Watch for Run Walk Interval Training; the Ultimate Guide

watch for run walk interval training

Good running watches are essential for run-walk interval training. This is a training technique where you alternate working and running to improve endurance and to avoid injuries. A watch for run walk interval training would make this training easier. Beginner runners, as well as experienced runners, can use this training method. However, beginner runners use the technique to enhance their fitness and endurance and to run for more extended periods of time, while experienced runners use the strategy to increase their overall mileage, reduce injury, and retain energy to finish long races. The technique requires you to start by walking before the running muscle gets too exhausted to allow instant recovery. This help to extend the distance and the time you can run.

How a Watch for Run Walk Interval Training Works

It is necessary to time the running and walking intervals for accuracy. Therefore, investing in good running watches is paramount. They alert you when you need to interchange. A good running watch must also have an interval timer feature. It should be easy to use and portable and should beep loudly to alert you to start or to stop your running intervals. The pacing watch often slows you at the start of the activity, allowing you to improve in endurance as well as your overall conditions if you remain consistent.

Modern running watches have various features that help the runner to practice by run walk interval training. Some device merely records lap splits and inform you on time covered, while the complex ones have GPS trackers. The GPS enabled watch has more and advanced features which help you to track the movement when running. They also have sensors and applications to keep you connected all the time.

Whether you are a short distance or a long distance runner, your desire as a runner is to run first. However, the best way to increase your pace is doing it gradually. It’s possible by building interval training in a weekly operational program. A good watch for run walk interval training can assist you to achieve this.

The Interval Session

An interval session is where a runner alternates time intervals of effort beyond the average level, with that of low activity to recover. The technique gives your body a chance to rest before going to high aerobic mode again. To understand you’re aerobic you need to visit the lab. But you will also realize when you are running beyond your level once your breathing becomes too heavy (you’ll even struggle to speak).

Interval training enables high threshold performance and helps you to run further and fast without speed reduction. It adds an extra advantage in the finishing stage in long races. By running sprints, the body increases the ability to run comfortably in the anaerobic threshold. The training technique also reduces recovery time and enables you to train harder regularly.


Identifying Good Running Watches

Whether simple, complex, classy, trendy or the latest, running watches are made with the goal to personalize and optimize your training. Consequently, they assist you to improve your performance. What you select will be determined by your budget as well as your training objectives. It’s good to remember that the highest priced one is not necessarily the best one.

The First requirement for identifying the most appropriate watch for run work interval training is to determine the features that are most important to your program as a runner. Obviously, as an athlete, the most basic features must enable you to cover your time, distance, as well as your pace. Also, GPS is equally crucial for precision.

A good watch can base the interval session on heart rate, time, and distance. In the past, this was done on the running track by marking various distances with different recovery periods. Nowadays, with distance tracking GPS running watch, it’s possible to do interval training at any place and any time. You also need to invest in a modern smartphone with web tools and apps that enable you to select your sessions in advance and plan workouts that will assist in speed building.

Key Features When Buying a Watch for Run Walk Interval Training

Good running watches must vibrate and give you an alert when you need to interchange running intervals. It is supposed to alert you when you drop below the target heart rate or pace, and also enable you to make and save your phase basing on the distance and time. It should also allow you to come up with a heart zone rate for your free training. Depending on the goal you want to achieve, it should be easy to duplicate these phases and modify them to enable you to make monthly plan preparation efficiently

The watch needs to have a heart rate monitor for monitoring your heart. Good GPS reception to track all the daily activities, and enough memory to save all the required recordings. Features such as sensors are essential as they alert you during your running as well as when you may need to slow or rest during high performances. Other additional features though not very necessary are the cadence, route exploration, auto raps, and music.

In Conclusion

The ability of intelligence on personal activity is good because it combines the reading of the heart rate with your physical activities to determine your highest level of activity. The heart monitoring technology usually gives consistency and accuracy results. Other features that are also necessary for a watch for run walk interval training include optical heart monitor, gyroscope, accelerometer, and altimeter. Such features help you to have precise data and easy to read graphics. The barometric sensor which assists in altitude tracking is also necessary.  


2 thoughts on “Watch for Run Walk Interval Training; the Ultimate Guide”

  1. Love the article. I make run-walk interval training a large part of my daily exercise routine, and i ONE HUNDRED PERCENT agree that a good running watch makes it that much more of an enjoyable experience. I also would consider timing a necessity when doing an exercise like this. By no means am I a structured person, but when doing such a specific exercise, you need to be organized. Like you said, using precise data to optimize your results is key in this kind of workout.

    • Hi, Koda and thank you.

      Running watches can make the run/training more precise and more fun at the same time. The hearth monitoring is very important. Both because it is vital to know the pulse and too because it can be tricky to feel if the pulse is high and low. You can check with your finger but you don´t do it when you are, for example running. But too because the daily form can be tricky. Sometimes you feel good and very ready but when you check the pulse it´s too high. And sometimes you feel that you are too tired but see that your pulse is far from the training pulse you are trying to get.

      This is just one example. But too, it is both fun and motivated to see how you perform through the time. For example looking 3 months backs.


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