Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Running? A Brief Review

are on cloud shoes good for running

Are On Cloud shoes good for running? This is a commonly asked question by people looking for an advanced pair of runners.

With their unique technology and trendy style, there’s no doubt they are a popular type of footwear to consider.

However, the truth lies in whether they are actually the best for running or if other better options exist.

In this guide, we’ll explore all of the features said to make On Cloud shoes one of the top choices for athletic enthusiasts.

We’ll also talk about a few features that could be improved to help you get a better experience from your workouts.

What Are On Cloud Shoes?

Unless you’re deep in the running world, On Cloud might be a brand you’ve never heard of.

That said, they have some of the most fashionable and intuitively designed pairs of footwear for runners and other athletes.

The brand suggests their styles are performance running shoes, meaning they have unique features you aren’t likely to find elsewhere.

What makes On Cloud shoes different from other brands like Nike, Under Armour, and New Balance is their CloudTec technology, as we’ll see below.

With the addition of this unique form of cushioning, it’s said to reduce impact and boost productivity in your stride.

With all of the features built into the On Cloud tech, there’s a lot to suggest they could be the perfect fit.

Exploring On Shoes Technology

According to the brand, On shoes are the “key to unlocking your running potential,” which sounds fantastic.

There are a few key pieces of tech that make these shoes different from other brands.

Let’s look at the most innovative features you’ll find in their footwear.


CloudTec is the most notable component of On Cloud shoes, as it’s where the style gets its name.

With CloudTec, runners and other athletes have enhanced stamina, endurance, and other performance metrics.

Boosting your performance is done with a unique piece of the sole called a “Cloud.”

Each Cloud is linked together, which creates an adaptive sole covering the entirety of your underfoot.

Combined, the Cloud links help reduce muscle fatigue and the strain you put on your body, which could help reduce heart rate and prolong your endurance.

Another massive benefit to CloudTec is that it offers multi-directional cushioning, absorbing active impact from landings at their most crucial points.

Whether making lateral movements or quick stops, the multi-directional cushioning supports your feet from every angle.

It also helps the shoes adjust to your unique movements, adapting to your gait, stride, and other workout traits.

The softer your landings are with this cushioning, the less horizontal and vertical compression your feet will experience.

Double-Stacked CloudTec

Now that you have a good idea of what CloudTec is, imagine having a pair of footwear with two layers of innovative technology.

Long-distance running has never been more possible with double the stability and the innovative shock absorption.

This technology is in the Cloudstratus line of shoes, designed for medium to long-distance runners.

Helion Superfoam

Helion Superfoam is another unique facet of On Cloud shoes, especially with its Swiss engineering.

Foam is a highly popular material in the footwear industry, but Helion takes it further by combining optimal cushioning and lightweight wear.

You can finally have a pair of runners with ample padding and simultaneously reduce heaviness.

Helion Superfoam offers multiple benefits, including maintaining the temperature within your shoe at a comfortable level.

Even though it’s thick and supportive, it’s also breathable and helps reduce sweating.

You’ll also find it boosts the rebound potential of your shoes, protecting your feet from impact.

The general construction of the Helion Superfoam is unique, using advanced processes to combine stable, rigid, comfortable, and flexible segments.

With this fusion, the On Cloud shoes have the ultimate recipe for high-performance runs.

CloudTec Outsole

The technology of On Cloud shoes continues through to the outsole, where you find a high-quality rubber grip compound.

If you’re the type of athlete who loves working out in all kinds of weather, these shoes are for you.

You’ll have enhanced durability and optimal grip to traverse numerous terrain types without dealing with heavy footwear.

TPU Speedboard

The TPU Speedboard is a feature often found in the road-running On Cloud shoes.

This innovative technology is comfort-focused but is also essential for maintaining foot health.

When wearing your shoes, the Speedboard optimizes the rolling sensation of the outsole to improve your stride.

When running on hard surfaces, especially asphalt, this feature is essential.

It helps reduce impact, optimize each stride length, and boost your athletic performance.

Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Running? The Advantages

Let’s jump into the most helpful features built into these shoes to help you make the most of your runs.

Improved Take-Offs

One of the most important aspects of running, especially short distances, is ensuring you have the most effective take-off.

This is where the On Cloud shoes prove helpful, as they help eliminate elements that reduce the explosiveness of your movements.

Like a car, you’ll feel you have optimized pickup to make the most of your races.

Engineered Mesh Upper

Mesh uppers aren’t something to forget when buying runners, and On Cloud shoes have well-designed mesh components.

With these uppers, your feet will have added support without losing their comfortable breathability.

With this footwear, your feet will feel much cooler in all types of weather compared to others.

Star Lacing

The unique star lacing configuration is something you will find in both generations of the Cloudstratus.

Using this lacing technique, you can improve your foot support along their length.

As you can imagine, it helps promote a smoother and more natural stride, ensuring your feet move anatomically correctly.

Recycled Materials

As new generations of shoes are designed by the company, their manufacturing practices have become more eco-friendly.

Many shoe types, like the current-gen Cloudstratus’, are crafted using up to 70 percent recycled polyester.

Approximately 20 percent of the entire shoe is made from recycled materials. What’s more, they are currently working on designs to increase that number.

Unique Colorways

When buying shoes, you want to find a pair that will look great for numerous occasions.

On Cloud shoes have many colorways, from more extrinsic colors to low-profile workout shoes perfect for professional environments.

Compared to other brands, the general design of these shoes is more recognizable.

You’ll find color combinations such as turmeric and aloe if you want something bold and noticeable.

Alternatively, there are more subtle all-black and all-white shoes that are sure to fit into anyone’s gym bag.

If fashionable is what you’re going for, they are a great pair of shoes to consider.

