Buyers Guide to the Best Lacrosse Bags & Backpacks for women, girls, and men of 2023

Buyers Guide to the Best Lacrosse Bags & Backpacks for women, girls and men

From jerseys, cleats, helmets, gloves, pads, sticks, goggles, balls, mouth guards, towels, you name it. Lacrosse requires a lot of equipment. Therefore, you will always have a considerable load to transport to and from the pitch regardless of your field position. However, the thought of carrying all this equipment can cause a headache for any lacrosse player. That’s why a proper lacrosse bag will come in handy. This is a buyer’s guide to the best lacrosse bags & backpacks for women, girls, and men in 2023.

Unlike ordinary duffels, lacrosse bags come with special pockets to accommodate specific gear. Likewise, their sufficient room enables you to carry all your equipment at a go thus eliminating back-and-forth trips and the stress of an extra bag. In addition to your gear and supplies, lacrosse bags can also house valuable items like electronics and money.

The Best Lacrosse Bags and Backpacks of 2023

Now that you know exactly what to look for in a bag, let’s discuss the juicy part. Detailed buyers guide to the best lacrosse bags & backpacks for women, girls, and men of 2023 Which bags and backpacks are taking this year by storm?

We hope you love the products we recommend! We only have products that we thoroughly investigate and believe is a real value for you. Sports Send may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. It is at no extra cost to you.

The Bags

Comparison Chart

We hope you love the products we recommend! We only have products that we thoroughly investigate and believe is a real value to you. Sports Send may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. It is at no extra cost to you.

GoHimal Lacrosse Bag - Lacrosse Bags - Extra Large Lacrosse Backpack with Tow Stick Holder (Black)
GoHimal Lacrosse Bag - Lacrosse Bags - Extra Large Lacrosse Backpack with Tow Stick Holder (Black)
GoHimal Lacrosse Bag - Lacrosse Bags - Extra Large Lacrosse Backpack with Tow Stick Holder (Black)
GoHimal Lacrosse Bag - Lacrosse Bags - Extra Large Lacrosse Backpack with Tow Stick Holder (Black)

1.     GoHimal Lacrosse Bag

Youth and adult players seeking extra-large storage for their lacrosse equipment prefer the GoHimal Lacrosse Bag. Measuring 24 x 15 x 11 inches and with a 65L capacity, this lacrosse backpack fits large equipment and has ample room for clothing, personal items, and water bottles. Its dedicated compartments include a spacious main compartment, separated sections, a vented cleat compartment, a top flap helmet holder, dual stick holders, and extra side pockets for gloves, balls, and accessories.

GoHimal Lacrosse Bag uses durable 600D polyurethane fabric to withstand the strain from heavy gear. The water-resistant material keeps the equipment dry regardless of the weather or accidental spills. And you can easily wipe it to keep it clean and maintained.

Comfort is crucial when carrying extra-large gear, right? GoHimal incorporates air mesh padding on the ergonomic back panel and shoulder straps. It cushions the player from strain while staying dry throughout rigorous games and practice. Also, there is a hip belt and an adjustable sternum strap for even load distribution. Better still; it retails in 75 inches, 69 inches, and 63 inches to fit comfortably on adults of varying heights.

Finally, lacrosse players with other sports engagements outside lacrosse can fit all their gear for the day in the GoHimal Lacrosse Bag. The spacious and versatile design is suitable for carrying soccer, hockey, or football equipment.


  • An extra-large lacrosse bag for heavier equipment
  • Dedicated compartments for convenient carry
  • Strong and durable 600D polyurethane material
  • Padded ergonomic design for comfortable carry
  • Versatile design for multi-sport use
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Weighs 0.94 kgs

Take a closer look at the GoHimal Lacrosse Bag

2.  Warrior Black Hole Lacrosse Bag

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The Warrior Black Hole is one of the most popular lacrosse bags. You will rarely walk into a locker room and not see it. So why do people love this bag so much? First off, nothing spells space better than the Warrior Black Hole. With dimensions of 42x13x12 inches, this bag is so big you’ll run out of gear before you fill it up. Talk about a true black hole!

