Buyers Guide to the Best Lacrosse Bags & Backpacks for women, girls, and men of 2020

From jerseys, cleats, helmets, gloves, pads, sticks, goggles, balls, mouth guards, towels, you name it. Lacrosse requires a lot of equipment. Therefore, you will always have a considerable load to transport to and from the pitch regardless of your field position. However, the thought of carrying all this equipment can cause a headache in any lacrosse player. That’s why a proper lacrosse bag will come in handy. This is buyers guide to the best lacrosse bags & backpacks for women, girls, and men of 2020.

Unlike ordinary duffels, lacrosse bags come with special pockets to accommodate specific gear. Likewise, their sufficient room enables you to carry all your equipment at a go thus eliminating back and forth trips and the stress of an extra bag. In addition to your gear and supplies, lacrosse bags can also house valuable items like electronics and money.

How to Pick the Perfect Lacrosse Bag

A bag is an integral part of every lacrosse player’s life. Therefore, buying the wrong one is a tragedy you’ll have to contend with every time you set out to play. Choosing a bag can pose a challenge especially if you’re not knowledgeable about lacrosse bags. The confusion gets worse with the numerous designs and sizes in the market.

So what should you consider before purchasing a lacrosse bag?

  • Overall Size and Number of Pockets

The size of your bag depends on several factors. To start with, consider your position in the field.  Some positions require more gear than others do. For example, compared with other players, a goalkeeper needs a larger bag for extra equipment such as chest pads, throat guards, shin guards, and padded pants. In addition, male players require more gear than their