Rawlings 12.75” GG Elite Series Glove Review

Specifically tailored for pros, the Rawlings 12.75'' GG Elite Series Glove is a blessing to outfielders.  It has a mix of quality and choice performance. It is an adult merchandize with a conventional back material. The player break-in level is 80% while the factory break-in is 20%. 

This Gold Glove baseball apparel has a standard fit tailored for adults. In this article, we will review the Rawlings elite glove in detail and compare with a similar glove towards the end. 

In a nutshell, we discuss the brand types, special manufacturer features and the basics you will need to pay attention to. 

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Rawlings 12.75'' GG Elite Series Glove Features

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The Rawlings 12.75'' GG Elite Series Glove is a complete glove with baseball feel and advanced playability. Its pro-preferred style makes the glove suitable for outfield players. However, the Rawlings Elite glove only comes in black and camel color. 

Below is a list of its main features. 


This glove measures 12.75’’ inches. If you are an outfielder and a defensive player, the 12.75-inch gold gloves series by Rawlings are your best choice.


The Rawlings 12.75'' glove has a leather reinforced palm pad. It protects the knuckles and the hands’ back. The padded palm ensures the glove absorbs maximum shock during the game. 

Apart from the pad, it has a hard stitching with flair and detachable inserts. The stitching combines with the black binding to give the Rawlings gold glove strong double-axe laces. You will notice that most laces in this series are black color with a camel feel.

The gold glove has the signature red Rawlings stitch on the leather. It is worn on the left hand with the right-hand throw