Importance of Using Running Socks

Importance of Using Running Socks

One of the common questions when discussing running footwears or apparels is why are running socks important. Before more specialized researches were made about socks, the typical cotton socks were enough and served its purpose well.

However, with the advancements in time and research, it has been found out that the commonly used cotton socks do not provide enough protection and support when it comes to certain physical – often strenuous – activities.

One of such activities is running. When one runs miles and miles, the feet is made to suffer long and hard impact and pounding brought about by the contact of the heavy body weight with the ground. Because of this constant stress to the feet, the feet are prone to problems or injuries.

For this kind of scenarios, having running socks for the feet sounds like a good reprieve for the often battered and weary feet. One could think a number of reasons why running socks are important under these conditions.

Importance of Running Socks

All runners will tell anyone that one important consideration in running is to have a good pair of shoes. All of them will likewise say that a good pair of shoes should be complemented by a good pair of running socks.

After all, what good are nice shoes when the socks are causing problems rather than helping the feet. There are several reasons to think of why running socks are important:

1.  Blisters

Runners often experience having blisters on their feet. Blisters are sure occurrences in running – only if the feet are not protected by good running socks. What causes blisters, one may ask. Heat, moisture, and friction are the three (3) essential ingredients in making blisters.

And all of these are present when one has to run without socks or with cotton socks. The heat can be avoided with the use of running socks that allow breathing or flow of air to and from the socks. The skin on the feet, covered up by the running socks, can breathe.

Moisture can be avoided with the running socks’ wicking moisture or sweat technology that keeps the feet cool and dry. Friction can also be avoided with the help of the paddings and cushioning of the running socks.

2.  Sweaty and Smelly Feet

Running with socks and shoes is a sure guarantee of having sweaty and smelly feet. However, such embarrassment can be easily avoided by wearing running socks that have moisture-wicking technology and use anti-bacterial technology.

The former drives away moisture and sweat from the feet and socks and keeps the feet dry and cool, while the latter prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause the bad smell.

The more common cotton socks offer no moisture control, unlike the running socks, so having smelly and sweaty feet is likely connected to wearing cotton socks.

3.  Comfort

The running sock offers support to the feet so it brings comfort to the wearers despite standing on one’s feet the entire day.

Also, the running socks have paddings and cushions that help protect the ball and heel of the feet from the force of stepping or running.

Most running socks also have contour and snug fit that help walking and running more comfortable because of the protection of the feet’s arch.

4.  Leg Muscle Injuries

If the feet suffer through constant and strong impact without proper protection and support, the leg muscles are more prone to having injuries and fatigue.

This can be avoided by wearing running socks that have graduated and targeted compression. With running socks, warm up and cooling downtime can be lessened.

The feet are also more energized and will not likely cause pain even after a long and tiring day. The paddings or the cushions of the running socks also help in reducing the force of the impact to the feet.

The running socks are not only good in preventing leg injuries, but they also help in managing leg injuries with the help of the targeted compression that allow improved blood circulation. The faster the blood circulates in the leg area, the faster the recovery from the injury will be.

6 thoughts on “Importance of Using Running Socks”

  1. Im not an athlete but a day doesn’t go by where I don’t wear socks so it’s quite interesting to know that they have socks for different things. I didnt know they had socks for just running and how important it is. While im not an athlete , this info was very informative so thanks.

    • Thank you, Tiffani.

      Behind all quality sports equipment is outstanding research to get the maximal benefits of it. So it is not so strange that you can have a benefit of it in daily life. That is the reason for that you can use running socks in so many jobs.

      Because if you think about it, people who stand a lot in their job, they have many things in common with runners who put a load amount on their legs in their runnings. 

      So using the benefit of the research from the sports company can be a brilliant method to feel better in the job or daily life.

  2. As a casual “jogger”, I totally agree that not just the shoes but socks play important role too when it comes to running. The first point itself has hit me a heaps of time. I used to have blister after running and its not worth at all because if you love run a lot you would have to skip for a bit when you had blisters at your foot. Don’t just get a good shoe but go get a good running rocks too I would say.

    • Thank you.

      The point is that you need to think and take care of all the picture. All things (like socks, shoes, pants, shorts, etc) come together and made your run more comfortable, more enjoy and can reduce danger of injuries. Good shoes is important but good socks made them and the feeling better. 
      Too, it´s important to have in mind that compressions socks helps so much about the important blood circulation to name one thing. So it will help all runners and walking too, no matter if it´s casual jogging or pro runner.

  3. I enjoyed reading this article because I actually learned a lot about socks when I thought I already knew everything. I know cotton socks get soggy so I try to find the “CoolMax” socks that wick away moisture and keep your feet cool and dry. What I didn’t know is the advanced cushioning of the different bones of the feet to protect them from all the pounding. Great to know and thanks for the info.

    • Thank you Lauren Cook.

      Yes, running socks is very important to hande the feet as good as possible when you train, and after you train. No matter if you are “jogger/walker” or pro runner.

      There is understandable that many people don´t think in the start of the running socks. But when you realise that it is very strange that you spend a lot of time in choosing running shoes and you know that the best running shoes breath (and most of it do). But if you buy a good running shoes because the breath, it makes no sense to use cotton socks which have the effect that the runner shoes don´t breath. If you use running socks, then they breath. Plus running shoes add damper with the damper in the shoes.


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