Thirty 48 Socks Review

Thirty 48 Socks Review

Running can be an extremely tiring thing to do, you can, of course, negate fatigue by getting proper sports shoes but there is still something lacking.

You can make your exercises even more enjoyable just by getting some quality running socks, like the CoolMax running socks from Thirty 48. These socks are just thick enough to help you get through the worst obstacles and terrains while they are thin enough to not cause you to sweat too much.

When running, a pair of low-quality shoes will soon start to cause you bristles, in order to prevent that you will need socks. With light socks, you won’t do anything since it will feel like you’re running barefooted.

That’s why you need socks that are padded, just enough to allow you comfort and not too much to trap in heat. The Coolmax socks are padded, but they aren’t too much thick to cause you any inconvenience but you will still need some additional space in your shoes.

Running socks also don’t need just to be some regular socks that are only practical, they can be stylish as well. By opting out for the No products found., you can choose multiple color options, sizes, and pair numbers as well.


No products found.

No products found.

These running socks aren’t just a plain gimmick made so that you would buy them, they are actually one of the best rated running socks on the market and the number of features and benefits back those ratings. Apart from them being padded and coming in multiple colors and sizes, there are also some notable features that you should know about:

  • Made in a stylish and comfortable low-cut design
  • CoolMax fabric used which keeps moisture away and keeps your feet cool and dry
  • Available in a wide range of colors and sizes
  • Can be used with medical legwear such as compression socks and ice packs
  • CatalystAF design that creates airflow within the fabric and allows your skin to breathe


  • Comfortable and well-made running socks with no seams
  • It is padded just right enough so that it’s not too thick and not too thin
  • Available in a wide range of sizes for both men and women
  • Made out of flexible anti-blister spandex that counters any tears
  • There is a curled tab at the end of the socks that allows you to wear it faster


  • Some customers complained that the colors were a bit different
  • They are quite elastic but still double check the sizes
  • Their durability might be bad if you use them too often


If you’re an athlete who has a real passion for running, then these running socks by Thirty 48 might be the best thing for you.

Of course, you’re not going to see a boost in your running capabilities as when compared to getting new running shoes, but we promise you that these socks are different from the regular sports socks.

They come in a great variety of colors and sizes, you even have an option to get multiple pairs of them. They’re made in a low-cut design that makes it comfortable for just any sport, but especially for running.

With the help of padding at multiple areas in the socks, you can prevent abrasion as well as bruises and pain from long-term running sessions.

Another interesting design choice is that they added heel tabs, with them you can quickly slip the socks on and off. For the material, they’re using CoolMax fabric, which is designed to keep moisture away from your body while keeping your feet dry and cool.

There is also a CatalystAF feature which creates airflow within the fabric and allows your skin to breathe. For people who are injured or use medical legwear, know that you can use these socks with various legwear such as Night Splints or compression sleeves.


No products found.

No products found.

if you’re not content with the design of the running socks from Thirty 48, then you’re in luck because there are many great alternatives on the market as well. The Balega Blister resist running socks for men and women are a great alternative compared to the Thirty 48 model.

While both of the socks have similar features, such as the blisters preventing design and material that keeps moisture away from the skin, the Balega model has the ability to hold moisture as well and keep your feet warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

Balega’s athletic running socks have a high tab on the heel area as well, but this design choice is not made to make removing the socks easier, but this time the tab is there to prevent the sock from slipping and keeping it in place.

Don’t worry about these models being too similar, there is still a key difference that makes the Balega stand out. The main feature that differentiates the Balega and Thirty 48 models are that one has padded areas while the other doesn’t.

Although the Balega helps with preventing blisters, there is still no padded area that can secure that, and you will notice that the Balega model is noticeably thinner compared to other running socks.


Truth to be told, you won’t get an eye-opening experience by buying new running socks, especially when you compare it to buying your first real athletic shoes made especially for runners.

But then again, making an upgrade when it comes to shoes is a real investment, but socks, on the other hand, won’t make a big difference in your budget, they will make a real difference in your running capabilities instead. The running socks from Thirty 48 are really one of a kind.

With the help of their padded areas you can prevent pain and blisters accumulating during those long sessions and you can still keep it comfortable and thin. Buying socks don’t have to be dull either because this model comes in a wide variety of different colors and sizes.

Apart from being stylish, they are practical as well. With theirNo products found., you can remove any moisture being kept on your feet while keeping them dry and cool instead. With another one of their technology, you can also allow your skin to breathe.

Even better, if you’re using medical legwear, then there is nothing to worry about. If you’re in the market for some new socks, then why not try the athletic socks from Thirty 48? They’re practical, stylish and after all comfortable, what is not to like?

4 thoughts on “Thirty 48 Socks Review”

  1. Hi there,
    Great review, I really enjoyed the reading!
    I love sock, even in the summer, I wear them!
    Not long time ago, I began to walk on my machine and to be honest, the socks I wear for sports are hurting my calf because the edges of the socks are too tight. I can see on the pictures the edge of the sock looks very flexible and comfortable to wear.
    I will definitely give these a try. I am sure I will love them!
    Thank you for this excellent article!

    • Thank you, Daniella.

      Like you say, it is so important that the socks are flexible and comfortable. 

      A good pair of running socks will make your running experience more
      comfortable and help you avoid common problems like blisters.

      Like I say so often, if all the pieces in the picture fall together you have much more chance to get maximal performance.

  2. Great post. I think that you hit the nail on the head when you say that a balance is required between socks being too thick and thin.
    I also believe that it’s often underestimated how important socks really are to your performance – especially if you’re a serious runner.
    I’ll definitely consider getting myself a pair of these. Thanks!

    • Thank you, Stephen.
      Yes, the balance is very important. Too, of course, to know what you feel comfortable in but normally the balance between thick and thin is a very important factor. Because tightly holding shoes do not need very thick socks. 


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