Waterproof Options

It’s important to note that not all On Cloud shoes are designed to be waterproof and weatherproof.

However, you can wear specific types for any season.

They’re a fantastic option if you like exploring forested areas or going out for a run during a light storm.

What Are the Disadvantages of On Cloud Shoes?

For as many fabulous features as these shoes bring to the table, there are a couple of important disadvantages to consider.

Rubbing and Irritation

Some On Cloud footwear, like the Cloud X’s, could cause slight irritation if you don’t size the shoes properly.

Some wearers noted the ankle area was the most affected, as the upper features a cut-out that rubs against the skin on long-distance runs.

That said, you can remedy this by wearing longer socks and using the sizing tool on the site to choose the right fit.

Deep Outsole Grooves

Having ample traction is essential for working out, especially if you make sharp and quick movements or run outdoors.

That said, On Cloud shoes have particularly deep grooves throughout the outsole.

Although it adds traction, it makes your shoes more likely to soak in dirt and trap stones outdoors.

Not only can this affect your running performance, but it can also be a pain to clean out your outsole after every adventure.

It’s best to avoid rocky areas to maintain the quality of your underfoot.

Thin Laces

There’s no doubt that while owning On Cloud shoes, you’ll likely have to buy a new set of laces.

Although they are incredibly fashionable, the laces are pretty thin and wear down easily.

This is particularly true for runners who frequently adjust their laces for the best fit.

Investing in third-party athletic laces that offer higher quality threads and thickness can be a better alternative.

Toebox Chafing

The toebox in these shoes may or may not become an issue depending on the shape of your feet.

Some runners experience moderate chafing, especially if you need a wider toebox in your runners.

However, average-sized feet seem to fit comfortably in the toebox without discomfort.

What Do People Think About On Cloud Shoes?

One of the best ways to decide whether a pair of shoes will work for you as a runner is to consider the reviews left by other athletes.

With On Cloud shoes, the reviews are mostly positive, with many glowing recommendations speaking to their comfort and style.

A few of the most frequently boasted features include:


Most runners don’t want to spend over $200 on a high-quality pair of running shoes.

As such, you’ll find the vast majority of footwear with CloudTec is priced reasonably below $200, making them an affordable luxury for athletes.


Aside from how much they cost, customers also discuss how the general value of these shoes is mind-blowing.

Compared to other “top” footwear brands, you’ll get significantly more wear out of On Cloud shoes.

Even if a pair is out of your budget, it’s well worth the investment because you’ll get plenty of wear.


Comfort was an interesting point to consider with these shoes because some styles are more comfortable than others.

For example, the Cloud 5’s is some of the top sellers regarding comfort.

However, the Cloud X Swift’s aren’t the best option for all-day wear or comfortable long-distance runs.


There’s no doubt that one of the main areas On Cloud shoes shine is when it comes to versatility.

The shoes work well for running, everyday activities, or even trail climbing.

Many wearers enjoy using them at the gym and for at-home workouts, speaking to the wide compatibility of their design.


In most instances, On Cloud shoes fit true to size, although there could be some variation depending on the style.

It’s important to check the individual reviews for specific styles you’re interested in to determine whether to size up or down.

Are On Cloud Shoes Worth the Hype?

The intuitive technology built into On Cloud shoes for enhanced performance makes them ideal for all types of athletes, particularly runners.

It offers the best support, paired with optimized cushioning, helping you make the most of every stride.

Not to mention, they are incredibly affordable, especially when compared to other luxury running shoe brands.

6 thoughts on “Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Running? A Brief Review”

  1. Thank you so much for the review over the on cloud shoes and if they are good for running.  I am in the army, so I run a lot and try to run at least five miles a day.  I love the sound of these shoes, and you are right, they are a brand I have never heard of before.  Do you think these would be good for someone who runs as much as me and is in the army?

    • Hi, Jessie, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.  

      First of all, I have no experience of army life. But how I believe it is, yes, they would be great in the army. 

      What I have in mind is mostly two things.

      How Versatility they are. You can wear them in such a different place, and it is not so many shoes where you can.

      They are very comfortable even though some types are better than others.

      Great to hear about your benefit of the article too.

  2. Cloud shoes sound heavenly and although I am not a runner I have a job where I am on my feet all day so I am sure my feet will really appreciate ‘walking on clouds’ all day.

    As a runner these types of shoes can really help to protect your knees and other vulnerable joints. I was wondering what the longevity of theses shoes are like if you use them everyday but not for running purposes?

    • Hi, Michel Maling, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Yes, I believe too that you have a big benefit from using it daily. The versatility of this shoe is one of their most significant benefits!

      You asked about their longevity. Even so, some/most companies publish a hint about it. They admit too that it is very difficult. It´s so many factors that come in. So heavy the person is, how it used to be and where.

      So when you are not using them as a runner, and even so, you would use them there, it is always a thumb rule. I don´t trust myself to give good hints about it because of all of these factors.

      But I believe this post could help you too with what you have in mind. There are some really good walking shoes there which you could benefit from.

      Great to hear about your benefit of the article too.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me to help you with anything else or if you have any questions.

  3. I’ve been running for 40 years and I’m interested in this brand, because they have prices under $200.
    I have not heard of On Cloud Shoes until now.
    For performance runners it is ideal for me.
    I have never heard of CloudTec technology before.
    I am excited that it significantly reduces the impact, and I run on rough terrain every day.
    It improves endurance, although I run a little, it is something to consider.
    How good that my landings are softer.
    I’m thinking of using them for long distances, especially hiking.
    It is interesting that 70% is recycled polyester which helps the environment a lot.

    • Hi, Vasile, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      About the long distance idea. Here is an article about some really good long-distance shoes. I believe you will like it.

      Great to hear about your benefit of the article too.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me to help you with anything else or if you have any questions.


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