Rawlings 12.75” GG Elite Series Glove Review

Rawlings 12.75'' GG Elite Series Glove Review

Specifically tailored for pros, the Rawlings 12.75” GG Elite Series Glove is a blessing to outfielders.  It has a mix of quality and choice performance. It is an adult merchandize with a conventional back material. The player break-in level is 80% while the factory break-in is 20%. 

This Gold Glove baseball apparel has a standard fit tailored for adults. In this article, we will review the Rawlings elite glove in detail and compare with a similar glove towards the end. 

In a nutshell, we discuss the brand types, special manufacturer features and the basics you will need to pay attention to. 

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Rawlings 12.75” GG Elite Series Glove Features

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The Rawlings 12.75” GG Elite Series Glove is a complete glove with baseball feel and advanced playability. Its pro-preferred style makes the glove suitable for outfield players. However, the Rawlings Elite glove only comes in black and camel color. 

Below is a list of its main features. 


This glove measures 12.75’’ inches. If you are an outfielder and a defensive player, the 12.75-inch gold gloves series by Rawlings are your best choice.


The Rawlings 12.75” glove has a leather reinforced palm pad. It protects the knuckles and the hands’ back. The padded palm ensures the glove absorbs maximum shock during the game. 

Apart from the pad, it has a hard stitching with flair and detachable inserts. The stitching combines with the black binding to give the Rawlings gold glove strong double-axe laces. You will notice that most laces in this series are black color with a camel feel.

The gold glove has the signature red Rawlings stitch on the leather. It is worn on the left hand with the right-hand throw



Do you love tough plays especially in the outfield? Rawlings glove comes with special deep pockets. The pockets are efficient for hard-hitting ball catches. The color-scheme pops out clearly making it easy to attract the ball direction.

Break-in and padding

The Rawlings gold glove (GG) in turn has a player break-in of 80% to the padding. Its moldable function ensures it is a custom-feel glove. This feature is economical as it provides creases to the work-ins during ball catches.  

Preferred Design

The Rawlings 12.75 GG series also has an elite pro-design stitch. There is a pad for the index finger with a thin profile. The web-preferred design is the pro-H web.

It holds its shape from season-to-season due to the strong leather tanning and the padding. In addition, the finger lining provides you with a comfortable feeling. However, the gloves remain stiff due to the strong laces, which is a good thing, right?

You will also notice that the leather used to make the outside of the glove is of European kip as well as a deer’s hide. Moreover, the lining of this glove is ultra-premium. 

The padding has a blend of 100% sheep wool. You will appreciate the fact that this feature provides the glove with a soft feel. As a player it is easier to close due to the worn in and the layer supporting the index finger. 

Rawlings sporting goods

Glove Grading and durability

Are you tired of gloves designed for short plays? The Rawlings 12.75” GG Elite Series Glove is durable due to the tight leather grain outside structures. The padding is pre-curved with multiple layers. You will see the layers between the palm and glove’s pocket. The layers can be customized to meet player specifics. 

On the other hand, the finger pad specific for the index finger on the Rawlings glove is a remarkable feature. As an outfielder your hand is more comfortable during the catch. The layers of the glove give you a custom feel as you slide your hand in the glove. It is effective in ball catching.

Additionally, you will enjoy a firm grip due to the tight structures on the glove. The design of this glove is also streamlined. If you like the colored glove layers, this series have bright colors that give it an appealing look.

Comparison with Easton Flagship Series Baseball Glove

The Rawlings 12.75 GG elite series is a premium version in comparison to the Easton Flagship Series Baseball gloves. It also has strong leather with an impeccable feel for outfielders. Like the Rawlings glove, Easton’s design is set to be worn on both the right hand and the left hand when throwing ball. The style name fits the 12.75’’ inch for outfielders.

The shell of Easton’s outer glove cover is of steer leather. The skin has a diamond-pro type. The glove has a hand palm space and finger lining to provide comfort and texture. Unlike the Rawlings glove that comes in a sheep-wool lining, Easton has oiled cowhide of the classic type. 

Rawlings’s design of pro-H web fits also in Easton’s glove. The shell shape of the glove has reinforcement from the leather welting. The shell is rigid due to the leather’s feature of split grain. It also provides the glove’s strength


  • The Rawlings 12.75” GG Elite Series Glove is durable due to the tight leather grain outside structures.
  • The padding is pre-curved with multiple layers, which give you a custom feel as you slide your hand in the glove. The layers can be customized to meet player specifics. 
  •  The index finger pad makes your hand more comfortable during the catch.
  • Very effective in ball catching
  • A firm grip due to the tight structures on the glove. 
  • A streamlined design  
  • The bright colors give it an appealing look


  • Comes at a premium price (leather from young cows (outer cover) and deer hides (on the inner lining is expensive).
  • The Rawlings 12.75” GG Elite Series Glove is ideal only for outfielders. 
  • It is ideal for adults, (pros and elites) and not children.


The Rawlings glove outer layer is of the European kip leather coupled with the deer hide. The Easton glove consists of a sheep-skin and a lining made of cow hide.  Its pockets are not as deep as the Rawlings glove. You can fold the padding of the Rawlings glove as it is moldable. The leather laces on the Rawlings glove also provide durability coupled with finger linings. 

The lacing of the glove is of leather. This feature ensures the glove and its laces are durable. As an outfielder you will want to change player positions often. Due to the moldable padding you will gain versatility. The oil tan reduces the break-in period. 

This series review recommends the Rawlings 12.75” GG Elite Series Glove due to its soft-padding construction and custom glove features.  

4 thoughts on “Rawlings 12.75” GG Elite Series Glove Review”

  1. It is actually someone great heck of an excellent glove, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I like the fact that it can be made customizable to the user and that’s a plus. Since it is my son who will use it, I wish to seek clarification about, Rawlings 12-75 gg elite, can be used by a kid without any form of deficiencies with it?

    • Hello, RoDarrick, and thank you.

      Yes, this is an outstanding glove from Rawling. But unfortunately, it is not for children.

      But I believe you could be interested in reading a review about the Akadema Rookie Series Youth Baseball Glove: AJT99 AJT99. You can see it here.

      Akadema has made great gloves, not at least for the kids. So good that many players who start using it don´t change later about a brand.

      Don´t hesitate to contact me if I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions.

  2. Hi Jóhann,

    As a person who has played all three outfield positions, I believe a fielder’s glove even surpasses the quality of their shoes for the most important equipment they need. In this regard, I like the sound of the Rawlings 12.75” GG Elite Series Glove with its deeper pocket for catching and retaining the ball on tough outfield plays.

    From the Pro Soft leather shell with its quick, easy break-in to its deer-tanned cowhide palm lining, full-grain finger linings, and full-grain, pro-grade leather laces, this glove sounds like a comfortable, durable, and good investment for long-term use.

    In addition to the glove’s overall flexibility, I find the flexibly moldable wool padding to be one of its most interesting and desirable features, because it allows players to shape the pocket to their specific needs based on their position.

    The Rawlings 12.75” GG Elite Series Glove appears to be excellent for ground balls, line-drives, and both high-flying and hard-hit fly balls. I’m sure that all outfielders will also appreciate that it comes in both left-hand and right-hand versions.

    • Hello, JamesOTW, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Don´t hesitate to contact me if I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions.


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