Altra Golden Spike Review

altra golden spike review

Quick Overview





  • Lightweight
  • Has great grip
  • Wide toe box
  • No break-in period
  • Comfortable


  • Not true to size
  • Poorly made

If you want to try cross country running, you need to invest in a good pair of shoes in addition to a hydrating pack.

This cardio sport will require you to be on your feet most of the time, that is why you need to wear comfortable shoes.

Running through grass and mud, these sprinters also work on their determination and emotional courage.

We will go through this Altra Golden Spike review to see if this running shoe fits your needs and preferences.


About the Altra Running Company

Altra Running is an American company that manufactures athletic shoes and general footwear.

The company does everything from the shoe’s design, development, marketing, and sales.

Golden Harper was a competitive runner when he was younger. He founded Altra and designed a running shoe by altering parts from different footwear and called it Zero Drop.

However, the shoe design did not pass the footwear companies they presented it to, resulting in the creation of Altra Footwear in 2009 with headquarters in Logan, Utah, USA.

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Altra Men’s Golden Spike Running Shoes

The Golden Spike Running Shoes from Altra is the company’s way of paying tribute to the Transcontinental Railroad’s history near its headquarters.

The spiked outsole offers excellent grip on different tracks while the upper’s design provides comfort as you run.

The Golden Spike Running Shoes first came out in July 2016 and still available for those looking for affordable trainers.

Who Is This Product For?

These running shoes are the perfect racing flats for cross country since they’re mainly designed for cross country racers and competitive track sprinters.

Without the spikes, they can also be your ideal minimalist shoes for other types of running.

This pair of shoes has an excellent design for runners who don’t like too much cushioning in their running shoes but love to run on different trails with the spikes.

You can also wear these Altra trainers all day as you walk around and do your errands without discomfort.

What’s Included?

If you decide to invest in these trainers, you will receive one pair of the Altra Golden Spike Running Shoes.

It’s available in different sizes that come in vibrant colorways to choose from that will match your style and personality.

Overview of Features

The Altra Golden Spike Running Shoes has a lot to offer, including:

  • Upper

The uppers have see-through, thin materials, and 100% quick-dry air mesh that allows the air to flow freely and keep the feet dry.

The upper material is connected to the outsole of the footwear, creating a seamless and sockless design.

It has a slightly padded collar and a thin, fully attached tongue that prevents shifting as you run, avoiding foot irritation and discomfort.

Additionally, the traditional lace-up closure, with its strengthened eyelets, ensures that the upper feels secured and comfortable.

  • Midsole

The running shoes have two layers of cushioning that offer support and extreme flexibility for cross-country athletes and sprinters.

Altra’s A-Bound Cushioning is made of lightweight EVA foam that protects the feet as they hit the ground.

The InnerFlex technology is the grid-like grooves from Altra that act as the midsole’s top layer that provides the flexibility your feet need during the activity.

This Balanced Cushioning platform from Altra provides you with the correct, low-impact form since your feet are on a leveled distance from the ground.

There’s also the FootShape Toe Box, which Altra is famous for, adding stability and comfort that allows you to spread out and relax your toes naturally.

Its lightness, paired with the minimalist design, ensures excellent speed and a natural stride for the runner.

  • Outsole

The durable rubber outsole is ideal for diverse trail surfaces with the five removable steel spikes and sticky rubber patches.

The Golden Spike Running Shoes offer excellent speed and traction with or without the steel spikes.

  • Weight

The impressive design of the Altra Golden Spike and its lightness offers durable, comfortable, stable running shoes.

One pair of these cross country running shoes is lightweight at 12 ounces, allowing you to run in comfort.

  • Breathability

The lightweight, hydrophobic mesh material used on the Golden Spike’s upper gives it excellent breathability.

It allows natural airflow, preventing moisture build-up, either from your sweat or surroundings.

  • Comfort

The overall design of this Altra Running Shoes relates to comfort, from the two layers of the midsole to the sock-like fit of the roomy toe box.

  • Style

The Altra Golden Spike Running Shoes have a sleek, low-cut design with brilliant colorways.

Designers from Altra did a great job of making it look suitable on and off the trails.

  • Durability

Altra used some of the design fundamentals from their famous footwear and applied it in the Golden Spike construction.

The mesh upper comes from a sturdy synthetic material while the outsole is made from durable foam and rubber.

Additionally, the underfoot platform is attached to the midsole, making it a one-piece creation to eliminate the risk of slipping while on the trail.

  • Protection

The running shoe’s minimalist design became a disadvantage when it comes to protecting the runner’s foot.

The rubber outsole can only offer necessary protection while the thin upper material has little to none that can protect you from injuries while running.

