Top Women´s Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet In 2024

Top Women's Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet

Which is your go-to women’s full face mountain bike helmet for casual or competitive cycling? Whatever your choice, having a helmet with sturdy and well-balanced construction, the latest safety traits, necessary accessories for comfort, a reliable retention system for a snug fit, and optimal ventilation is a must. Better still, have a helmet with the ASTM F1952 certification as proof of safety.

This article compares the features of five top women’s full face mountain bike helmets in 2024 that fit these criteria. We hope you can find one that suits your skill level and safety needs.

Enough said. Here is the guide: –

Top Women’s Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet


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POC Coron Air Spin, Helmet for Downhill Mountain Biking, Uranium Black, XS-S
POC Coron Air Spin, Helmet for Downhill Mountain Biking, Uranium Black, XS-S
POC Coron Air Spin, Helmet for Downhill Mountain Biking, Uranium Black, XS-S
POC Coron Air Spin, Helmet for Downhill Mountain Biking, Uranium Black, XS-S

 POC Coron Air SPIN Bike Helmet ASTM F1952

POC Coron Air Spin, Helmet for Downhill Mountain Biking, Uranium Black, XS-S

If you are a female cyclist taking part in competitive downhill and Enduro racing, the POC Coron Air Spin Bike Helmet ASTM F1952 is your best pick. This women’s full face mountain bike helmet is a peak of ideas by POC team athletes like Martin Soderstrom and Robin Wallner. It gives you a head start in terms of performance, safety, ventilation, and comfort as follows: –

The Details

Brand: POC

Series: Coron Air Spin

Category: Downhill & Enduro Racing

Material: Fiber Glass Shell, EPP Liner 

Size: X-Small/Small (51-54 cm), Medium/Large (55-58cm), X-Large/XX-Large (59 -62 cm)

Visor: Breakaway Visor

Slip Plane: SPIN Pads


Color: Hydrogen White, Actinium Pink/Uranium Black Matte, Moonstone Grey/Uranium Black Matte, Uranium Black

The Features

  1. Lightweight, Less Rigid Construction

    POC Coron Air SPIN bike helmet uses an ultra-lightweight fiberglass shell, keeping the overall weight of the full-face helmet minimal. Due to its less rigid structure, the fiberglass material disperses energy from impact much better than polycarbonate shells. And it reinforces the EPP liner to deliver high-impact performance.

  1. Protection 

    Three safety traits make the POC Coron Air SPIN bike helmet fit for competitive cycling. First, the helmet relies on SPIN technology to guard the cyclist against the effects of an oblique fall. Second, unlike other safety bike helmets in this category that feature an EPS liner or hybrid, POC Coron Air SPIN opts for a full EPP liner for multi-impact protection. Indeed, its low-weight yet high-performing liner will remain intact after the first or second impact. It assures the biker, especially after a head-on collision in remote areas.  Third, a breakaway visor detaches from the helmet upon impact to prevent secondary neck injuries.

  1. Comfort/Padding

    As a full-face helmet with a tankless feel, the POC Coron Air SPIN bike helmet uses removable accessories that enhance the rider’s comfort regardless of the elements. Emergency removable cheek pads protect the head and neck, also doubling to adjust the helmet for a snug fit. Second, strategic ear chambers cancel out noise and sound imbalances due to the tanky helmet structure. And a chin bar facilitates breathing and enhances your protection.

  1. Retention System

    POC Coron Air SPIN bike helmet uses simplistic clip straps for a custom fit. These straps complement the cheek pads and SPIN pads for a sturdy and comfortable fit.

  1. Ventilation

    Enduro and downhill racing require helmets that can channel air in and out of the helmet fast, without slowing down the rider. For this, this women’s full-face helmet has well-distributed vents for unrestricted air circulation.

  1. Accessories

    This helmet is compatible with GoPro camera mounts and POC Ora MTB goggles. That way, you can record, review, and improve your riding skills using accurate data. And the goggles improve your view without disrupting the ventilation system.


  • Superior and lightweight fiberglass shell material
  • Full EPP liner for multiple impacts
  • SPIN pads, EPP liner, breakaway visor
  • Emergency removable cheek pads, ear chambers, chin bar
  • EN 1078, CPSC 12.03, ASTM F1952 certifications for safety
  • Retails with extra pads


  • Hard to view the sides
  • Straps not adjustable

 BELL Full-9 Fusion

No products found.

