1. Quinn
    January 2, 2019 @ 1:12 pm

    La Crosse rules for beginners is a very good article. I have never played lacrosse I have always seen people playing it but now after reading your article I have a great understanding of how this game works. I have been able to get information from this post that really has me interested in getting a little bit closer to this wonderful game.

     Thank you and I truly and really appreciate all the information you have provided in his wonderful article.


    • Sports Send
      January 3, 2019 @ 5:15 pm

      Hi, Quinn and thank you.

      Thank you for kind words. 

      Yes, Lacrosse is a great game. People sometimes think it is a good mix of sports like hockey, Ice hockey and team handball to name a few sports. But the truth is that it is older than many games.

      It was played in the start by Eastern Woodlands Native Americans and by some Plains Indians tribes in what is now the United States of America and Canada. So it has a long history.

      If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.