It’s crucial that a lacrosse bag has extra pockets. This is because stashing all your equipment in one compartment exposes fragile items to damage. In addition, hygiene comes into play. You don’t want to store your mouth guards in the same place with your soiled cleats. The main area contains a zippered section to hold your valuables.

The exterior also features sections that store goods you need ready access to. In addition, its full-length side pocket can accommodate up to four sticks.  That’s not all. You will love the collapsible chamber designed for wet gear.

It is vented to allow the circulation of fresh air that prevents your equipment from stinking. But this compartment is mostly useful to players with multiple sets of gear. In most cases, all the gear you wear in the pitch gets wet after a game. Therefore, a player with only one kit will keep their equipment in the main compartment as opposed to the wet gear pocket.

The Warrior Black Hole also boasts of an easy-to-haul detachable shoulder strap that is padded to prevent shoulder and neck pains. Not to forget the top-quality fasteners and zippers. These save you the embarrassment of watching your belongings scattered all over the ground because your zipper has broken.


  • Vent holes to keep odor at bay
  • Sufficient room to hold more equipment
  • Different compartments to keep your belongings organized
  • Made of durable material to serve you longer
  • Available in a variety of colors to suit different tastes
  • Heavy duty zipper to keep your belongings intact


  • Available only in one size making it too large for children and players with less gear

Take a closer look at the Warrior Black Hole Lacrosse Bag.

3. STX Lacrosse Challenger Lacrosse Equipment Bag

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It is a solid bag manufactured by Baltimore-based sports manufacturer STX. With dimensions of 36″L, 12″H, and 11″D, it has more room than you could ever ask for. You can carry all your gear in the main compartment and still have room for personal belongings like bottles and towels.

Despite its space, however, the STX Lacrosse Challenger is not too bulky. You can easily put it in your trunk or carry it on long-distance flights and train rides. This feature makes it ideal for children. Apart from an adjustable shoulder sling, it’s fitted with hand straps that make it easy to carry. Likewise, it also sits in school lockers perfectly.

That’s not all. It has an accessories pocket complete with a zipper to safeguard your personal belongings. The 36″Challenger has an outer sleeve that can fit several sticks at once. This allows you to separate wet and muddy sticks from the rest of the gear after a game. The sleeve’s position on the side makes sticks more accessible.

This bag is just what you need when you’re in a rush. In addition to having a smooth zipper, its top opens in a semi-circle to facilitate easy loading and offloading. The bag has tightly stitched seams to withstand heavy loads.

To add to its toughness are the firm support straps. Goalies and those who play multiple positions do not have to worry that their bags will snap under the weight of their equipment. If you want more room, you can opt for the 42-inch version instead.


  • Freedom to choose between the 36 and 42-inch version
  • The zipper runs smoothly and is strong enough to stand the test of time
  • Spacious main compartment for all your equipment
  • Accessories pocket to store your valuables
  • Compact design which makes it less bulky and easy to carry around
  • Outer sleeve for your lacrosse sticks
  • Tough straps and tight seams to withstand heavy gear
  • Comfortable shoulder sling straps for hassle-free transportation


  • The lack of straps on the outer sleeves makes your sticks more susceptible to falling
  • A tendency to collapse inwards when not full
  • Might be a little too heavy for players with low BMI when it is fully loaded with gear

Take a closer look at the STX Lacrosse Challenger Lacrosse Equipment Bag.


4. Sling Lacrosse Bag – Hybrid 3.0 2022 Version

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Sling bags are popular EDC for their convenience, compactness, versatility, style, and trendiness. And they complement a lacrosse player seeking quick access to their equipment while remaining hands-free when cycling or commuting to their next game. For such and more amazing features, we take a detailed look at the Sling Lacrosse Bag.

Sling Lacrosse Bag is a 22L x 14W x 10H hybrid of a duffel and backpack cut from durable rip-stop nylon and polyester fabrics. The single-strap bag opts for sturdy zippers, adjustable shoulder straps, sternum straps, and buckles to reinforce its lightweight and sturdy construction. And removable padding protects the player while allowing for flexible storage.

