Under Armour vs Nike: Which One Is Best?

There is a vast selection of brands when it comes to sports apparel, shoes, and accessories. As of this time, Nike and Under Armour are two of the most famous names in the sporting community. If we are to ask which is better between Under Armour vs Nike, which do you think would win?

Though Nike came into existence way before Under Armour came into play, we cannot deny the fact that Under Armour has been making its name known locally and internationally. Its products are also well-loved by athletes from different kinds of sports all over the world.

While you can find Under Armour’s name among Nike's top competitors at the moment, Nike is still the world's leader when it comes to the manufacture and sales of sports products, having the edge of experience on their side. They even have the largest market, both local and international. In the world of sports, Nike is always the first choice among athletes.

For us to have a better view of these two companies, we will try to check every aspect of how they operate and why they continue to progress with their businesses.

Direct Comparison

Under Armour

  • History: September 25, 1996
  • Products: Sports clothing and accessories
  • Marketing and Finances: $10.7 billion
  • Sponsorship: Football, auto racing, baseball, basketball, boxing, and more
  • Controversies: Historic mural covering, hunting video, public boycott


  • History: January 25, 1964
  • Products: At