How to find the best golf ball for your game?

The golf ball is an essential sports gear for a golfer. You know, your swing, distance, speed are about how much you can achieve with the ball. Plus an amateur or a pro-golfer must know how to pick the appropriate shells for your shots. 

Also, if you want to practice for extended periods, some foam balls are cheaper and more forgiving. In contrast, practice for your ultimate game requires more. That is, brand, spin, and compression are some of the factors that come to mind. Hence, are you familiar with these specs? If not, here is a quick guide:-

Then, do you know your skill level? Are you a senior, a female player, or a recreational player? Then, pick golf balls with the right construction, feel, spin, compression, and dimple pattern matching your skill level. Then, clean and store your shells as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. That way, they will last more seasons with little or no maintenance.        

What Is Your Skills Level?

Before going shopping, establish your unique traits. For, only then can you find ideal shells to complement your moves.

  • Beginners & Recreational Players

Are you a beginner? Chances are you are yet to master your shots. Indeed, most of your throws could be landing in the lake, or off the green. With more misses than hits, it is a costly start that needs dedicated hours of practice. Hence, you want shells that give you a head start to the game.

Aim at staying consistent in your rounds. That way, you can cut your stray strokes and increase your landing distance. Then, pick low-cost golf balls that are easier to control. 

If you are a recreational player, foam balls are affordable and fun to use with family and friends. But, if you aspire to become a professional player, use X-Outs or lake golf balls. 

Lake golf balls are premium shells retrieved from the pond or lake. These balls stay submerged for long (not more than six months). So, they have to go through a recycling process to repair the water damage. After the restoration process, the shells look as good as new. Only, they are not as efficient as their perfect versions.

In turn, lake golf balls sell at a discounted price. They have a shorter trajectory. And, their ultimate performance will vary from brand to brand. Hence, a beginner golfer uses lake golf balls from premium brands to get a feel on what to expect in future. 

Likewise, X-Outs golf balls are ex-factory shells that never hit the shelves. That is, due to some minor blemishes, these balls sell at a discounted price as factory overruns. Yet, their performance marches that of blemish-free balls. 

X-Outs sell at a higher price than lake golf balls. They are excellent for anyone who wants to gain a competitive edge from the start, while on a tight budget. 

Practice Golf Balls For Experienced Golfers
  • Practice Golf Balls For Experienced Golfers

Are you a pro-golfer looking for shells for