Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes Review

Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes Review

Unfortunately is this product not for sale and looks like it have been sold out. At least in Amazon which the site focuses mostly on because of the shipment, there is comfortable for the clients. But found shoes which the site recommended instead. You can see the review here.

Are you having trouble choosing the perfect pair of running shoes to buy? Worry no more as we are about to unfold one of the best pair available on the market today! We are introducing the Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes. This amazing shoe is definitely a game-changer!

Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes

The Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes is not your ordinary running shoe. It is made to bring out the best in you and your performance. Not only that it enhances your running capabilities, but it also acts as a stylish pair for your casual days.

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  • Breathable Uppers

Its uppers are made with the combination of soft knitting and breathable mesh fabric, KPU + TPU technology, and a reflective leather. This gives the shoe the visual effect of a specially shaped exoskeleton.

  • Antibacterial Insoles

The soft and effective insoles ensure high elasticity, deodorization, sterilization, and optimum shock absorption.

  • Bionic Octopus Outsoles

Its outsoles bear the bionic octopus design which is made with a durable rubber material. This waffle rubber outsole offers extra comfort and traction to your strides.

  • Whole Palm Air Cushion

This running shoe ensures maximum cushioning due to its 360-air cushion sole. It is filled with nitrogen to give comfortable stretch and strong damping protection to your feet.

  • Highly Durable

The entire construction of this running shoe is made of premium materials coming from the best suppliers in China. They guarantee that every single detail is given fine attention.

  • Lightweight

Due to its innovative structure, the shoe is guaranteed to be lightweight. It normally weighs between 0.816 to .0981 pounds depending on the size.

best cushioned trail running shoes

  • Safety Features

The closure type of this running shoe comes with a lace-up style. This provides added protection and ensure safety in every stride.

  • Simply Stylish

This running shoe comes in a wide array of color combination: black/white, lake blue/orange, red/black, grey/orange, sky blue/green, blackish green/yellow, and royal blue.

  • Versatile

The Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes is an ideal pair not only for running but also for working out, jogging, riding, traveling, and other outdoor activities. It even matches your casual wear and fashion style for all seasons.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

The shoes manufactured by Onemix undergo full and strict quality control. They are well-packed prior to shipment. In case there are defects, you can directly contact their customer service for assistance.

The manufacturer of this running shoes also gives its clients a 100% satisfaction policy. This means that if you are not satisfied with the shoes or the size, you can return it for a refund. However, this should be on its original packaging.


  • Prevents foot rolling
  • Significant cushioning and support
  • Excellent breathability
  • Stable and flexible
  • Versatile and stylish
  • Relatively affordable
  • With free quality socks
  • Cons

  • Confusing chart-sizing
  • Quite narrow on the tip
  • on trail running shoes


    The Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes is conspicuously attractive due to its trendy colors and stylish design. It comes with breathable uppers and deodorizing insole to ensure optimum comfort and shock absorption. Also, its innovative rubber sole and superior air cushion sole offers improved traction and cushioning.

    This lightweight, flexible, and the durable running shoe is made from ingenious technology and design. It guarantees only the best and high-quality running shoe at an affordable price. Moreover, this pair of shoes can be used even on casual days due to its stylish and chic design.

    What makes the Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes even more special is that it comes with a free, high-quality sock for every purchase.

    Comparison with Another Product

    The Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes is highly comparable to Troadlop Men’s Hiking Quick Drying Trail Running Shoes since both offers stylish, durable and highly functional running shoes.

    Both these running shoes offer a unique design. While the Onemix shoes matches the whole season fashion, the Troadlop shoes features a beautiful five-toe design with a strengthen bottom. It comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes to fit in your running needs.

    The functionality and durability that both shoes offer are simply remarkable. They are both designed using the finest materials and with comfort in mind. The Onemix shoes are equipped with significant cushioning and excellent breathability. The same thing goes for Troadlop shoes as this pair is made with breathable knit fabric and super soft sole. These give this running shoe a light construction allowing you to have more flexibility and comfort when running and performing other exercise routines.

    Moreover, the Troadlop shoes also let your feet breathe and move freely as it will not rub the heel in barefoot. This also comes with a wide-toe design that lets you wiggle your toes at a certain space. Its toe front is guaranteed to keep your feet in shape, and at the same time, protect your toes against sharp objects.

    While the Onemix shoes prevent rolling, enhance stability, and promote good hygiene, the Troadlop shoes offer heat dissipation, dehumidification, and antiseptic features. This pair has holes that provide good drainage and quick-drying features.

    Lastly, both these running shoes are lightweight and easy to carry. They are space savers and can be easily packed for those who are always on the go.


    After comparing these amazing running shoes for men, a verdict has been made as to which is a better choice. Between the two, the Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes stand out in terms of style and construction.