At 40L capacity, the Sling Lacrosse Bag has enough space for essential protective gear, several balls, a water bottle, two lacrosse sticks, and personal items. The compact design facilitates commuting on crowded pavements and fits perfectly in limited locker spaces.

As a player, you can now move with more equipment to your practice and tournaments without compromising your agility. And you can also toss the bag from front to back to access your supplies while on the move.

Sling Lacrosse Bag has zippered compartments for accessories, angled stick holders on each side, and an extra-deep chamber for hygienic cleat storage. These dedicated sections keep specialized gear separate and easily accessible. In particular, the deeper enclosure has air vents for optimum air circulation to prevent odor buildup from mouthguards, cleats, and other soiled gear.


  • A stylish and trendy lacrosse sling bag
  • A versatile duffel and backpack hybrid design
  • Spacious design to fit more gear
  • Dedicated compartment for hygienic and organized carry
  • Quick access side pockets and stick holders
  • Zippered compartments for secure storage


  • Gear weight concentrates on one side

Take a closer look at the Sling Lacrosse Bag – Hybrid 3.0 2022 Version


The Backpacks

Comparison Chart

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1. Athletico Lacrosse Bag – Extra Large Lacrosse Backpack

No products found.

The Sports manufacturer – Athletico, makes this backpack. Its diverse features make it a multi-functional backpack for sports such as hockey, lacrosse, football, and tennis. For starters, this bag measures 24”x15”x11”. Thus, the Athletico Backpack has plenty of space in its main compartment to house equipment such as chest protectors, goggles, shoulder pads, and facemasks.

Away from this extra-large chamber are adjustable straps to contain your helmet. Gone are the days when you held your helmet because it couldn’t fit in your bag. Similarly, the loops on each side are firm enough to hold two lax sticks of any size or type. It also sports extra pockets to store your gloves and balls. The cleats compartment cannot go without mention. Its isolated section is vented to separate muddy and smelly shoes from other items.

To prevent your equipment from touching the ground on rainy days, you can suspend your bag against the fence using the in-built fence hook. This keeps your dirt-free and quickly accessible. Players also need to be wary about the shoulder discomfort that arises from carrying bags for a long time. The Athletico Lacrosse Backpack eliminates this strain with its padded shoulder straps and hip straps.

You can trust the Athletico Lacrosse Backpack to remain in good condition despite the weather. It’s made of waterproof nylon and polyester to brave different seasons. I have written a more detailed review of this backpack; you can see it here.Take a closer look at the Athletico Lacrosse Bag – Extra Large Lacrosse Backpack.


  • Vented cleat compartment to keep shoes separate from lacrosse gear
  • Made of tough material to increase its life
  • A padded shoulder strap and hip belt lighten the stress on your shoulder to keep you comfortable
  • Fence hook to keep your bag at a higher level for easy access
  • Loops to grip lax sticks


  • Might be too heavy when fully loaded

Take a closer look at the Athletico Lacrosse Bag – Extra Large Lacrosse Backpack

2. STX Lacrosse Sidewinder Lacrosse Backpack

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The Sidewinder is an amazing backpack from sports manufacturer STX with dimensions of 19.25″L x 14″W x 9″D. But do not be fooled by its small appearance. This bag is the perfect testament to doing more with less. Its two main storage areas provide sufficient room for your uniform, safety wear, towels, and water bottles. The jersey-lined accessory chamber, on the other hand, holds your valuables.

In addition, it has a vented pocket that offers breathable storage for dripping equipment. It’s particularly useful to girls since they carry less equipment than their male counterparts. While the lightweight makes it suitable for traveling long distances, its medium size allows you to stick it in even the smallest car trunks.

The backpack is built from heavy-duty material that prolongs its life. It is solid base and firm seams keep it intact even under pressure from your gear. This bag sports adjustable side straps to grip your lacrosse stick or even an umbrella.

The strap interiors and back panel are lined with soft fabric to cushion you from discomfort. Unlike duffels, this backpack doesn’t require you to grab any handles. And so, your hands can pick up more equipment.

The Sidewinder is manufactured in different colors such as black/red, black, and black/Columbia. That way, you get to choose your favorite color from a variety. Nevertheless, the field is not the only place this bag is useful. Its stylish finish allows you to use it on other occasions. For example, some students use it to carry their schoolbooks and stationery.


