Best Sprinting Shoes Without Spikes of 2023: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

best sprinting shoes without spikes

With all the intensity of sprinting and the fine margins needed to win in a race, it is crucial to wear the perfect pair of shoes.

These shoes need to be lightweight, flexible, and have a brilliant fit.

While it is a known fact that shoes with spikes offer more advantages, they may not always be appropriate, especially for sprinting.

In such cases, the best sprinting shoes without spikes are what you want.

To help you find the right pair, below are six of the best sprinting shoes for men and women.

Best Sprinting Shoes Without Spikes for Men Reviews

ASICS Men’s Hyper LD 5 Track & Field Shoes


Men’s Adizero Boston 8 by Adidas


New Balance Men’s 1400 V6 Running Shoe


1. Asics Hyper LD 5

Founded in 1977, Asics is a Japanese multinational corporation known for producing sports and footwear equipment.

The brand is well-known for its variety of different shoes, all at an affordable rate.

Besides that, it is also known for being ranked as one of the top performance footwear brands in the market.

Product Highlights

Available in a plethora of different sizes, the Asics Hyper LD 5 is an excellent pair for sprinting.

It is an upgrade from the brand’s Hyper LD 4 and has an overall improved speed.

The shoe is available in various colors, such as blue/fluorescent, orange/pink, black, and several more.

You’ll find a nylon spike plate that offers increased traction and durability on most surfaces. Furthermore, it features a full-length EVA midsole.

There is a good amount of cushioning, too, appropriate enough for a professional sprinter.

The shoe has a snug fit and does not need much of breaking in. It also comes with good impact protection and is highly breathable, as well.

What We Like

There’s a lot to like about this shoe.

However, its best selling points yet are that it comes with the right amount of cushioning ideal for sprinting and is quite affordable, as well.

What We Did Not Like

The shoe size does not run true to size, so you may have to buy a size larger than your actual size.



  • checkSnug fit
  • checkAppropriate amount of cushioning
  • checkHighly breathable


  • Does not run true to size


2. Men’s Adizero Boston 8 by Adidas

Adidas has been in the sports industry since 1949. The brand was launched in Germany, but today, its presence is felt in 95% of the nations. And with online shopping, you can enjoy these tailor-made solutions for sportspeople by purchasing via Amazon. 

So why do we love the Boston 8 running shoe?

Product Highlights

If you are a short-distance runner, this shoe is your best bet. It is light for speed work and tempo runs. The shoe is available in two colors: Black and pink, combined with other design details. 

The responsive cushioning is just soft enough to let you bounce back without sinking in. The outsole is equally responsive. It is flexible yet strong enough to offer you an energized ride. And to sum up the design, the heel and mid-sole have a lockdown feature to secure your fit. 

Adizero Boston 8 is made of recycled fabric, in particular Prime green. Such a great relief if you’re observing minimal carbon print for a better world, right?

What We Like

The shoe has a tough rubber outsole alongside great cushioning to offer you a smooth ride with excellent shock absorption. 

The upper mesh is flexible yet breathable, and underneath it is an internal sock to improve the fit.

What We Did Not Like

For people with a wide foot, you might feel that the shoes are tight, especially around the toes. The sole padding is also thin, especially for a heavy-weight user.


  • checkVery light in weight
  • checkExcellent shock absorption
  • checkGreat fit
  • checkBreathable  
  • checkExcellent road traction 


  • The soles feel slightly thinner


3. New Balance 1400 V6

New Balance is a century-old company based out of the US. It is a world-famous sports footwear and apparel brand.

The New Balance 1400 V6 is a great shoe for sprinting and an ideal choice for those who don’t want to spend too much money.

Product Highlights

While the New Balance 1400 V6 is marketed as a sprinting shoe, it also works great as a walking and running shoe.

What’s great about this shoe is its sizing because you can choose between a wide range.

Still, what truly stands out is that every size has an additional “wide” option that is ideal for people with broad feet.

This is a 100% synthetic shoe available in a plethora of attractive colors. Even the design is neat and modern.

This shoe is extremely lightweight and can resist wear and tear to a great extent, making it a good choice for sprinters.

The upper part of the shoe is pretty flexible, and it wraps the foot evenly. Additionally, the shoe’s fit is just perfect.

This shoe comes with a rubber sole and engineered mesh.

Lastly, you can go sock-free with these shoes, as it has a barefoot-friendly internal construction.

What We Like

The shoe has a neat design, lightweight, and exceptionally durable.

The best thing about it, though, is that it offers an additional “wide” option for all the sizes.

What We Did Not Like

We found that the insole of this shoe is a bit too thick.


  • checkWide size options
  • checkNeat design
  • checkSnug fit


  • Thick insole


Best Sprinting Shoes Without Spikes for Women Reviews

DUOYANGJIASHA Women’s Athletic Road Running Sneakers 


Saucony Women’s Havok XC2 Flat Cross Country Running Shoes


Saucony Women’s Kilkenny XC8 Flat Track Shoes


1. Duoyangjiasha Women’s Athletic Shoes

Duoyangjiasha is a brand that sells its products only on online shopping sites.

