Garmin Gadgets And Where To Buy Garmin Watches

where to buy Garmin watches

Which brand of a watch are you wearing? Is it a Garmin watch? Well, look at your neighbor. Are you also wondering where to buy Garmin watches? Hold that thought. Sales statistics show that Garmin is the third leading wearable technology provider worldwide. Apple… wait for it… Apple comes fourth! Yes, they lost the race in 2016 and Garmin is not giving back that position anytime soon.

The Market Influence

The Garmin running devices have loyal customers and among them are hardcore runners (Steve Way), hikers, ballers, swimmers (Richard Branson), and the other sporting fraternity. See, they know these products work efficiently. Even the adorable Britney Spears was spotted wearing the Garmin Vivofit.

The Standout Features

Most Garmin watches are water resistant. This is vital for triathletes and swimmers. The gadgets are versatile enough, with a touchscreen, and advance running dynamic function to track contact balance, vertical ratio, and stride length. The athlete can access their fitness data by downloading the company’s smartphone apps.

The Garmin device comes with distance trackers that enable a runner to monitor distance. The tracking is usually through GPS, and these watches have excellent GPS monitors.  Moreover, when satellite tracking is not available, the athletes can use the watch to track through a smartphone and record the information. The watches give specific distance information, and they come with options to change the units of measurements (say miles to kilometers) depending on your locality. Or, of course, depending on your first elementary math teacher.

The heart rate compatibility will help you to train within your heart rate zone. Consequently, you know when to push and when to slow down. They also give accurate information on the calories you burn while training. The long-lasting battery is yet another important aspect of the watches. It is incomparable with other similar running devices.

You can also pair the gadget with a smartphone or a laptop and upload several training activities from the free online fitness community. Through Garmin connect, you read running maps and get your mile details and the daily summary of events, which you can also share with your friends.  Other connecting features are the live tracking. You can allow your family and friends to follow whenever you are running. Talk about accountability! And don’t worry, regardless of your training ground (outside or indoors), the gadgets can track all the daily steps accurately.

Garmin, unlike other brands, manufacture their gargets in one factory. This ensures quality standards testing before forwarding the end products to the warehouse and later releasing them to the market. In addition, the engineering and design of the products are done in-house. This enables the company to reduce expensive overheads, and consequently, they produce affordable yet high-quality products.

The watches have custom triathlon setting which allows for smooth transmission and tracks your multisport exercise without interrupting your flow. The device can access Garmin’s bespoke app store, which enables you to add new functionalities and come up with the best multisport training regimes. The notification service is also excellent, and you can be notified through Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail platforms. These include; incoming calls, calendar appointments, and messages. And when connected to your smartphone they will display the weather information. The gadgets provide real-time data and after training performance analysis which allows you to plan your training regime

The Price in a Nutshell

Some watches within the brand come with a price. However, we can’t blame them, can we? The company designs the gadgets thoroughly. For instance, the S6 price tag is around $350. This device can measure a golfer’s swing velocity as well as a map over 40000 golf courses. Now that is technology at its best.

The Forerunner 735XT goes for around $450. It is designed explicitly for the triathlete. It does heart monitoring and distance calculation (or should we say analysis?). In addition, the Forerunner 735XT can measure the swimming stroke for swimmers, Oxygen efficiency, as well as cycling metrics.

However, they are not all about class and high-end luxury. They have considered each pocket size, and you have many options to choose from. If you missed our article on the best running watches under 100, click on the link and let us know what you think. Moving on!

Where To Buy Garmin Watches

Surprisingly, they market their own products.  The company has its own call center. So to answer your question on where to buy Garmin watches, let’s just say that Amazon comes first and then other online retailers follow suit. Amazon has a rich sales experience, and they don’t compromise on after sales services. Whether you buy your watch from Garmin themselves or from other retailers, Amazon guarantees that the seller meets your rights as a buyer.  

In Conclusion

Garmin watches are excellent for tracking while running, cycling, swimming, and other sporty activities. They usually come loaded with features including a heart rate chest strap. They can track running dynamics such as contact time, cadence, vertical oscillation, and when swimming they can follow stroke, distance, and pace. The gadget GPS is excellent in acquisition and accuracy even if you jump 10 feet in the water, and the other extra fitness test such as training guide peaks and the HRV stress. The menu layout is usually placed at the top. It is therefore easy to access everything you want for whichever activity you are engaging. Finally, on where to buy Garmin watches, remember that all the Garmin running devices are available on Amazon at pocket-friendly offers. Grab yours today.

2 thoughts on “Garmin Gadgets And Where To Buy Garmin Watches”

  1. Thank you for the information. I am not a guy into sports but my brother plays football, so i don’t have enough knowledge in the field. Its his birthday coming the next month, I think that this watch can prove to be very productive for him as a gift. The features like heart rate monitor and distance monitor are some which i think might help him a lot.
    Great informative review.

    • Hi, Hari S Nair and thank you.

      I´m sure this is a great gift for him. You right, the hearth rare monitor is very important and the distance is very useful too. For me, the heart rate monitor is the most important, not a least because it can prevent over- and underestimated training.

      I have a guide for you where I talk about what to have in mind when you buy a running watches. You can see it here.

      If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.


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