The BELL Full-9 is a great all-around helmet. It’s comfortable, stylish, and most importantly, it protects your noggin’! The helmet has a great fit and is adjustable to accommodate different head shapes and sizes. In addition, the visor is large and provides good coverage, while the helmet ventilation is top-notch. The only drawback of the Full-9 is its price tag, but you definitely get what you pay for with this helmet. Overall, the BELL Full-9 is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, all-around helmet.

The Details

Brand: Bell

Series: Full 9 Fusion MIPS

Category: Down Hill Racing

Color:  Multiple options

Material: Fiberglass Shell

Size: Small, Medium, Large, XL & XXL

Vents: 10 Vents & 3 Brow Ports

The Features

  1. Construction

    The BELL Full-9 is made of MIPs fiberglass shell, a great helmet for those looking for a high-end option with full safety compliance features. The MIPS liner is designed to help reduce the risk of brain injury in the event of a crash.

  1. Safety Technologies

    In addition to the MIPS liner, the Full-9 has a full-coverage design that covers the entire head, and it also has a visor to protect your eyes from the sun and other debris. The helmet has comfortable inner padding while the straps are very easy to adjust, making it safe yet comfortable and stylish to wear for long. 

  2. Comfortable Sweat Guide Pads & Detachable Wraparound Chin Bar

    The BELL Full-9 is one of the most comfortable helmets on the market. It has a great fit and is very adjustable, so you can get the perfect fit for your head. The helmet is also very light, so it won’t weigh you down while you’re riding. The ventilation is excellent, and you’ll never get too hot while wearing this helmet.


  • The helmet has a snug yet comfortable fit.
  • MIPS system to protect your head from injuries in case of a fall.
  • It’s a light full-face helmet
  • Available in a variety of colors and designs to suit your style. 


  • The helmet is a bit pricey.

Fox Racing Proframe Mountain Bike Helmet

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Fox Racing is a renowned name in the world of motocross and mountain biking. Their Racing Proframe Mountain Bike Helmet is meticulously crafted. This helmet is engineered to meet the demanding needs of riders tackling rugged terrains. So, what do we love most about this helmet?


Brand: Fox Racing

Style: Mountain biking

Coverage: Full Face

Color:  Matte Black

Material: Polycarbonate Shell

Size: Small, Medium, Large, XL

Vents: 24 Vents


Full-Coverage Design

The Proframe helmet offers a full-coverage design for extensive head protection. The coverage equally extends to the back and sides. This guarantees enhanced safety, especially during challenging trail rides.

Lightweight Construction

The helmet weighs around 750 grams. The outer shell is constructed from polycarbonate or in-molded composite. This is a lightweight material that offers superior impact resistance. This interior is made of Varizorb (EPS), an equally lightweight impact foam to further enhance your safety and comfort.

Safety Certification

The Fox Racing Proframe Mountain Bike Helmet is rigorously tested and certified to meet or exceed industry safety standards. This helmet has CPSC, EN 1078, and AS/NZS 206 certifications which shows a serious commitment to safety. Its reliability and suitability for use in demanding mountain biking scenarios can be trusted.

MIPS Technology

The inclusion of MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) technology sets the Proframe apart in terms of safety innovation. This system addresses rotational forces during impacts. It provides an additional layer of protection for the rider’s head in the event of a crash.

Removable and Adjustable Systems

Enhancing versatility, the Proframe comes equipped with a removable visor. This visor not only shields the rider’s eyes from the sun and rain but is also adjustable. It also features an adjustable retention system. This allows riders to customize the fit for their specific head shape and preferences. It also ensures a secure and comfortable fit, crucial for maintaining focus and control on challenging trails.


  • Full-coverage protection.
  • Lightweight and agile.
  • Advanced ventilation system.
  • MIPS technology integration.
  • Adjustable retention system.
  • Removable adjustable visor.
  • Durable outer shell.
  • Safety certification.


·       Limited color options.

Smith Mainline MIPS Mountain Biking Helmet ASTM F1952 

No products found.