  • Firm material and strong base make it long-lasting.
  • Twin compartments increase room for your belongings
  • The vented pocket provides breathable storage to prevent your items from stinking
  • Inner accessory pocket to store your valuables
  • Padded back panel and shoulder straps for maximum comfort
  • Numerous colors so you can choose your favorite from a variety
  • Lightweight nature is perfect for long travels
  • Your hands are free allowing you to carry more gear
  • A stylish finish allows using away from the lacrosse pitch


  • Side straps are only enough for one lacrosse stick
  • Less space hinders you from carrying a lot of gear

Take a closer look at the STX Lacrosse Sidewinder Lacrosse Backpack.

3. Harrow Elite Field Hockey/Lacrosse Backpack

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Manufactured by Harrow, this backpack measures 12” x 11” x 18” and is designed for hockey and lacrosse gear. With three sections, it has enough space for organizing your equipment. Though it might not accommodate all your gear at a go, it’s still a good pick for your daughter considering girls require less gear than boys.

Its outer pouch is zippered to hold precious items like electronics, money, and keys. In addition, it comes with a mesh water bottle holder and two lax stick holders attached to each side.

This bag is unmatched when it comes to toughness. First, it’s built from 600 denier fabric that combines compactness and tensile strength. So to say, it will still be intact after carrying heavy loads, experiencing harsh weather, and continuously sitting on fields, trunks, and concrete locker room floors.

The shoulder straps are also reinforced to increase durability. The main compartments have double zippers that are strong to bear constant use. The zippers open and close smoothly to allow quick access to your gear.

The shoulder straps and the back are lined with cushion pads to enhance grip against your body and make it comfortable for daily use. Another incredible feature is the sternum belt. It not only prevents the straps from sliding out of place but also relaxes your shoulders.

Thanks to its elegant design, the Harrow Elite can still serve as a school or weekend adventure bag when you’re not playing lacrosse. This bag has different attractive colors to suit various tastes.


  • Made from strong fabric to make it durable
  • Three compartments to organize your gear
  • Two stick compartments to carry your lacrosse sticks
  • Meshed pouch to hold a water bottle
  • Smooth double zippers to provide access to your gear
  • Numerous attractive colors to choose from
  • Sternum belt to hold shoulder straps in place and relax your shoulders


  • Sticks are likely to drag against the ground if the bag is carried by a short person.
  • The mesh on the side pocket is too tight for some bottle sizes
  • The compartments are too small to fit a goalkeeper’s equipment

Take a closer look at the Harrow Elite Field Hockey/Lacrosse Backpack.

4. Throwback Gametime Pack XL – Large Lacrosse Backpack & Field Hockey Bag with Cooler

No products found.

Do you want a backpack that’s as flexible as your talent? If so, look no further than the Throwback Gametime. First off, the pack has more room than you ever thought possible in a sports backpack. With its main area measuring about 20” by 12” by 11” this bag is 40% larger than the Gametime Pack version that preceded it. So to say, it has sufficient room for a helmet, uniform, changing clothes, towels, guards, and pads. The adequate space makes it a must-have for every goalie.

The two Velcro loops on both sides free space inside the bag by holding hockey and lax sticks, tennis rackets, and even baseball bats.

On matters of durability, this backpack ranks high. Its material is tough and less likely to give in to pressure. So to say, it is perfect for your child because it will serve them for a long time. Should your child outgrow their gear, its large compartments will still fit larger sizes.

Another attribute is the separate shoe chamber. Because cleats accumulate sweat and mud during games, this backpack keeps them away from the rest of your clean gear. In total, the Throwback Gametime has five pockets where you can stash various items like water bottles, phones, keys, and wallets.

Its heavy-duty hook also stands out. To keep your luggage above the ground, pull out the hook and use it to suspend your pack on a wall or fence. By so doing, your bag is free from dirt and easily accessible.

The in-built cooler crowns it all. It allows you the pleasure of a chilled drink after a heated game. This is possible via a side chamber that’s enclosed and lined with a soft cooler.


