 to 11.5 or women’s 11 to 13)
  • Extra Large come in (men’s 12 to 14 or women’s 13.5 to 15.5)
  • The socks are made in South Africa for the American market


  • These socks keep your feet well ventilated
  • It protects your feet from blisters
  • They usually do not slip down with the heel tab
  • The padding and comfort of these socks are really good
  • They are very soft
  • The socks are thicker than other hidden socks and will work well for winter running
  • They are durable and stay comfortable after prolonged use
  • There is a huge range of different colors


  • The sizing can be tricky and if they are too large it can cause blisters
  • The heel can slip if the sizing is off
  • They aren’t as well ventilated as other running socks
  • It is not a hidden sock rather it is a low cut sock that will rise above the shoe
  • Check carefully that you buy the real brand and not a knock off
  • They are a bit pricey
  • They have writing on the top layer and it can cause irritation


These No products found. will keep your feet ventilated and comfortable on shorter runs. They are made from a mix of synthetic materials (specifically DryNamix polyester) that will work best if you use them for shorter times (less than 4 hours or so).

The socks have blister protection and don’t slip down if they fit well. They also have a heel tab to help keep them in place. These socks are very soft and comfortable and they have good padding that remains soft even after many uses.

The hidden comfort by Balega is thicker than other hidden types and will work well for winter running. These socks are durable and will keep your feet comfortable on your daily run.

They are also available in a massive range of different colors to suit your team or individual style. The Balega Company manufactures the socks in South Africa which adds a nice extra feel-good component to wearing these socks.

As with every race(from 5k to marathon)with a bad patch, we also need to tell you about the parts of these socks that can hamper your performance. With hidden socks, you need to have exact size or they can slip down in your shoe and the sizing can be a bit tricky with these.

They are thicker socks and the ventilation is not as great as other types so they will not be the best for hot summer runs. Especially if you don’t want sweaty feet.The Balega brand offers a well-made sock, but be careful that you don’t get a cheap knockoff, they will not perform the same as the real thing.

It is a low cut sock and won’t be completely hidden and they are a bit pricey compared to other hidden running socks.

Unfortunately, the labelling with the Belega name woven into the sock is not as smooth as the rest and it can cause irritation on your foot. Now that we have weighed up these socks we will give you our final verdict.

The final word

These are nice light hidden socks that are thick enough to keep blisters away while you train for a 10k but still give you a little extra ventilation with the Drynamix material. It is a thicker sock to give you more comfort so it will be a warm sock to wear in summer.

They will hold up very well if you get the correct size and will keep you comfortable even if you need to run a half marathon in pouring rain. The padding is great if your soles need a little extra love and they are well made (if a little expensive).

We recommend these if you want a nice semi hidden sock for training in cooler weather or in the gym. They will help those hot spots to keep their cool and will give you the comfort to reach your running goals.

Hopefully, this review has given you a clear picture of how these hidden socks perform. That way you can be comfortable with spending your money on your running gear. Good luck on your next race!

8 thoughts on “The Balega hidden comfort athletic running socks: light comfort for your next run”

  1. These socks look very comfortable and well ventilated. The extra thickness is attractive as well. I have a need for the protection on my heal. I have a question: On the heal tab, What is that made out of? It looks like it sticks out beyond the shoe. Is that correct? If so, that could be a definite plus when running trails that require different positions of your foot. Thanks for the review. It was very helpful.

    • Thank you, Angela.

      Yes, it is very comfortable socks and that is a very important thing but to many forget that part. You need to feel well in your socks and you need to feel well in your shoes and etc.

      About the heel tab, you right. The company knits an extra deep heel pocket ensuring that each sock

      fits the foot perfectly and does not slide down during a run. Designed with
      a medium volume construction. Made of Drynamix Polyester, Polyamide Nylon, and elastique.

  2. Hi!

    I was looking for some quality socks that would keep my feet dry and rested during my exercise.

    I love that these have under sole cushion and are thicker for the winter 🙂

    Thanks so much for the review! They look like a very likely choice for me!


    • Thank you, Israel.

      Yes, you need socks for the winter too and this is excellent for it.

      Hope you will enjoy it!

  3. What a great article.  I am no where near a professional runner but as an amateur runner this is very interesting.because I had no clue that socks could make that much of a difference.I love the ventilation and light weight factor.  Now that I have read this I really can see how these socks or socks like them can make a difference.I know I am going to be looking into getting some of these and seeing how much of a change they really make.Thank you for taking the time to put together such a great review.Dale

    • Hi, Dale and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      It is great to hear about the benefits of the article.

      These socks are for all kind of runners, pro or not, and all of them have the same benefits. I stress it many times that it is so essential to use running socks. Both to get all the benefit of your running socks. But to for your feet, you will feel better, and it will protect your feet from blister for example.

      If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

  4. So so many useful tips and tricks all on one page! Wonderful! I bookmarked to look further. This is insightful and I must say its a lovely review; I am just getting to know about socks of balenga and i must say its an eye opener for me.

    I love the way you outlined the features; pros and cons.

    I am making my purchase rightaway

    Thanks for sharing this lovely review. its well appreciated

    • Hi, Ola and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      It is great to hear about the benefits of the article.

      The Balega socks are outstanding socks, I am sure that you will not be disappointed with it.

      If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.


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