Best Running Belt for Women

Best Running Belt for Women

A woman’s needs vary with that of men.  Aside from the essentials like house and car keys, money, mobile phone, energy bar, and water bottle, a woman might need a tampon or a sanitary napkin in case they happen to be on their period, a feminine wash, and some paper towels or tissue paper.

That means the running belt should be sturdy and big enough to hold everything a woman might need during her run, jog, or walking routine. By making use of a running belt, it will eliminate the inconveniences of bringing our essentials with us when working out.

Since there is a big market for this type of product, a lot of brands have made their own versions of it. To ease the burden of finding the perfect running belt, we have rounded up the best ones available for women.

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Eazymate Fashion Running Belt

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Made by the company Eazymate whose products are being enjoyed in numerous countries in America, Europe, and Australia. They always aim to provide technologically advanced equipment and services.

They produce a wide range of products which includes bags, wallets, knee sleeve, and running belts. To know more about their running belt, we have listed its features below:

  • Comes with two pockets with a zipper that can for your smartphone, wallet, money, keys, and many more
  • Has a convenient plastic key clip
  • Made from Spandex Lycra
  • Stretchable
  • Comes in 3 colors: black, blue, and grey
  • Comes in 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Dirt-resistant and machine washable

Pros and Cons

The Eazymate Fashion Running Belt surely has a lot of great features that we can surely benefit from. Below is a list of the benefits we can get from incorporating this running belt in our workout:

  • Not too stretchable so it gets to stay right in place
  • Comfortable to wear and extremely convenient
  • Roomy and can fit a lot of things
  • It is one big pocket which is great because the space is not limited
  • Easy to conceal
  • Does not look bulky even if you put a lot of things in it
  • Great for travel, exercising, or even everyday use
  • Does not roll up even when running
  • Eazymate offers great customer service

No product is perfect. With that being said, here is a list of qualities that Eazymate may want to improve on:

  • Not that easy to slip on
  • The sizes run small
  • The two openings with the zippers in front are a bit narrow for some
  • The stitching can be improved as they have a tendency of ripping after a few uses
  • It can get a bit tricky to take things out
  • Some may find the material to be heavy

Terra Running Belt

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The last on our list is the Terra Running Belt. Just like the two previously mentioned running belts, this one has a lot of great features as well. To know more about this wonderful product, we have listed below some of its features:

  • Made from super stretchable Spandex Lycra
  • Has a reflective zipper and logo for night visibility
  • Can fit big smartphones and wallets
  • Comes in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large
  • Machine washable
  • Dries quickly
  • Easy to access pockets

Pros and Cons

Terra Running Belt has a lot of features that we can surely benefit from. Below is a list of positive qualities this running belt has that can possibly convince you to purchase it:

  • Spacious pockets and can even fit insulin pumps
  • Simple and classy design
  • Can easily camouflage to your outfit
  • Stays in place and does not bounce when running
  • Great customer service

No product is perfect. No matter what type of product it is and what brand it is, there are still some attributes that some people may not find appealing. This is understandable since we have our differences in preferences and experience with the product.

Below is a list of cons the Terra Running Belt has:

  • The size guide is not that accurate
  • It would be great if the pockets were bigger
  • A bit heavy for some
  • Has a tendency of rolling up


One of the best exercises we can do that does not require complicated fitness equipment is running. All you need is a lot of stamina, determination, a great pair of running shoes, and a trusty running belt.

Running belts is an important tool since it makes it easier for us to carry our essentials without the risk of losing them and removing the burden of storing them in your pocket. You will get to run more efficiently and effectively.

4 thoughts on “Best Running Belt for Women”

  1. Thank you for this post!

    Now I know what to get for my girlfriend’s birthday! She loves running and complains sometimes about her iphone strap when she’s listening to music. As long as it doesn’t bounce, she’ll be happy.

    I never understood the joy of running myself haha, but everyone has their own tastes I guess.

    • Thank you, Jack.

      Yes, people have their own taste it is great. And i understand her very well because it is great to listen to good running music when you run. But if you are running, you don’t want to be thinking about other things. Like you do if things aren’t in their place. In the case Iphone case, I would look at both BRINGIT running belt and  ALKELIDA running belt too. Iphone should be in no problem in BRINGIT running belt but  ALKELIDA running belt have larger pocket so maybe she feel better with that belt.

  2. Stylish, inconspicuous and practical ! What else can a woman ask for ? I know what I’m getting my girl for her birthday (besides other things, no doubt). Personally, I like the fact that it blends in so well with any outfit.
    The material seems durable AND it is waterproof. Perfect !

    Props !

    • Thank you, Rico.

      Yes, it is very important that it blends in so well with any outfit because that give the user so many possibilities.  Special I like that it´s no problem with smartphone, wallet, money, keys which many have problem with when they run. You don´t need to think about pocket and how the things fit in it. Have it all nice in the belt.


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