Akadema Rookie Series Youth Baseball Glove Review

As more brands compete for the youth baseball glove niche, Akadema uses innovation to stay above the game. Admittedly, this approach saw the launch of the Akadema Rookie Series Youth Baseball Glove series. This glove series replicates Manny Ramirez’s gloves, to introduce young players to expert baseball practice. 

So, what is unique about these gloves? 

In this quick review, we will look at the various traits of the gloves in this series, compare them with an equally performing series, and give you a verdict. Let’s get to it!

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Akadema 12.5in Pattern B Hive Web Closed Back 


The Dimensions

As the name suggests these Akadema Rookie Series Youth Baseball Glove series targets amateur players between the age of six years and nine years. At this age, the player is still experimenting with numerous gloves before settling for one that fits perfectly. Hence, this series gives the player a head start in the game. 

There are three types of gloves in this series. 

  • A 10.5″ mitt 
  • An 11″ mitt in the black colorway
  • And an extra 11″ mitt in colorful blue shade 

These unisex sizes are ideal for the infielder, outfielder, and pitcher positions. 


The Akadema Rookie Series uses the full-grain soft leather, a preferred fabric that lasts for several seasons. Since the player relies on the palm and web sections for protection and visibility, this material provides firm and dense support, protecting the athlete from massive throws. Both, this relatively large mass works well in the back sections. 

In addition, it is custom-built, ensuring the glove breaks in with ease. Parents and coaches can rest assured knowing the gloves are in a game-ready condition, straight from the box. Besides, its superior quality can withstand the many mishaps common in the target age bracket. Hence, the young players are exposed to a pro-level glove at an early age. 

H-Web Pattern

For an amateur player who is yet to anticipate the throws, this gloves’ H-web pattern is a see-through design that is essential during pop-ups. With this glove, the player shields their eyes from direct sunlight, as they track a highflying ball. 

Besides, the trim works perfectly with all the series positions. Hence, the young player will have a smooth transition to either the infield or the outfield position later on when he specializes in one. Eventually, this pattern customizes the pocket to medium size. 

Amateur Baseball Players

Wrist Adjustment Mechanism

Is your young player yet to master his catches and throws? Then, let the Akadema Rookie series gloves' wrist adjustment system complement his efforts. Yes, these gloves' Grasp and Clasp wrist fitting system lock the child's hand firmly in the mitt. As a result, the fitting system provides a stable fit throughout the game or a training session. 

This steadfast fitting also ensures the glove does not slip or slide during a catch or a throw. Besides, the mechanism is easy to operate. In addition, it has a smaller hand opening, coupled with tighter fingerstalls, fitting the target age group. 

So what happens if the child's hand is still too petite? 

Well, the gloves come with an adjustable Velcro Wrist Strap that enables the child to wear and remove the glove with ease.

Open Back 

Does your young athlete struggle with making quick turns? The Akadema Rookie Series Youth Baseball Gloves retail with a conventional open back. Th