The brand exclusively sells women’s footwear and is well known for being extremely affordable.

Product Highlights

The Duoyangjiasha Women’s Athletic Shoes is a highly affordable pair available in seven different colors: blue, white, gray, black, and more.

The shoe comes in a variety of different sizes, from size four to size 14.

The upper material of the shoe is a synthetic breathable mesh that allows the foot to breathe. It features an EVA sole, which has an excellent bounce-back ability.

The shoe is very lightweight and has the appropriate amount of cushioning for sprinting.

While the shoe is great for sprinting, it can also be suitable for hiking, running, and simply traveling in.

What We Like

The best thing about the Duoyangjiasha women’s shoe is how affordable it is.

For the price you pay, you get an impressive set of features. We also like that it is available in multiple size options.

What We Did Not Like

Because these shoes are so affordable, their quality is strictly average.

Do not expect them to last for more than a couple of months.


  • checkHighly affordable
  • checkMultiple size options
  • checkExcellent breathability


  • Average quality


2. Saucony Havok XC2

Saucony is a popular North American manufacturer of apparel and footwear and a subsidiary of Wolverine World Wide.

The shoe has an impressive design and is known for being one of the best budget-friendly sprinting options.

Product Highlights

The Saucony XC2 is built on the legacy of their previously popular model, Havok XC. The shoe has a lock-down bootie construction ideal for sprinting.

Weighing only 5.6 ounces, these shoes are very lightweight. They are designed to be used on various surfaces, from groomed fields, flats, and even rugged trails.

It features an SSL EVA midsole, which further makes it light and, at the same time, maximizes its durability and rebound.

The Flexfilm overlays give the shoes a flexible and seamless feel.

This is a 100% textile and synthetic shoe available in four different colors, including purple/yellow, black/gray, and more.

What We Like

The Saucony Havok XC2 is a well-built shoe that makes an excellent choice for activities like sprinting, hiking, and even walking. The shoe has an attractive design, too.

What We Did Not Like

While the shoe does have a good fit, you may break a sweat while putting it on.


  • checkLightweight
  • checkSeamless feel
  • checkCan be used on different terrains


  • Not easy to put it on


3. Saucony Kilkenny XC8

Saucony produces some fantastic pairs of shoes for sprinting; hence, we decided to review another one from this brand.

The Kilkenny XC8 women’s flat shoes are an ideal pair for those looking for a non-spiked shoe for sprinting.

Product Highlights

With a superior fit and a comfortable ride, the Saucony Kilkenny XC8 is a lightweight shoe ideal for women interested in cross-country flat or for someone new to cross country.

The shoe has an open mesh covering the entire upper part, which is what makes it breathable.

There are 3D printed overlays, too, made using a thin film welded to the upper for a secure and snug fit.

There is a molded EVA midsole for lightweight comfort, durability, and rebound.

Lastly, the outsole is made with a rubber spike plate engineered for traction and flexibility.

What We Like

The Kilkenny XC8 is a well-made shoe that works well for activities like hiking, sprinting, and running.

You’ll like that the shoe is highly breathable and has a softer rubber outsole.

What We Did Not Like

The shoe does not provide the best support.


  • checkLightweight
  • checkBreathable mesh
  • checkSnug fit


  • Does not offer the best support

Can you sprint in running shoes

Buyer’s Guide

We are sure that you may have found these shoe reviews helpful.

If you don’t know how to decide between them, we recommend checking our buyer’s guide below.

In this guide, we will cover all the essential aspects of a good sprinting shoe without spikes.

1. Fit

The most important aspect of any shoe is its fit.

You would never think of buying a pair of shoes that are not the right size for you, right? That will result in you constantly slipping and tripping, leaving you injured.

Furthermore, they would be highly uncomfortable, as well.

The fit of the shoe is even more crucial for a runner.

An ill-fitted shoe is most definitely going to cause a hindrance or injury when they run.

In an ideal scenario, you could always try the shoe before you buy it so that you’re sure it fits you perfectly.

However, with most of us buying shoes online, trying it on is not much of an option. In such cases, you should closely look through the brand’s sizing chart.

That said, there are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a good-fitting shoe.

For starters, make sure there’s enough space, about 3/8” to ½,” for your largest toe when you stand up. Also, do not buy shoes that are tight and expect them to stretch upon use.

Try to choose a shoe that resembles closely to the shape of your foot for the most comfort.

Lastly, you don’t need to choose a shoe based on the size marked inside. Every shoe brand is differently sized, even with the same shoe size number.


2. Stack Height/Cushioning

The term stack height refers to the amount of material present between the ground and your foot.

This can range anywhere between barefoot and minimally cushioned to maximal and even highly cushioned.

The majority of sprinting shoes will fall somewhere in the middle of the stack height spectrum.

That said, every runner has his or her preference with the stack height.

People who like running in sprinting shoes with a low stack height or minimal cushioning prefer the feeling of the ground instead of all that shoe cushioning.