  • The in-built cooler allows you to rehydrate with cold drinks
  • Velcro loops to grip your lacrosse sticks
  • Assorted chambers for additional storage
  • Isolated shoe pocket to keep muddy shoes away from clean clothes
  • Firm hook to keep your bag from touching the ground


  • Heavy when fully loaded

Take a closer look at the Throwback Gametime Pack XL – Large Lacrosse Backpack & Field Hockey Bag with Cooler.

5. Champion Sports Deluxe All Purpose Backpack

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Lacrosse bags have a tendency of ripping apart at the seams whenever they are subjected to stress from loads. But not the Champion Sports Deluxe All Purpose Backpack! It has a tough exterior to keep it intact even after constant use.

This bag has several features to facilitate transport. Its back surface and shoulder straps are cushioned to increase comfort as you travel while the adjustable waist strap offers extra support for the load and relaxes the shoulders.

The Champion Sports Deluxe Backpack has two large compartments with adequate space to secure your sports items in addition to keeping them organized. For extra storage, the backpack has side zippered pockets for personal items such as keys and sports innerwear. This backpack has a ventilated front pocket to keep damp clothing. You wouldn’t want a smelly backpack, would you?

Essentials such as mobile phones, tablets, and other media devices tend to get lost during sports. For safekeeping, the backpack has a media pocket.  It is also installed with padded cord holders for two or more lacrosse sticks in case you need to store extra sports equipment.

The bag is available in different colors such as black, green, red, blue, and navy. As such, you get to select the one you prefer. When not at the pitch, this bag can also be used on other occasions because of its smart design.


  • Media pocket to keep devices like phones and music players
  • Availability in different colors allows you to choose from a variety
  • Padded cord grips for additional lacrosse sticks
  • A durable exterior ensures the bag serves you longer
  • Side zippered pockets for extra storage
  • Ventilated pocket to separate wet clothes from dry ones
  • Padded back area and shoulder strap for maximum comfort


  • Might be a little too big for younger lacrosse players

Take a closer look at the Champion Sports Deluxe All Purpose Backpack.

6. Brine Blueprint Backpack Custom

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The Brine Blueprint Backpack has multiple attributes that make it suitable for when its owner is on-field and off-field.

The backpack measures 15″ x 5.5″ x 20″ and features two main compartments which provide enough space for your items. This bag also has an inbuilt sleeve for storing your laptop. In this case, the sleeve is padded to protect the laptop from damage. It has a loop to fit one lacrosse stick.

Another feature is the zippered accessory pocket. Apart from storing your valuables, it gives you quick access to items you use often. That way, you don’t have to cram all your items into one space, thereby keeping things organized and easy to find.

Lacrosse gear is heavy by itself let alone when combined with personal items. As such, the load is bound to take a toll on your back and shoulders. To reduce the likelihood of this scenario, the Brine Blueprint pack is built with padded straps and back panels.

An additional feature for enhancing comfort is the waist belt. It not only relaxes your shoulders but also provides grip especially when carrying heavy items. The straps are modifiable according to your size.

The bag is quite affordable, and stylish, and comes in various colors too.  If you have to travel across the country or across streets, you don’t want to strain your body lifting weights. The Brine Blueprint Lacrosse Backpack also has a top carry loop and stick loops making them easy to transport anywhere.


  • Two spacious main compartments
  • Adjustable shoulder straps together with a waist belt offer relief from pressure
  • Soft fabric on the back panel together with a shoulder pad for increased comfort
  • A loop to keep your stick


  • Relatively small thus not suitable for carrying a lot of gear

Take a closer look at the Brine Blueprint Backpack Custom.


what should you consider before purchasing a lacrosse bag

How to Pick the Perfect Lacrosse Bag

A bag is an integral part of every lacrosse player’s life. Therefore, buying the wrong one is a tragedy you’ll have to contend with every time you set out to play. Choosing a bag can pose a challenge especially if you’re not knowledgeable about lacrosse bags. The confusion gets worse with the numerous designs and sizes in the market.

So what should you consider before purchasing a lacrosse bag?

