William Painter “The Hook” Sunglasses Review

Want to get more from your sunnies? Something that will last you longer perhaps or a pair that offers you more than the usual eye protection features? We might have just what you need in the William Painter “The Hook” Sunglasses!

Known for its patented bottle opener designer, the William Painter “The Hook” Sunglasses are an interesting piece. Let’s get to know more about these multi-functional sunglasses in this article and see if you should give them a ‘go’ or a ‘no.’

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William Painter - The Hook Titanium Polarized 'Classic' Sunglasses



The William Painter “The Hook” Sunglasses features:

  • Classic Wayfarer Design

The William Painter “The Hook” Sunglasses comes in a classic wayfarer design and two basic colors. They are available in blue and grey lens variants.

  • Aerospace-Grade Titanium Arms

Made with the same materials used in fighter jets, the arms of these sunglasses let you stay active without having to worry about breaking them. Plus, they are solid without the expected heaviness that comes from its solid construction.

  • Lightweight and Scratch-Resistant Lenses

Made from Japanese nylon, the lenses of the William Painter “The Hook” Sunglasses have double the scratch resistance of ordinary glass lenses but less than their weight.

  • 100% UVA and UVB Protection

These classic sunnies provide 100% UV protection that makes them not only good-looking but also fully functional. Eyes are effectively protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays that may cause sunburns on the cornea and macular degeneration, among others.

  • Polarized Lenses

More importantly, the William Painter “The Hook” Sunglasses offer you an HD view of the world, eliminating glare through its polarized lenses.

  • Discreet Bottle Opener

Wondering why these sunglasses are called “The Hook?” Take a look at its unique and patented arm design! These William Painter sunglasses are integrated with a discreet bottle opener that can come in handy on many occasions.

  • Complimentary Hard Case and Cloth

To keep these sunnies looking sharp, they come with a hard case for safekeeping and a cleaning cloth for easy maintenance.

  • 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee

The durability of the William Painter “The Hook” Sunglasses is more than just lip service. The pair is backed by a lifelong guarantee with free returns.

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  • Good, sturdy build
  • Deceptively light for the make and strength of its arms
  • Stylish and versatile–seamlessly matches with a wide range of sartorial look.
  • As rear-weighted sunglasses, they won’t slide down your nose when you lean forward.
  • Bottle opener arm design works great.
  • Provides optimal sun protection, from the glare to the UV rays
  • Makes great driving glasses as well with its anti-glare feature


  • The logo on the left lens can be annoying.
  • The weight of the sunglasses may need some getting used to.
  • Comes with a hefty price tag
  • The case is likely to fit in purses but not in pockets.
  • Discreet bottle opener arm may not appeal to you
  • Opening bottles with it at wrong angles may damage these sunglasses. Exercise caution!
  • The hook on the arms can also snag on the collar of your shirt or rub on each other when the sunnies are folded.


The William Painter “The Hook” Sunglasses are a pair of stylish, reliable, and functional sunnies. A wayfarer design with either b