Intech Lancer Junior Golf clubs Set review

Intech Lancer Junior Golf clubs Set review is important if you have a group of children who love golf. One way you can encourage them to be disciplined, consistent, and focused in achieving their goals is by using the appropriate golf set clubs. No other company knows this better than Intech.

Intech is an industry leader in making beginner friendly golf clubs that are much more forgiving to the amateur golfer. They manufacture a wide variety of golf clubs and training equipment for players all around the world.

One of their products, the Intech Lancer Golf Clubs Set for juniors is a favorite with upcoming young golfers. In this Intech Lancer Junior Golf clubs Set review, we shall analyze the features of this golf club set and give a verdict on its appropriateness for use in offering golf training to golfers at an early age.  

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Intech Lancer Junior Golf clubs Set Review - The Features

Intech Lancer Junior Golf Club Set (RH Orange Ages 8-12) 


Overall Construction

Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set is a ten-piece combo for juniors. It comprises of a 4/5 hybrid iron and a 17.5-degree Fairway driver. The iron measures 34 inches while the driver measures 37 inches. In addition, the set has 7 wide soles and 9 irons. Each measures 33 inches. Finally, you have a 29.5 inches junior putter and two head covers.

Unlike having the full set of 14 golf clubs set, this composition provides all the essential gear without straining the amateur golfer.

These golf junior golf club sets from Intech are of a lightweight construction making them easy to handle and control. The golf club set is available in cute colors that are attractive to kids. Additionally, this junior combo allows for both left-hand orientation and right-hand orientation. This design is an all-rounded golf club set you may want to get for your children.

The Length

With junior golfing, the length of the golf club is vital. It is because children find it hard to control long clubs. This difficulty can easily lead to frustration and eventually the child opting out of the game. This Junior Golf Set features small clubs that match the height and strength of the user. The golf club set requires the user to choke down an inch or less when making the swing. This convenience translates to a healthy swing at a faster speed.

The Golf Clubs Set comes with a sizing guide that matches the height of the golfer to the length of the clubs. Based on the manufacturer’s sizing chart, the club’s range has a slight provision for children to grow with the clubs.  These golf clubs are suitable for all children between the age of 8 years and 12 years.

The Weight

The whole Golf Club Set measures 39 inches by 10 inches by 7 inches and weighs 1.6 ounces when packed. The individual club’s lightweight design ensures that the junior golfer manages to independently take and move the club to the top of the backswing without struggling.

Additionally, the golf clubs feature lightweight heads and shafts that offer consistently repeated swings without exhausting the golfer.

The Golfers Wedge and Grip Size

The Shaft Flex

The Intech Lancer Golf Clubs Set features softer graphite shafts in all woods and irons coupled with a steel shaft for the putter. Such shafts are light and swift, offering the right flexibility that matches the children’s swing speeds. They provide consistent swings and are easy to play with without causing strain to the child.