FITSHIT Compression Socks Review

FITSHIT Compression Socks

When one has to go through physical activities that would need the use of feet for a long period, getting the feet supported and protected is important in keeping it comfortable and free from pain or injury.

If one is planning to go to the gym to work out, to play a physical or contact sport, to go on a mountain hiking, or to jog around the woods or the neighborhood, using a good pair of running socks with the shoes could give significant relief to the often weary feet. Therefore, you should go for good running socks like the No products found..

Sadly, these socks are no longer available. But great news – I’ve found the Thirty 48 socks which is a fantastic running sock. You can read more about here.


  • Premium graduated & targeted compression
  • Premium quality fabric
  • Comfortable use
  • Moisture wicking technology
  • SnugLeg technology
  • Available in five (5) colors
  • Hand tested
  • Durable
  • Sizes: Small (M: 4-7, F: 5-9), Medium (M: 8-11, F: 9-12), and Large (M: 11.5-14, F: 12+)

FITSHIT Compression Socks review


One of the head features that makes the FITSHIT Compression Socks ahead of its competitors is its premium graduated or targeted compression. This feature helps in reducing the fatigue and injuries on the leg muscle when one has to go through physical exertions.

At the end of a long and tiring day, the wearers will feel less muscle pain and tiredness as well as be more energized because of the support being provided for by this running sock.

The targeted compression also offers other benefits to its users. First, the targeted compression can facilitate faster blood circulation within the leg area. As a result of improved blood circulation, injured leg muscles will have faster recovery time.

Second, the energy levels on the legs will be significantly increased – allowing the energy level to last all throughout the day. Moreover, there is no need to spend long on warm up and cool down period because using the running sock helps to make the wearer injury-free.

To add, FITSHIT Compression Socks also use a moisture wicking technology that makes the product a nice asset.

The technology is paired with an anti-bacterial technology that prevents the growth of fungus and bacteria and provides odor-free feet.

One usual problem with sweaty feet after hard or long physical activities is having smelly feet after taking off the running socks. This embarrassing scenario can be avoided with the use of this particular running sock.

Another good thing about this running sock is the fact that it was made to have a snug foot – this is being guaranteed by the SnugLegtechnology. There is no need to worry about the running sock falling or sliding from the leg.

For intense physical exertions such as playing contact sports, this running sock also helps to prevent excess impact on the feet with its extra padding in the foot area.

Quality is another advantage of this running sock. Each and every pair is being tested for maximum performance and long service life.

Furthermore, it does not easily wear out – making it durable. Even after every wash, the running sock can still offer the same compression every time one slides it on. So with the durable quality of the running sock, one can be guaranteed enjoyment and service of the product for quite a long time.

This smart buy will ultimately lead to more savings – more can be saved from buying a new pair of running socks. To complete the nice package, one can purchase a pair of compression socks at a decent and fairly affordable price and there are five (5) different colors to choose from.


All interested purchasers should also be aware that the FITSHIT Compression Socks have its own share of downsides – all can be considered as minor ones. The name of the brand is printed at the back of the running socks in big and bold letters.

This would be fine for some people, but for most such branding is not appealing. The running sock was designed with a SnugLeg technology so some would find the first few tries of putting on the running sock a little challenging.

The size charts are of the normal and usual size, so for those who have wider and longer leg, the normal sizes can be smaller. To address the problem, choosing the next size bigger size would be a safe choice.


The FITSHIT Compression Socks is all about support and protection. The running sock may have some downsides but almost all of the issues raised were minor ones that do not exactly overshadow the many benefits that this particular running sock can offer to its wearer.

For the athletes, going for No products found. would be a safer choice to make. Also, this running sock can be purchased for an affordable price, making it a smart buy for anyone who needs a pair of compression socks.

4 thoughts on “FITSHIT Compression Socks Review”

  1. Hi. I’ve heard about such socks before but I must admit I had no idea that they were that good! I’m particularly interested in the odor reducing feature. Does it really work? Once a week I play volleyball with a group of friends. You know what it’s like when we all take off our trainers after the game… Are these socks adequate for volleyball players in the first place?
    Have you had any personal experience with these socks?

    • Thank you, Zbigniew. 

      The odor reducing feature works, like in more types of sports. All thing in this socks are design and manufacture the highest quality and you can trust for sure.

      As I don´t play volleyball, but love to watch it, I haven´t any experience with using this socks in volleyball. But the question are interesting. I have analysed a lot and I can´t see any reason for that you couldn´t use it. They work in the gym and in contact sport and even so volley ball are different for this two things, you could use it. But and former team handball play  I would prefer use other types of socks, like this one which have  the “Y” heel gore prevents slippage while high density cushioning at the heel and forefoot adds comfort and protection.

  2. Hey, thanks for all the great information. I do a decent amount of running myself, so this review was rather helpful to me! Whenever I go for runs I try to pick the better of the socks that I have because I like to run in comfort. I feel like comfort does make a bit of a difference when running!

    • Thank you, Kohl.

      Yes, it is important to feel comfortable when you running. And it is not worse to know that you are running in socks which all thing in this socks are design and manufacture with the highest quality.


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