    The Onemix running shoes can be used even on casual days due to their stylish colors and designs. This innovative design also helps reduce foot rolling, preventing knee pains and other complications. The soft deodorizing insoles with added cushioning minimize the pressure on the knee joint while the waffle outsole maximizes the traction generated.

    At its economical price, the Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes is definitely a good buy. Moreover, you get a free pair of high-quality socks that’s perfectly worn at any weather and even on hot days.

    8 thoughts on “Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes Review”

    1. Reading through this whole article, I can see that the Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes is no doubt very attractive because of its super brilliant colors and stylish design. The breathable uppers and deodorizing insole which ensure optimum comfort and shock absorption make it be an enviable product in the market.

      • Hi, Sammynathaniels and thank you.

        Thank you for your kind words.

        If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

    2. I’m actually looking for a good shoe for my husband for hiking, canyoning and other outdoor activities. I really don’t know where to start. Would this Onemix running shoe or perhaps the Troadlop that you mentioned be suitable? He does also run on occasion which is why I thought one of these pairs might be good? Or do you recommend he has a different pair of trainers for running than he uses for his other outdoor activities? 

      My next question is for myself. I run 3 – 4 times per week and recently I got shin splints which was terribly sore. I was told by a friend of mine that is studying to be a fitness trainer that is must be because of my shoes. What running shoes would you recommend for women that may prevent the problem of shin splints?

      • Hi, Lynne Huysamen and thank you.

        About your husband, I wouldn´t use the Onemix running shoes for hiking because it is very lightweight, which mean that itis designed for getting more speed when running on flat ground or cross country. Speed is the key.

        But when you are hiking the ground usually is, and you are going up and down and that call for more heavy shoes which are stronger but not with as much focus on the speed. So I would be recommended that your husband use trail running shoes like for example the Troadlop Mens Hiking Quick Drying Trail Running Shoes I mention late in the article. It is perfect for hiking too.

        But having in mind that in the essential no running shoes is made for real hiking so it would never last as long as real hiking boots. Here is an excellent article which explains why that is very well.

        Then your question about your shin splint. You are for sure not the only one who has this problem, and I agree with your fitness coach that I would start to think about the shoes. One of the shoes which have had a positive result for women which run with shin splints and that is the ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 21 Running Shoes. I have an Amazon link it as it is so easy to buy online from them with shipment and more factors in mind.

        The ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 21 Running Shoe has outstanding support in the heel because of their use of the gel comfort. It gives excellent support which is essential for all runners.

        Too, they use FluidRide cushioning which have managed to have a significant effort to a minimum the pressure on the legs.

        So I would check it if I were you.

        If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

    3. Hi

      Those running shoes look like a good investment for the average runner, offering loads of style and comfort. I have a question, on the durability of the shoes.  How long do you expect the shoes to last based on the miles covered?  Will it last as long over rough terrain compared to softer ground.

      Thank you


      • Hi, Antonio and thank you.

        First of all, these shoes would last much less on rough terrain because it is light weighed shoes. That means it is designed to help you to get as much speed as possible. So it is designed for running on flat or in cross countries.

        To run in rougher terrain, the Troadlop Mens Hiking Quick Drying Trail Running Shoes is a good choice. To run in a landscape like that you need a heavier but on same time massive shoes that the light weighted shoes are.

        And then about your question about how many miles it is a more tricky question. Number one because I haven´t manage to see proper research about it, after a long time, so I don´t want to tell a particular number about these shoes. I have seen numbers but are not convinced about it, so I don´t want to mention it.

        And too, because of your body and the landscape you run on have a big effect.

        So the only thing I want to say about it is that we can have as an idea that 300 miles should be an idea, based on similar shoes. But it is never 100% sure.

        If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

    4. The information shared in this post really got me thinking since I am looking into a new pair of running shoe. I have been a big fan of Asics over the years. I have a wide foot along with a heavy frame. I have found the Asics really fits my running/jogging style very well. I do not do a lot on trails, mostly roads and treadmills. 

       I know you compared the Onemix to the Troadloop. What would you compare them to in the Asics Line? How would they compare in a side by side test?

      • Hi, Ken and thank you.

        I want first to mention one crucial thing in my opinion. When you have wide feet, it can take time to find a brand or shoes which you like and fit your feet and body well. I know that you have been a big fan of Asics and that is not strange as it is one of the best brands in the market and have been it for a long time.

        So in my opinion, I would recommend that you keep the Asics. Because even so, I have not wide feet I have a similar thing and know it personally that it can take time, and testing, to find a brand you like because it is something how they design characteristics which are great for you.

        But we can generally say about the lines from these brands that Onimexis multi-purpose athletic brand when Asics narrow each line a little for special things. Both are great in some sense.

        If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.


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