How to steam a baseball glove at home?

How do you break in your baseball glove? Do you strike your glove daily using a bat until it breaks in? And do you know how to steam a baseball glove at home? Some players also opt to let the glove break in naturally as they use it. On the contrary, you may apply oil or even put it in the oven. All these methods may take at least a month before the baseball glove finally breaks in. 

But, if you want to break in your glove like a professional in minutes, consider steaming it. In this guide, we will show you how to steam a baseball glove at home in time for your next game. 

Wash, Dry and Hit the Glove

Start by washing your glove in mild soap. The soap gets rid of any oil on the glove's surface. Let the glove dry out in the sun. Afterward, use a mallet to hit the edges and pockets. Ensure you are wearing the glove halfway and keep it open as you hit it. This approach prevents creases from forming in the middle of the pocket. Instead, it reinforces the formation of the pocket. Continue hammering the glove for a minute. Check and confirm that the finger sections are soft and uniform. This step ensures the glove closes properly after steaming it. 

Apply a Pre-conditioner

A pre-steam conditioner helps in opening up the pores in the gloves, ensuring the steam reaches further into the glove. Also, since your glove has no oil on the surface, the pre-conditioner assists in keeping it moist and free from cracks. Hence, it quickens the break-in process. Most professionals prefer conditioner comprising of Lanolin and Vitamin E. This combination quickly softens hard leather to its original flexibility without degrading the material. 

Use a spray bottle to soak the glove with the pre-steam conditioner. You can use a rag in place of a spray bottle. Ensure the conditioner gets to the strings, pockets and the rest of the glove. Wipe off any excess conditioner on the glove.

Where to steam

Steam the Glove

Follow the user guide in setting the steamer. Then, put your pre-conditioned glove in the glove steamer. Let it steam for 2 to 5 minutes, depending on how soft you want it to be.  Once the time set is up, remove your glove from the steamer.


Hit the Glove

Use a mallet to hit the glove at the hinge and pocket points. Concentrate on areas where you want the glove to be soft, to suit your baseball position. A middle infielder’s glove needs shal