Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series review

Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series review proves that these gloves are the best pick for covering ground and getting ahead of the game. The Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series is one of the five models of the A900 series, an upgraded version of the A800 series from Wilson brands. These gloves feature a traditional dark brown with white full leather construction appealing to the youth and young adult players alike.

If you are an infielder looking for convenient, durable and game-ready gloves, this Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series review is just for you. The gloves combine quality and affordability in providing an easy to access pro level glove.  

So what are the unique features of the Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series that make it stand out? Here is a full review.

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Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series Review – The Features

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The gloves measure 12 inches by 7 inches by 5 inches and weigh 1.51 pounds. If you are an infielder looking for a chance to get out of an inning, this A900 series offers you a lightweight alternative for making that fast move. It is available in five different sizes ranging from 11.5 inches and 12.5 inches. Additionally, the catcher’s mitt measures 34 inches.


The Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series features a double palm construction with additional leather padding between the palm liner and the outer shell. This added reinforcement absorbs the shock from the ball and cushions the player on defense thereby providing maximum pocket stability. It also protects the player’s hands from excessive sweating.

When it comes to the folds, the A900 glove series has a low profile heel on the front side that boosts the glove’s flexibility. It does this by opening up the palm and pocket areas. Subsequently, the infielders no longer have to worry about unpleasantly hitting the grounders or making bad hops. These gloves feature a design for both a left-hand throw and a right-hand throw orientation.

Apart from the Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series, the other four models in the A900 series construction include an 11.75 inches right hand throw modified trap ease design, a 34 inches right hand throwback catcher’s mitt, a 12 inches right hand throw first baseman’s mitt and an 11.5 inches right hand throw eye-web design.

All of these models have a Pedroia fit, making them a perfect choice for players with small hands. Both the hand opening and the finger stalls are small giving the player better control and catch. This A900 series retail with free shipping and a 100 days money back guarantee.

Breaking in the Glove

Do you dread the break in process for your new gloves? Not anymore. The Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series’ laces, shell and palm liner are of an exclusive ECCO Leather that conforms to the player’s hand from the start. This durable leather material gets softer with age and uses, giving the player a long-term break in solution.  

Its game ready softness saves the players from the inconvenience and time lost to break in the glove.

Additionally, the glove’s double palm construction on the front side offers impressive stability. Therefore, it is an ideal option for that quick glove exchange during a tournament or a speedy recovery from a winter break. Unlike other baseball gloves, these gloves protect the players’ knuckles from getting impact related sores.