Thorlos Experia Men and Women’s Running Socks Review

Thorlos ExperiaMen and Womens Running Socks

Are you getting tired and painful feet even within minutes of running around? Looking for a better cotton sock replacement for the long walking trek ahead? Is the current pair of socks not holding up well during running time and workout sessions?

Sometimes, when it comes to activities that would entail the long and strenuous use of the feet, a pair of cotton socks will simply not make the cut.

For such activities, wearing a pair of running socks will bring more comfort and protection to the weary feet. Choosing a pair of No products found. over the usual cotton socks will bring a difference.

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  • Made of 62% THOR-WICK COOL polyester, 21% polyester, 16% nylon & 1% elastic
  • XCCU or padding style
  • Sculpted thin cushion
  • Ultra-lightweight sock frame
  • Lite cushioning
  • Contoured aerodynamic glove-like fit
  • Maximum breathability
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Made in the USA
  • Shipping weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Product dimensions: 1 in x 1 in x 1 in
  • Thirty (30) days no risk trial
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

No products found.

No products found.


Enjoy a marathon or outdoor running while having well protected and supported feet with the Thorlos ExperiaMen & Women’s Running Socks. This running sock is known first and foremost for its lite cushioning.

Unlike the heavily padded running socks available in the market these days, this one comes with an ultra-lightweight sock frame that will not feel dragging to its wearers.

With the lightweight design, these are the preferred choice when it comes to athletes or those who go on marathon competitions.

Although the running socks are made lightweight, it is not neglectful when it comes to the aspect of comfort. With that being said, itis designed for lightweight and comfort.

To add, the Thorlos socks are made of exclusive cushion padding – one that follows the natural heel and ball pattern of the feet. A running sock that follows the natural shape of the feet makes good and comfortable foot apparel. It also offers a contoured aerodynamic glove-like fit with its mesh made of Lycra.

The Lycra mesh allows the air flowing into the running socks, so the product offers maximum breathability for the feet. With those features, the feet can remain dry and cool even if encased within a pair of running socks and shoes for a long time.

ThorlosExperia Men & Women’s Running Sock is also all for feet protection. It also has special Thorlos pads that can be found at the heel and ball area of the sock to give the weary feet protection from friction – the primary reason for causing blisters to the feet. The pads, likewise, provide the necessary impact protection to the feet while running, walking or jumping.

Furthermore, the running sock has a heel lock feature that is important to keep the sock in place and prevent it from slipping into the shoes’ rib knit cuff.

Customer satisfaction is an important consideration for the makers of the running socks so they offer a money back guarantee for thirty (30) days. This offer will assuage the worries of potential customers for getting a pair of running socks that will not live up to expectations.

Also, it can be noted that ThorlosExperia Men & Women’s Running Socks are made in the USA, so purchasing and patronizing it would significantly help the local market.


The Thorlos Experia Men & Women’s Running Socks may have a lot to offer, but it also has its fair share of drawbacks that all would-be purchasers should take note of. The running sock has some padded areas that can be felt.

The unpadded areas in between the padded ones can be felt and may bring a little discomfort to the more sensitive users.

Because of the lightweight design, it has thinner cushions compared to the normal padded running socks. Also, this particular running sock takes a long time to get dry. It also has no capacity to wick away sweat or water, so for those with sweaty feet this can be a major problem.


Comfort and protection come easy with the No products found.. If one is looking for comfortable and lightweight running socks, this is the product to go for.

Admittedly, the running sock has a few numbers of reported drawbacks but more arise from differences in personal preferences of the users. The downsides are smaller compared to the many benefits and nice features that this running sock can offer to users.

Say goodbye to the usual too padded running sock with this one. Also, with the 30-day satisfaction guaranteed offer that comes with the purchase of this product, what does one stand to lose in trying this particular pair of running socks?

4 thoughts on “Thorlos Experia Men and Women’s Running Socks Review”

  1. I did not know the right pair of socks can make such a difference. Can the wrong pair of socks also cause my feet to “burn” while running? I also have the problem where my socks keep on slipping down while I am jogging. These specific socks in your article have a “heel lock” that prevents that, that is just awesome.
    Thanks for the info I know what to look out for now when buying new socks.

    • Thank you, Mornay, for your comment.

      Yes, low quality of socks can have this effect that you had the feeling that your feet are burning. Running socks should give you comfort and protection to get your goals and maximal benefit of your training/running.

  2. hi there I’m wondering if you could give me abit of advice, it might sound stupid but I’m wondering if your socks could help me for work, I’m a plumber you see and I’m always on my feet at work an by the end of the day my feet are always aching just wondering if they could help me in anyway? cheers 🙂

    • Thank you, Mark. 

      It´s not stupid at all. You need comfortable socks, compression should be good too and moisture control would be nice. I´m not a plumber myself but I would prefer give this socks a chance;… Would be great to hear if this socks would helps.


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