Smith Mainline MIPS Mountain Biking Helmet is a safe, functional, and comfortable helmet fit for Enduro riders. It opts for a featherweight ergonomic design with ample accessories and compatibility options as follows: –


Brand: Smith Optics

Series: The Mainline

Category: Downhill Racing, Trail Riding, Cross Country, Enduro

Material: Aerocore Construction, Koroyd® Coverage

Size: Small (51-55 cm), Medium (55-59 cm), Large (59-63 cm)

Visor: Adjustable Visor

Slip Plane: MIPS

Vents: 21

Color: AC / Rocky Mountain Enduro, Matte Black, Matte Cinder Haze, Matte Sage/Red Rock, White/Black


  1. Aerocore Structure

    A full-face helmet often feels heavy, especially when packed with accessories for a fun experience. For this, the Smith Mainline MIPS Mountain bike helmet opts for a featherweight Aerocore construction with an EPS foam liner and a Koroyd® cover on an advanced polarized lens. This approach keeps the overall shell lightweight, safe, and cozy. Also, it has a permanent chin bar preventing concussion in the event of a collision during fast descents. 

  1. Safety Technology

    Smith Optics uses the MIPS slip-plane to protect the rider against rotational forces responsible for permanent brain damage in angled collisions. Likewise, an EPS foam liner reinforces the MIPS slip plane and keeps it from making unnecessary noises as the rider moves. 

  1. Comfort

    Now, any Enduro rider will tell you; convenience and comfort are critical traits in a full-face helmet. That’s why this women’s full-face bike helmet uses custom D-ring chin straps for a snug fit. They are easy-to-use straps and work with neck rolls, crown liners, and cheek pads to achieve a custom fit for a broad or slim face. 

  1. Retention System

    Smith Mainline MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet uses a D-ring buckle retention system suitable for riders with a head circumference between 51 cm and 63 cm. It is an easy-to-use system that keeps the riders safe as they push their skills to the limits. 

  1. Ventilation

    There are 21 strategic vents on the Smith Mainline MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet. These vents circulate fresh air around the helmet and channel our warm air to keep the rider cool in any weather. 

  1. Accessories

    The Smith Mainline MIPS bike helmet has an adjustable visor system compatible with most glasses and goggles. These include Squad MTB and Squad XL MTB goggles. Also, you get a convenient cloth drawstring sack for protecting the helmet’s exterior when washing it in a washing machine.


  • A robust and lightweight aerodynamic structure
  • MIPS slip-plane & EPS foam liner
  • Skull-hugging straps and moisture-wicking padding
  • Adjustable visor system
  • E.U.: CE EN1078 and the U.S.: CPSC BICYCLE FOR AGES 5+, ASTM F1952 DH certified for safety


  • A permanent chin bar
  • Squeaky MIPS liner

Troy Lee Designs Adult | All Mountain | Mountain Bike | Full Face Stage Helmet Camo W/MIPS ASTM F1952

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Are you an MTB rider who prefers to personalize all your riding gear? Troy Lee Designs Adult presents you with a downhill helmet with optional personalization words. Think of the custom lettering of up to fourteen characters in script or block fonts and at least ten sleek color options. You now have a safe, functional, cozy, stylish helmet that makes you stand out. Here is a summary of the traits: –

The Details

Brand: Fox Racing

Series:  Stage Helmet 

Category: MTB, Enduro Racing

Material: Polylite Shell with Fiber Reinforcement

Size: XL/SM (48-56 cm), MD/LG (57-59 cm), XL/2X (60-62 cm)

Visor: Adjustable Visor

Slip Plane: MIPS Slip Plane

Vents: 25

Color: Burgundy, Gray, Midnight, Olive, White

The Features

  1. Construction

    Troy Lee Designs Adult Full Face Stage Helmet uses a lightweight polylite shell with fiber reinforcement. It guards the rider against high and low impact forces. Plus, it has the EPP liner all around, including the chin bar, to further protect the rider against multi impacts. In turn, you have a sturdy shell that retains its lightweight structure.     

  1. Protection

    A MIPS slip-plane on this women’s full-face bike helmet guards the rider against brain damage due to rotational forces during an angled impact. Indeed, it is rare to find an MTB helmet that protects you from slow speed impacts (EPP liner), high-speed impacts (EPS liner), and multi-directional impacts (MIPS).

  1. Comfort

    There is a moisture-wicking X-Static® helmet liner inside the TLD Stage Helmet. This liner absorbs sweat, dries fast, and has antimicrobial properties to keep you smelling fresh all day.

  1. Retention System

    The Fidlock® buckle system is a lightweight and reliable retention system to attain a snug fit for your TLD Stage Helmet. 

  1. Ventilation

    There are 25 vents on the TLD Stage Helmet. 11 of these vents allow high flow air into the helmet to circulate and keep the rider cool regardless of the weather. Another 14 holes act as exhaust ports, removing warm air from the shell. Further, the chin bar has spacious openings to keep the rider aerated around the chin and cheeks. 

