How to Carry Phone While Running: Some Tips

How to Carry Phone While Running

The most annoying thing about running or participating in any sports activity is having to wonder where to keep your phone and other essentials that you may need. If you are an active person, you may want to use your phone while you run to count how many calories you are burning as you go.

Apart from keeping track of your fitness, carrying your phone comes handy in case of emergency situations. Although having your phone with you is beneficial, if you do not know how to carry phone while running, you might end up damaging the unit.

With that in regard, we will make sure that you will not face that problem because we will give important information on where you should and should not put your phone while running.

Where are the Worst Places to Put Your Phone?

Obviously, as a runner, one of the worst places for your phone, while you are running, is in your hand. Although this may make it easy to take pictures, it can also be an unwanted distraction. It is also a bad practice because it can cause hand cramps and you may lose your grip on it if you stumble or fall. Another place you should never keep your phone is in the lining of your pants. The movement from running and your sweat will cause the phone to slide and soon it will end up on the ground. It is also distracting especially if you have to stop so often to prevent it from slipping.

Likewise, you should not keep your phone in the pockets of your pants because some of them are not deep enough to accommodate the phone. Further, even if your phone fits in your pants, it may move against your leg when you run. This too can be annoying. In addition, you should never place your phone in your socks or shoes. Initially, it may seem like a good idea, but as you start to run and become active, you will realize that it was a terrible decision as you will not feel comfortable. Not only that, it might even cause leg cramps because of the added weight.

Where are the Best Places to Put Your Phone?

Of course, the best places to stash your phone will be in products that are specifically designed to store the phone while you run. The sad thing though is despite the technology that is available to carry your phone with you while running, some of you might still not feel fully comfortable wearing those items while running.

You might still find them distracting and bulky. Also, this might not be an immediate option available to you. Do not worry! There is still a solution, and that is to change your wardrobe.

You can consider pants and running jackets that come equipped with zippers and deep pockets. You can also use a jacket or pair of pants that has hidden pockets since you would never have to worry about your phone pitching out while you are on the run.

For years, women have used a bra to store their necessities in lieu of using a handbag. Some sports bras are actually designed to carry around your phone. These sports bras have pockets sewn to the chest. If your sports bra does not have a pocket, you should not attempt to keep your phone there as sweat is likely to get your phone wet and cause it to slip and slide.


How to Carry Phone while Running?

As mentioned earlier, there are some products on the market that are capable of holding your phone while you run. These items may make you seem a bit geeky, but at least you are keeping your phone safe and secure. One such product that is used for holding your phone that is very popular is the armband.

Armbands are adjustable, and some are even crafted with a sweat proof layer to prevent slippage. Other models have a touch-sensitive pocket that allows you to use your phone while on your run without having to remove it from the pocket. Most armbands can fit larger phones and are waterproof.

Another option is a waist belt which is designed specifically to hold your phones. Some of them are referred to as fanny packs and are equipped with a storage area for your phone and pockets to hold other small accessories.

These waist belts are so functional that they have water bottle holders and some come equipped with lights so that they can assist you with your vision during nighttime runs. They are usually made of snug materials to have a good grip on your waist, and they are usually waterproof to protect your electronics.


There are several ingenious ways for you to carry your phone while running. However, some of these habits are not advised as they can make your exercise session super uncomfortable. They can also become a distraction or might cause damage to your phone. Based on your needs and interest, there are a couple of smart ways for you to carry your phone while running.

If you are not adverse to DIY projects, you should consider sewing your own snug pocket unto your running gear to keep your phone while you run. On the contrary, even though DIY options may be cheaper than ordering a good armband online or buying it in a retail store, it may be wiser to buy a product that has been tried and tested by other runners. Hence, before buying any product for storing your phone when running whether it is a waist belt, an armband or clothing, you should evaluate the product well.

Nonetheless, whatever you choose from our suggestions above, you should be 100% sure with your decision, which means that you should choose the one wherein you can carry your phone as best as you see fit when you are on your run.

4 thoughts on “How to Carry Phone While Running: Some Tips”

  1. This is something I am currently finding to be a real problem. I have running shorts with the special phone pocket, but it just doesn’t feel comfortable an almost seems to be be pulling the shorts down. I can also feel it bouncing against my hip.

    I have tried simply carrying but I am always concerned about dropping it!

    Maybe an upper arm strap could be the answer?

    • Thank you, Nick.

      Personally, I like to have it in armbands. It takes some time to get used to the feeling, but it comes quickly. I sometimes, like you, have the feeling that even so, the pocket in the shorts is right that it pushes the shorts a little bit down. I know it, but the feeling is there. 

      But a lot of people like it, and it´s okay. The most important things are to have it where you want it most, in the meaning of feeling most comfortable to have it.

  2. I have to say that I stumbled on this article at the perfect time. I’ve started running again (slowly) now that the weather outside is finally nice, and have been carrying my phone in my hand. It’s kind of the worst and I’m really worried I might drop it one of these days.

    I’m interested in an armband…do you have any recommendations for one that breathes well and feels solid?

    • Hi, Mike D.

      It is very difficult to run with your phone in your hands because you have it always behind the year instead of concrete on of the run and enjoy it at the same time.

      It is good too, to have in mind that now there is a different kind of phone holders. You can place them on different parts of your body, not just your arms. In the past, it meant armband you strap on while you´re running.

      I was researching phone holder which are breathable and solid as you talked about. Have a look at the VUP Armband in this link. I strongly believe it can fit you well, special because the breathable factor is really good in it. The straps are made of breathable lycra which remains odor-free and soft and I think that is what you are looking for.

      Here are good ideas too.


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