  • Overall Size and Number of Pockets

The size of your bag depends on several factors. To start with, consider your position in the field.  Some positions require more gear than others do. For example, compared with other players, a goalkeeper needs a larger bag for extra equipment such as chest pads, throat guards, shin guards, and padded pants. In addition, male players require more gear than their female counterparts do.

Generally, backpacks are ideal for smaller pieces of equipment while larger duffel-like bags store bulkier gear.

Also, look out for extra chambers. Compartments make it easier to organize equipment in different categories and therefore making them more accessible. For example, you can separate sports gear from accessories and other valuables such as keys, electronics, jewelry, and wallets. Likewise, some bags have some special pockets. For instance, wet gear pockets prevent sweaty jerseys, muddy cleats, and other damp equipment from mixing with clean and dry clothes.

How to Pick the Perfect Lacrosse Bag

  • Type of Gear   

Some bags are designed for specific equipment such as sticks, balls, and even shoes. Though they might be perfect for their intended gear, such bags are useless when it comes to moving an assortment of equipment.

A player who purchases equipment-specific bags will, therefore, be forced to supplement them with additional bags. Buying extra bags is not only costly but also leaves you with an unnecessary load. It is easier to look for a bag that combines all your desired features.

One such feature is ventilation. It’s not uncommon to encounter rain during practice and tournaments. Similarly, sweat is also a constant feature in the field. Because odor thrives on dampness, find a bag with mesh inserts and vent holes. These openings allow air circulation and enhance the drying of your clothes.

  • Durability and Ease of Transportation

You want a bag whose exterior is tough. The material should not only resist wear but also protect your kit from harsh weather. Start by inspecting the bottom to determine how durable your bag is. Ensure the bottom fabric is sturdy so that it doesn’t rip when you load it.

Also, see to it that the bottom is waterproof. Since the bag will be spending a lot of time on the ground, ensure any wetness underneath doesn’t sip in and destroy your gear.

Similarly, confirm the seams are tight to withstand the weight of your load. Make sure the teeth, reinforcement tape, and slider of your zippers are top-quality. Substandard zippers are bound to fall apart under constant mechanical stress.

Lastly, ensure the straps are firm to prevent them from snapping.

A lacrosse bag would be useless if you were unable to move it from one point to another. And when it comes to transportation, several features come into play. Before anything else, see to it that the handles are strong and the right fit for your hand. Also, go for padded straps to protect your shoulders from soreness. For wheeled bags, confirm that the wheels are intact and roll smoothly.

FAQs: Buyers Guide to the Best Lacrosse Bags & Backpacks for Women, girls, and men of 2023


Q. How do I pack a lacrosse backpack?

Start by packing the essential equipment for your game such as helmets, cleats, sticks, elbow pads, chest protectors, and gloves.

Next, you include your supplies. These items generally have a shorter life than regular gear. They include water bottles, lax wax, a pair of socks, athletic tape, and zip ties. Lastly, ensure your bag smells fresh by airing it out, using deodorant or a dryer sheet.

Q. How can I protect a backpack when checked as luggage?

Tighten your straps and wrap unfastened ends near the tight area. In addition, put a pack cover over the bag for extra safety.

Q. Can a lacrosse backpack be washed?

Lacrosse bags can be washed using different hand wash or machine wash. Before putting your bag in a washing machine, however, find out whether it’s machine washable.

Q. How can I tell if a backpack is too small?

Most backpack manufacturers indicate the recommended weight and torso sizes for their products. Look out for this every time you’re buying a bag. Also, ensure that the weight balances on your back and shoulders. Likewise, check the maximum length of the shoulder straps. If it feels tight, it’s probably too small for you.

Q. How can I clean a backpack without washing it?

You can do this by using a toothbrush to scrub the dirt off using a mixture of dawn dish soap, warm water, and white vinegar. Alternatively, you can use disinfectant wipes to clean both the inside and the outside.

Final thoughts

We hope with the above buyer’s guide to the best lacrosse bags & backpacks for women, girls, and men of 2023, you are now in a better position to choose your next lacrosse bag. Remember that the bag you choose affects your performance on the pitch. A reliable bag lets you focus on your game because all your equipment is in the right place. On the contrary, an inefficient bag is a constant source of worry that diverts your attention from the game.

