Who Makes The Best Leggings In 2020?

who makes the best leggings

With all the hype and vibe about leggings lately, one cannot help but wonder who makes the best leggings. In this article, we’ll take a different approach. Let’s aim at understanding the A-Z of compression leggings before we discuss particular manufacturers. Leggings refer to tight-fitting stretch trousers typically worn by women or girls. They have been in fashion since 1960’s. However, leggings have evolved significantly over time in both usage and design. Today we enjoy compression leggings as well as fashion leggings. Anciently, these were won by women who traded obsolete poodle skirts for the fancier fitting leggings. This trend was not so much welcome as it is today. There were (still are) places where this mode of dressing was not allowed.

Leggings have most recently taken the fashion industry by storm. It would suffice to say that most women even wish they could wear compression leggings outside of working out routines. However, there are leggings which can serve both purposes. The market has been clogged with so many manufacturers key among them: Leggings Depot, VIV Collection, 90 Degree By Reflex, Baleaf, Under Armour, and Nike Power just to mention but a few. Brands such as Nike and Under Armor stand out for their dominance in sports leggings while others, such as VIV Collection and Victoria’s Secret, specialize in casual wear.



Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pair of Sports Leggings

  • Compression Styles. Good compression leggings will have compression fabrics intent to reduce soreness while working out. Such leggings are super comfortable to move around with.
  • Fitting. It is essential that you look out for fitting leggings that will not compromise swift movement. Furthermore, fitting leggings are low on resistance. They should neither be too loose nor too tight.
  • Longevity. Well, this is in most cases determined by the type of exercise you engage in. There are those that require short leggings while others require longer ones. Most manufacturers include a sizing guide to help you take leg and hip measurements and consequently order the perfect fit.
  • Brand Reviews. Just like any other products, it is essential that you look at the reviews of the different brands in the market before settling on any specific one. I believe that is why you are reading this, right? Positive reviews are an indicator that customers are satisfied. Conduct informed research both online and from your mates to make an informed decision.
  • Comparison. You can’t have enough window-shopping, can you? Window shop from various stores to check for the one that most suits you not forgetting the quality. Your preferences should also be kept in mind while making these comparisons.
  • Comfort and Support. Good compression leggings should be cozy to slip in beside supporting your body shape. If you are a plus size, you might want to settle for something less tight.
  • Moisture-wicking. Is the phrase, “never let them see you sweat” familiar to you? You don’t want to be drenching at the gym. Invest in fabric that is moisture-wicking to avoid unnecessary disappointments.
  • Style. This doesn’t go out the window during exercise; not even for a moment. You definitely want to keep that good look even while working out. There is a wide range of designs to choose from so don’t feel limited as you can have the best of both style and quality.


Sizing Your Compression Leggings

That said, how then do you find the right size for your sports leggings? To avoid blaming the manufacturer, lay your legs flat stretched on a flat surface and take the measurements in comparison to the measuring charts. Remember, looks can be quite deceiving here. This is because leggings stretch out and therefore, they may be small at sight but turn out to be larger than they actually appear. The following chart should come in handy when shopping for your size.

Sizes in inches;                                                                        

S 36”




M 37”




L 37”




XL 38”




2XL 38”




3XL 39”




4XL 39”




5XL 39”





How to Take Measurements

The outer leg: The length from the bottom of your ankle to your waist area. However, note that some designs do not necessarily have to reach the bottom of the ankle.

Inseam: The distance from your crotch to the bottom of your leg.

Fullest point of the hip while standing with the legs together: This plus the outer leg distance should mainly form the basis.

Waist: Around the narrowest area.

And if you find yourself in between sizes always settle for the upper limit, after all, bigger is better.


The Bottom Line

Leggings are apparel that can both enhance your looks if fitted properly or ruin it if clumsily done. Settle for something that you will be comfortable in and be stunning while keeping your budget in check. Don’t be afraid to try out new styles. Be adventurous as this is the only way to really find out for sure which style looks great on you and which one doesn’t. However, don’t overdo it lest you become a fashion disaster.

While there is a great variety to choose from do not be too quick to try new brands. So who makes the best leggings in 2020? I’d say stick to the basics. Understand materials, quality, sizing, fit and all the nitty-gritty before you brand one manufacturer better than the rest. Leggings are a great accessory outside of working out. You just have to find the right match. Happy shopping!

4 thoughts on “Who Makes The Best Leggings In 2020?”

  1. Leggings have made quite a breakthrough these years!! Now I can spot leggings everywhere with a huge amount of variety and quality…

    Under Armour is one of my favorite sportswear brands and they make amazing gear no matter what type of wear it is. You have put out a great job in this post by providing all the necessary details to be careful about when choosing leggings!!

    • Thank you, Tyler Redlev.

      That is an exciting topic. Me generation would use running pants or tights; many men wear shorts over the running tights,
      tights. You can see an article about it here https://sportssend.com/best-ru… and here https://sportssend.com/best-ru

      But it has been growing a lot that very fit men use leggings when they run. But if they do it, they of course almost always use a short over it.

      Under Armour is one of my favourite sportswear is one of my ideal sportswear too. For example is both shoes and clothing excellent from Under Armour. Here is a brand new article where I compare Under Armour and Nike https://sportssend.com/under-a

      Thank you again, Tyler, for an interesting topic.

  2. My sister loves leggings when I read this article I thought of all the leggings my sister wares and all the designs. I can’t believe theres more designs in leggings then what I seen. I just thought all leggings were the same, but in this article it explained all types that I haven’t known before. Good job keep up the good work I never knew there were more stuff into leggings.

    • Hi, Brian and thank you.

      Leggings are not just leggings. Like all outfit, leggings needed to suit a lot of different types of bodies and be on same time good for the things you want to use it in. So it´s a wide range of benefits you need to have in mind. Some focus on improving the blood flow to reducing muscle soreness when other help you to get rid of muscle injuries. To mention few examples.


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