According to them, running with a shoe with a low stack height offers a more natural running experience.

Alternatively, people who use shoes with a high stack height or maximal cushioning enjoy a plusher running experience along with greater impact protection.

What type of shoes do sprinters wear

3. Pronation

A proper gait analysis will help you determine the best pair of sprinting shoes based on your natural gait.

There are three different categories you can fall into, and these include underpronation, overpronation, and neutral.

It’s important to know which one of these three you fall into to get a shoe that perfectly fits your foot.

The best way to find this out is by asking an expert.

You can visit a podiatrist to evaluate your foot. Alternatively, you can go to a sports store wherein the specialists can help you choose a shoe based on your pronation.

You can look at your old pair of shoes closely. Check exactly where there are more wear and tear.

After a proper gait analysis, you will have to choose between stability or neutral shoes.

Runners with low arches or with overpronation can make use of stability shoes.

In contrast, the ones with a normal gait or underpronation will have to make use of neutral shoes.

4. Price

When it comes to the price of a sprinting shoe, a more expensive option will usually mean it comes with more comfortable features and newer technology.

That said, that’s not always the case, and you don’t need to buy the most expensive pair to enjoy your run.

Similarly, don’t buy the cheapest pair, as that would mean that the shoe has a poor design and might not have been made for running.

A good pair of sprinting shoes will cost you between $100 and $300.

If you intend to run in them almost every day, be ready to shell out between $100 and $150, as that’s best suited for daily use.

Can you use track shoes without spikes

Sprinting Shoes Without Spikes FAQs

1. Can you use track shoes without spikes? Can you wear spikes without spikes?

If you are asking whether you can take out the pins from your track spikes and use the shoe without them, yes, you can.

However, we do not recommend doing so.

For starters, they are not going to be as comfortable to run in. More importantly, even if you choose to use the shoe without spikes, you must cover the pinholes.

Otherwise, you will run the risk of getting sand or gravel or some other obstruction in the hole.

This could potentially make it impossible to use a pin on that spot again, leaving it completely useless.

2. Can you sprint in running shoes?

Yes, you can sprint in running shoes, but they need to be of a very specific kind.

Since sprinting is running over a short distance for a short amount of time, it is important you pick running shoes that are flat and lightweight.

Avoid running shoes with extra cushioning, as they are not ideal for sprinting.

3. What type of shoes do sprinters wear?

For more serious racing, sprinters will typically wear track spikes. They tend to be lightweight, stiff-soled, and have spikes attached under the forefoot.

These shoes are the best for sprinting.

The next best option is racing flats. These come without spikes, are lightweight, and have minimal cushioning.

Can you wear spikes without spikes

4. What should I wear for sprinting?

What to wear for sprinting is typically a matter of preference.

Some prefer one-piece bodysuits, others like spandex shorts or even singlets or regular running shorts.

What’s important is that you wear something that does not constrict your movement.

You don’t want to wear clothing that is overly warm since you typically sprint in warm weather.

What Shoes Are Best for Sprinting?

Having read the reviews, buyer’s guide, and the FAQ section of the best sprinting shoes without spikes, we’re sure you have a favorite in mind.

However, if you’re looking for our expert advice, go for the Men’s Adizero Boston 8 by Adidas

for men and the Saucony Havok XC2 for women.

Both these shoes offer the best features for people looking to sprint. Furthermore, they are very well built and highly durable, as well.

If that’s not enough, these shoes are made by reputable brands and are available at an affordable rate.

With these, you can go right ahead sprint away.

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  1. ASICS And New Balance have always been my favorite brands when it comes to running shoes. Anyways, I have never heard of Duoyangjiasha before. I love the fact that it is versatile though. Are they waterproof? Can I get them on Amazon? I am willing to try a new pairs since we all know most running shoes have their life span. Thanks for the review. 

    • Hello, Nuttanee, and thank you.

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      ASICS and New Balance are excellent brands, both two! No worries there!

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  5. Those are some really nice shoes. I liked the new balances quite a bit. I’ve owned a pair of Asics as a kid, and they’re super comfy. I’m not much of a sprinter; I cycle, but I like reading about athletic gear in general, and a good running shoe can be used for jogging, usually. I’ll keep an eye out. I like this site!

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  6. I would like to buy my baby sister a new pair of running shoes but I am not sure which brand to go with. She will be participating in a marathon race next month as part of our town’s foundation celebration. I figured she needs a pair of running shoes that are not only lightweight but more importantly, comfortable, and breathable. 

    Hmmm … I don’t think spiked shoes are what my sister needs because other than being a bit heavier than one without spikes, she might not be comfortable in them. 

    Looking at these sprinting shoes for women, I am actually tempted to go with Duoyangjiasha because it is lightweight and affordable. But you’re right; it may be good only for a month or two, especially if you will wear it daily. ☺

    Now, I am left with Saucony Havok and  Saucony Kilkenny to choose from. Colorwise, I would choose the former right away. By the way, what do you mean that it’s not easy to put them on, and why? 

    • Hi, Alice, and thank you.

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