Best way to break in a new baseball glove

Both baseball and softball players must break in their gloves before using them for a match. This process ensures that the glove has a custom fit that is comfortable and creates a secure pocket for holding the ball. Which is the best way to break in a new baseball glove?  Here are a few tricks that players use to break in a new baseball glove. 

The Preparation

Before you determine the best way to break in a new baseball glove, you should know how you want your gloves to break in to suit your position and style of playing on the team.

Some players like straight fingers or rolled fingers. Others want their thumbs out. Still, other players prefer the thumbs in to create more of a narrow pattern. Outfielders prefer to have a deeper pocket.  Once you figure out your preferred mode, then you can begin to break in your new baseball.

The key to breaking in the glove is the padding. The more you use the glove, the faster it will break down creating a soft feel around your hand.

How to Oil a Baseball Glove 

Breaking in the glove becomes easy when you use oil conditioner on the leather. Pour a few drops of oil on an applicator sponge, rag, or a sock. Use this sponge to wipe the inner area of the glove including the palm, fingers, laces, and backside.

Pay particular attention to the laces since they take up most of the stress when you catch the ball.  Ensure all the breakpoints on the glove are appropriately oiled. Once done, use a paper towel to wipe out any excess oil.

You can now go ahead and shape it to form the pocket. You may place a mitt at the center of the glove and tie a rubber band around the glove to create an X shape. Players catch the ball at the pocket. Therefore, you need to make sure it shapes appropriately.

How to Oil a Baseball Glove

Common Methods Used to Break In a New Baseball Glove

Play Catch with Your New Baseball

If you own more than one glove, use your regular glove to play catch with the glove you want to break in. Do this during your game breaks. When you resume your game, you may as well go back to using your regular glove.

If you do this for some time, your glove will begin to break in. This method is ideal for persons who own more than one glove and have the right amount of time to spare.

Using a Pitching Machine

If you own a pitching machine or have access to one, use it to break in your new baseball glove. To do this, find a good sitting position facing the pitching machine. Turn on the pitching machine. Catch as many balls as you can with your new baseball glove.

Using a Mallet or the End of a Bat

Use the head of the mallet or bat to hit the middle section or break points of your glove. Focus on the heel area of your glove.  If you want your glove to close the finger to thumb, fold it and hit it while in this shape. Pound the mallet directly on the pockets to br