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  1. The STX Lacrosse Challenger Lacrosse Equipment Bag is a good bag. It’s nice that it has a large enough compartment, but you’re right about it being potentially too heavy for some people.

    Besides the Challenger, I like the Black Hole bag too. In my opinion, it goes for a cheap price, but it doesn’t skimp on quality; So you get a lot of value for your cash.

    Which bag do you recommend for a player who needs a bag pretty much daily? 

    • Hi, Nate MC and thank you.

      All of these three bags are very good for using daily, reliable and with a lot of benefits.

      But take one out with looking at the durable factor, I would recommend the Warrior Black Hole Lacrosse Bag. The material in it is excellent with the durable factor in mind.

      If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

  2. Jeepers! There’s actually a lot that goes into buying a satisfactorily suitable bag for lacrosse! Which bag would you recommend for a teenager, to last one or maybe 2 seasons, and at an affordable price? Durability isn’t the main concern because I don’t know if she will enjoy playing, so may give up after the first or second season. Thank you

    • Hi, Josie and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      All of these bags are very good. But in your case, based on what you told me, I would recommend in your case the Athletico Lacrosse Bag because it is so comfortable and with a lot of possibilities in use.

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  3. This was a useful and complete guide to the best lacrosse bags and backpacks and you covered men, women, and children. That means I do not have to go searching for different review sites, so you have saved me a considerable amount of time.

    Additionally, the features to look for were a good reminder for me as I prepare to shop for some new bags for the grandchildren. One is rather young, so we will look at a suitable bag that she can handle, while my oldest grandson can almost be considered an adult, based on his age and size.

    The Warrior Black Hole Bag will be perfect for the boy, but not for the young granddaughter. For her, I will get the Athletico Lacrosse Bag – Extra Large Lacrosse Backpack. She can handle the weight, and it will fit all the gear she has and then some. 

    I like that you have added some additional tips at the end of the post with the FAQ section, I learned a few things from there. OK, I am off to make the grandchildren happy, and I am happy that I came across this website! Thanks…

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  4. Jóhann, you have compiled a terrific review on these lacrosse bags. When I grew up in British Columbia, and even though lacrosse is Canada’s national sport, we had very little exposure to it. We fooled around on the local green but our equipment comprised the stick and ball! Looking at the equipment you list it is very much more sophisticated now.

    So I haven’t had to weigh the pros and cons of bags. I have however done a heap of extended length backpacking, so I know how heavy bags of any sort can be. Not nice if you have to lug them any distance. And keeping them clean and fresh is a major problem.

    The bags you review here seem to overcome most problems.


    PS your name reminds me of Norse Legend or Vikings. My good friend here is from Iceland so I have a bit of knowledge about it. Enough so that next time she visits I just might go with her.

    • Hi, Helen and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Lacrosse is one of the faster sport in the world at the moment. So it is no surprise the equipment for it has developed fast and well at the same time.

      And the problem you mention has been solved. Not at least is the Athletico Lacrosse Bag – Extra Large Lacrosse Backpack without this problems.

      If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

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    All the bags listed by you seems too good. Probably I should compare their pricing.  I’m glad that I get to read it. It is the most commonly used stuff in all household.

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  8. Hey, Thanks for writing the buyer guide on Lacrosse Bags & Backpacks for women, girls, and men of 2020. I was searching for backpacks and found your article. Your buying guide is very helpful in buying bags and backpacks because you give full details with pros and cons. It is very helpful for the buyer to make a decision. STX Lacrosse Sidewinder Lacrosse Backpack is good for me.

    Thank you


    • Hello, Parveen, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Great to hear about your benefit of the article too.

      Don´t hesitate to contact me if I can help you with anything else or if you have any questions.

  9. Wow, nice. This was great information. I think I’m going to go with the STX Lacrosse Sidewinder Lacrosse Backpack — I know you said it was better suited for women but I’m just all about the aesthetics! Having a good looking lacrosse backpack is what I’m all about!

    I’m glad I found this article, it was long and informative!

    Thanks again 🙂

    • Hello, Raymond, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Great to hear about your benefit of the article too.

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