  1. Accessories

    Apart from the optional personalization you get when you buy the TLD Stage Helmet in attractive font styles, blocks, and colors, you also get a drawstring bag to protect the outer finish when washing your helmet in a washing machine. This back has breathable mesh paneling, allowing you to dry the helmet while in the drawstring bag. Other accessories include extra pads, liners, and anodized hardware. 


  • Lightweight shell with fiber reinforcement
  • Optional personalization using custom lettering
  • Has MIPS, EPP, & EPS liners
  • CPSC 1203, CE EN1078, ASTM F1952, ASTM F2032, and AS/NZS 2063 certified for safety
  • Three years manufacture warranty


  • It uses a less comfy Fidlock closure

Why are women’s helmets different?


People also ask

  1. Why are women’s helmets different? 

    Bike helmet manufacturers make compact helmets for women. Women tend to have a petite and slender head structure than men of the same age. Second, women riders prefer using lighter helmets for various riding styles. And stylish helmets with a feminine touch and color theme appeal to women more than men. 

  1. What is ASTM F1952?

    ASTM F1952 or ASTM – DH is a standard helmet certification intended for downhill mountain bike racing. The certification demands stringent safety features in DH helmets to cater to the higher risk of injury to the head and face that DH riders face compared to other recreational street riders. In turn, the certification is much stricter than the CPSC regulations governing regular safety helmets. 

  1. How should a full-face mountain bike helmet fit?

    Ideally, any MTB helmet, whether full face or open face, should have a snug fit around the rider’s head.  That is, it should stay put on your head when you move your head back and forth. Further, a full-face helmet should have ample padding, straps, and liners to achieve a cozy fit that is not claustrophobic.

    In addition, insist on a full-face helmet with strategic vents that allow for unrestricted fresh air in and out of the helmet. The retention system should allow for a broad adjustment. And the buckle cheek and chin pads should be detachable for a flexible fit.


How should a full face mountain bike helmet fit


The women’s full-face bike helmet should have sufficient safety, functional, and aesthetic traits that complement the rider’s efforts. That way, the female rider can test her limits without worrying about getting permanent brain damage, feeling claustrophobic, excessive sweating, or hurting their eyes from branches or flying objects along the trail. This list of the top five women’s full-face mountain bike helmets in 2024 meets all these requirements. And they have the ASTM F1952 certification as a guarantee.

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  1. These are all very nice! I have been looking for a bicycle helmet, but I live in Florida, and I’m afraid a full-face helmet would be hot. Is there one that doesn’t burn up your head underneath? If so, then that would be ideal. I do a lot of mountain bike riding in the hills, but it’s still pretty hot no matter where I go.

    • Hi, Leahrae, and thank you.

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  2. The POC Coron Air SPIN bike helmet seems heavy, but surprisingly, it is lightweight. The helmet protects the whole face, which is a must when riding in case you have a fall. I like the BELL Super DH MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet ASTMF1952 because of its color. This helmed has a lot of things going for it. When I read all the pros, the only thing is it comes with a premium price, but it is worth spending the money on. It is great that it protects your eyes from dust and other debris.


    • Hi, Ingrid Robins, and thank you.

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      POC and Bell are great brands, big qualities from them. We are talking about very important security things when we talk about the helmets like you mention.

      So quality is very important. And if we need to pay a little bit extra for that, it is both normal and well worth it.

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  3. Thanks for the helpful article on top women’s full-face mountain bike helmets. It is an important piece of safety gear, so I want to know everything about the helmet features so I can make an informed purchase. For me, having a good peripheral vision is important to make sure I’m fully aware of my surroundings, so I appreciate the helpful information on visibility.

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  4. It is a great collection of helmets for women. A helmet is very important for riding or cycling. It protects and gives shielding confidence. I remember my childhood experience when I sneaked out with my younger brother to ride a bicycle. Halfway down a small hill near our house, we fell down from the bicycle and somersaulted down the hill. It was an unforgettable experience that, to date, I don’t joke with a helmet.

    Thanks for sharing this helmet shopping guide

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  5. Hey, thank you for sharing the Top Women’s Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet! I used to have a mountain bike when I was younger and would go everywhere with it. I had a simple helmet that just stayed on the head. These ones look way cooler and better for protection. If we ever get a moped or bike, I’ll get one for my wife!

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