  • Responsiveness

The comfortable midsole offers soft cushioning while providing superb traction simultaneously from the removable steel spikes and rubber patches.

Combining all these features make the running shoes responsive on different surfaces.

  • Support

Another design disadvantage comes from minimal support that a runner’s foot will get apart from the inadequate neutral arch support.

Nevertheless, the shoe is comfortable to wear. Runners who need extra support can try using an orthotic insert.

  • Terrain

One of the significant aspects of the Golden Spike is its versatility as it can perform various terrains.

How to Get the Most Out of These Shoes

The Altra Golden Spike offers the “powerful toe-off” motion, which means that it is the perfect choice for sprinters.

When running on grass and dirt trails, make sure that you wear it with the steel spikes for a more comfortable run.

Adjust the lace-up closure accordingly to secure your feet inside the shoes and prevent dirt and debris from entering.

The Golden Spike is best used for racing, top-speed workout, short competitive runs, and not training runs or marathons.

Check out the short video below about the Golden Spike to see for yourself.


If you have not decided yet after this Altra Golden Spike review and want to check other options, here are some alternatives that you might want to consider.

Asics Hyper XC Running Shoes

You can run and race in any type of terrain when wearing the Asics Hyper XC Running Shoes thanks to its five-spike configuration.

It comes with a wrench and five pieces of pyramid spikes so you can easily arrange the tips according to your preference.

These running shoes are made from a combined lightweight and breathable mesh and synthetic materials fitted with a sturdy rubber outsole.

These stable running shoes’ tread pattern provides excellent traction and flexibility.

It uses a Trusstic system to give lightness to the sole without compromising the shoe’s structure.

The thin SpEVA midsole enhances the running shoe’s ability to bounce back as it reduces breakdown on this part of the footwear.

It has a low-profile design and a supportive contoured arch that adds to the running shoe’s comfort and overall impressive look.

However, some customers complain that these running shoes are not true to size and that their feet feel cramped inside due to the narrow design.

Whitin Minimalist Trail Runner

The Whitin Minimalist Trail Runner offers flexibility and durability typical of long-lasting running shoes.

These trainers have an impressive design typically found in traditional minimalist trail running shoes.

It has a roomy toe box, so your toes feel relaxed while running. The durable rubber outsole provides excellent ground feedback and protection.

These trail running shoes are constructed using animal-free and vegan-friendly materials to ensure that the environment is safe and protected.

It also features a removable sockliner and a zero heel-to-toe drop for a more natural stride.

Its thin sole offers excellent flexibility as you traverse different trails and terrains with ease.

That said, there were some issues when it comes to sizing, according to some customers.

Others complain that it does not feel snug, and the soles do not offer much when it comes to traction.

Altra Golden Spike Review: The Verdict

This Altra Golden Spike review proved that these cross country running shoes are constructed explicitly with speed in mind.

Upon further checking, we have seen that it can offer so much more than just speed.

Its foot-shaped platform and roomy toe box offer a natural fit that allows your feet to feel comfortable as you run.

The removable titular steel spikes give versatility to this running shoe making it one of the best all-around running shoes.

If you are a hopeful and aspiring athlete, try to learn more about cross country running and the preparations that go with it.


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  2. Hello there, this is a good review on this Altra Men’s Golden Spike Running Shoes, and I think that the shoe is a good one that is packed with very good features that are worth giving it a try. Really nice to see you have some valid information on how I would enjoy using the shoe to run. It has good comfort too.

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  3. I need to get a pair of running shoes. Comfortable ones are most important for me as I have suffered from pressure corns on my toes. The foot-shaped toe box sounds unique and interesting. Would they be beneficial in preventing blisters on my toes? Are there designs for ladies as well?

    • Hello, Sue Tay, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      I absolutely agree with you that people should choose comfortable shoes, always! Not only when people are injured but whole the time. Because it has been so much and good development in making running shoes that it is no reason to not look at it.

      But having said that, yes to toe box helps. But most important to not get blister is buying the right type of running shoes. You need to wear running shoes with good cushioning for running. Some runners love to have much, but it is much more important not to have too little. You can see more about it here. And in the right size of course!

      And wear running socks! Not wearing socks does increase your chances of getting blisters. You can see an article about it here and here.

      Their shoes are for men, sorry about it, but you can see excellent cross country running shoes here.

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  4. Hi, 

    You have such a professionally designed website. It’s beautiful. I love the way you use block editor or Elementor to design your pages.

    The review is wonderfully done. I was wondering if it’s advisable to use spikes for running long distances? While i have used spikes for short races, I haven’t tried them for long-distance running.

    Thanks for some great information about Altra Golden Spikes. The shoes seem to be comfortable and light.  



    • Hello, Aparna, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Yes, I wrote an article about using spikes in a cross country, which you can see here.

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