Vitalsox Italy Patented Running Socks Review

Vitalsox Italy Patented Running Socks

Planning to go for a healthy lifestyle? Is exercise part of the plan? Running is a good form of cardio-pulmonary activity as well as a way of keeping the body well and fit.

And whether you go for an outside run or an indoor session with a treadmill, good footwear is an important part of the running outfit. Complete the ensemble with the running socks like No products found..

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  • 70% silver drystat, 10% spandex, lycra& nylon
  • Vitalsox exclusive Silver DryStat
  • Patented graduated compression
  • Four (4) way stretch
  • 100% made in Italy
  • Wicks moisture
  • Item weight: 4.8 ounces

No products found.

No products found.


One thing that differentiates Vitalsox Italy -Patented Running Socks from the other brands of running socks is the fact that it is made 100% in Italy.

Such a fact would mean that the quality of the running socks is being overseen and controlled from scratch up to the finished product. To add, Italian products are known for their high quality and good performance.

Moreover, this running sock brand is not only notable for its origin – it has also made a name for its quality and performance. Each and every pair of running socks are hand tested – each one undergoes tests for construction and quality before being distributed and sold for consumers’ consumption.

Another nice feature of this running sock that makes it stand out is its Silver DryStat feature. This running sock is infused with Silver that acts to prevent the growth of fungus and to reduce foot odor despite constant sweaty feet, even if used for a long period of time.

In addition, this running sock is prewashed with a chemical-free softener that makes the socks ready to wear straight out of its package. No need to wash the running sock before using it. Also, the running sock has Wicks moisture that would give the feet fewer blisters despite long and strenuous footwork.

This is one versatile running sock as it can be an ideal footwear accessory not only for running but also for athletics, yoga, gym, maternity, traveling and sleeping use. Simply put, this running sock can fit it all. Aside from the versatility feature of the running sock, the health, and physical benefits it gives its users are worth noting and focusing on.

For those with injured feet, wearing this running sock will make recovery faster compared to wearing other running sock brands. Vitalsox Italy -Patented Running Socks allow more circulation in the feet and, therefore, faster recovery time.

Also, wearing this running sock while doing any physical activity will reduce the chances of giving the user’s foot injuries – like blisters, blood pooling, plantar fasciitis, Achilles and heel cup issues, and shin splits.

To add, unlike other brands, this running sock offers compression starting midfoot. Therefore, it offers more support for the feet so that being on one’s feet even for a long time and for strenuous footwork will give less stress and a more comfortable feel to the feet.

With the help of this running sock, acquiring injuries in relation to running, exercising and other physical activities is more unlikely. The sizing of this running sock is also not a problem. Unlike the other running sock brands, it has four (4) way stretch that can actually fit a man’s medium size – thirteen (13) inches.

It is also good news for the purchasers to know that despite the good performance and quality of the running sock, it can be purchased for a fairly affordable price. There is no need to spend more money on more expensive brands that offer the same, and even less performance.


The Vitalsox Italy -Patented Running Socks may offer many physical and health benefits for the feet, but wearing the running sock may also lead to few downsides that need to be considered by each and every potential customer before pushing with the purchase.

The running socks may give compression but not enough compression to give the socks a snug feel around the ankle and the calf.

Also, the running sock provides little support around the arch of the feet. Sometimes, it is not long enough that it tends to ride down the leg. To add, the running sock is tight around the knees.


For support and protection of the feet and legs, while going through physical activities like running, going to the gym and even doing yoga, the No products found. is a good pair that one should have at arm’s length.

There are some reported downsides but most of them are exceptional circumstances rather than the general condition of the running sock. One can reap the benefits of this running sock for an affordable price.

4 thoughts on “Vitalsox Italy Patented Running Socks Review”

  1. I’m really impressed by these socks. I’ve been looking for a good pair of running socks for ages and these look like they might be the answer. I did myself quite a bad injury some months ago, and it looks like running with these may be more beneficial than a different pair. They also look very high quality.

    • Thank you for your nice comment. Yes, socks are very important. It is right to remember all the time that to 

  2. Wow, I’ve been a runner for a couple of years now and I’ve always made sure that I had good shoes for it, but I never even thought to have the right kind of socks too!

    These seem totally awesome! And the fact that they have special features (like silver to eliminate bacteria) for runners makes them even cooler. That something that I honestly never even thought of.

    My foot size is a size 10, so it should fit for me with no problem at all. But how long would you say that a pair lasts until you need to get a new one?

    • Thank you, Nick.
      Like you say, the size is no problem at all. But it´s so many factors which come in about how long it last. Like many times you run in a week, how you use the shoes when you run like how are your tactic when you set the foot down, how much power is in each step etc. But it´s sure the last a long time, the quality are great. 


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