Avoiding Common Mistakes Proper Techniques for Using Baseball-Hitting Nets

Avoiding Common Mistakes Proper Techniques for Using Baseball-Hitting Nets

The most convenient way of practicing baseball is via the use of baseball-hitting nets. However, sometimes we are not sure how to use the nets correctly, especially for beginners. This article will address the most common mistakes hitters make when using baseball nets and how to rectify them. We also look at how to set up your net for your safety. And finally, we will explore smart ways to use your net to get the most out of your practice.

Let’s dive right in.

The Proper Way to Set Up Baseball-Hitting Nets


When your net is well set up, you can practice your swing without chasing the balls down, or swinging them into a busy street, or worrying about damaging your neighbor’s window. The first step to setting up your net is choosing an appropriate location, which should be flat ground. If you need help buying a baseball-hitting net, we have a detailed review here to narrow down the options.

Start by anchoring the framework firmly on the ground. Most hitting nets come with detailed assembly instructions. A common mistake with the assembly is leaving the nets loosely anchored. If necessary, use stakes or weights to attach the framework firmly to the ground because loose nets are a major safety hazard.

As you set up the net, adjust the height depending on how tall you are. A standard baseball-hitting net measures 10 feet wide by 10 feet height. It should also have a clearance of 20 feet away from any objects, including houses. Finally, set up the tee starting with the base of the tripod.

Your Safety

Depending on your prowess level, you could consider wearing the appropriate protective gear including a helmet, batting gloves, and a faceguard. However, since this is not an actual match with other team players, it’s ok to overlook some of the safety gear.

The next safety precaution is ensuring your body is ready before you start hitting the net. A few simple stretches and jogging to warm up your muscles are recommended. You could also practice your swing without holding the bat to relax your joints and muscles. Arm circles, neck stretches and shoulder rolls are also excellent warm-up exercises.

If you’re just starting, it’s better to practice with soft balls as opposed to hard, game-ready balls. And here are the reasons why:

  • The softballs won’t fly as far or fast and they don’t land as hard which reduces the risk of injury in case you miss and hit a person.
  • These balls also have minimum force on your net which means zero damage and hence the net doesn’t wear out as fast.
  • Softballs are easier to hit. They require less force. Therefore, it’s much easier to focus on your technique and swing accuracy and consequently improve your game when using softballs.

Proper Hitting Technique in Baseball

When you start hitting the balls into the net, start slowly as you gradually increase your swing power. It’s common for beginners to struggle with a proper grip. First, start by positioning your feet shoulder-width apart. Then grip the bat at the bottom of the handle with your dominant hand. The other hand should be holding the bat about halfway up the handle.

Relax your hands and loosen the arm. Keep your knees slightly bent, your head leveled, and your elbows closer to the body then backswing. The backswing gives you control and generates power. As you start to bring the bat back behind the head, swing your hips and shoulders forward to add more power.

All this while, ensure your arms are relaxed but the shoulders assume a square position. Most importantly, keep your eyes locked on the ball and finish the swing with your weight supported by your front foot. Don’t feel discouraged if you miss the ball. Keep practicing following these steps and you will get it right.

The Proper Way to Set Up Baseball-Hitting Nets

11 Common Baseball Mistakes to Avoid hitting


Lunging is when you lose balance while swinging your bat and tend to lean forward or backward. Consequently, you might lose focus on the ball and either miss your hits or make very poor contact with the ball. To fix this, try and keep your weight balanced over your feet throughout the swing.

When you try to swing the bat using your arms only instead of your entire body, we refer to that as casting. Casting makes you lose power and control. Consequently, you tend to make gentle contact with the ball. To fix this, relax your arms, and use your hip and shoulders to generate power. Let the body take charge as your arms relax.

Dipping the Head

For most hitters, when you try to hit the ball too hard, your head tends to dip. As a result, you lose focus on the ball and fail to track its flight. When that happens your experience inconsistent results and poor contact. To fix this problem, try to keep your head level and focus on the hitting technique rather than the force.

The Front Foot

Avoid using your front foot to propel your swing. This will result in poor balance and low swing power. Hence you find trouble hitting the ball consistently. To fix this, use your hip and shoulders to generate the swing force as discussed above.

Over swinging

Baseball is a game of technique rather than force. When you try to hit the ball hard or too far, over-swinging happens. This can result in lost swing control, poor contact, and instability. To fix this problem, focus on your body’s natural rhythm and generate smooth controlled swings.


The bat should always swing through the ball. Chopping is when the bat swings downward hitting weak ground balls and pop-ups. To fix it, try and relax and focus on maintaining level swings that are parallel to the ground. Try to swing through instead of chopping down at the ball.

The Hands

As you try to generate more power, sometimes the hands get in the way and you end up pulling them towards your body as you swing the bat. As a result, you experience low power and lose control. Sometimes you might even injure yourself. To avoid pulling your hands, focus on rotating your body, especially the hips and shoulders instead of trying to use your arms to swing the bat.


This is when you don’t have control over your swing. Your body and arms tend to move erratically and uncoordinated. This results in poor ball contact and sometimes injury. To fix it, try to maintain a good body balance and maintain focus on the ball. Also, generate a fluid and relaxed swing.


Sometimes, as you swing, you tend to lift your arms and hands instead of keeping them level. This can make the bat scoop up the ball under it, hence the name. As a result, you end up with weak or missed hits. To prevent scooping, focus on the ball in front of your bat instead of the one under it.

Your Step

Have you heard of ‘stepping in the bucket’? This is a common mistake resulting from uncoordinated foot movement. If you take a step with the foot close to the plate, your entire weight shifts to the third base side, which makes it harder to get good ball contact. That’s why you end up pulling the ball to the left. To fix this, focus your step towards the pitcher to keep your weight centered.

Proper Hitting Technique in Baseball

Pushing the Ball with Your Arms

We’ve already discussed that you should swing through the ball, right? Now, when you try to push the ball, it goes straight down or up. Always ensure your bat flows naturally through the zone. Don’t force the direction of the ball. As long as you have good contact with the ball, just let the power come through naturally.


Most people experience the above mistakes yet some don’t even notice them. To keep your performance on an upward trajectory, practice good baseball hitting techniques and work to correct any mistakes you might be making. With practice, you will surely become a consistent and remarkable hitter.


4 thoughts on “Avoiding Common Mistakes Proper Techniques for Using Baseball-Hitting Nets”

  1. I’m really new to the world of baseball and practicing hitting techniques, but this article about using baseball-hitting nets caught my attention. I’ve heard that hitting nets can be really helpful for practice, especially for beginners like me who might struggle with technique. The article mentions avoiding common mistakes while using these nets and I find that really interesting. One part that stood out to me is the mention of “casting” – when you use only your arms instead of your whole body to swing the bat. I’m curious to know more about how to avoid this mistake and properly use my body to generate power and control during a swing. 

    Could you provide some more details or tips on how beginners like me can overcome this issue and improve their hitting technique when using a hitting net?

    • Hi, Skamalka, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Yes, the hittings nets are perfect for training. The more you practice but correct, the better you will be.

      Your question about casting and how to avoid it. In sports and all the time are more and more important and good research. Men have learned that your body must use all of your body when you throw or hit the ball, for example, in casting.

      If not, in many cases, it seems that you add the danger of injuries, for example, in the team handball. Players who throw the like casting have a tendency. I know there is research about it going but at the moment. It showed that if you don’t use the whole body, the danger of injuries adds.

      So that is the key Start in your leg and let the movement be natural and come up. I saw a good video explaining it, which you can see here. If you need more info, let me know.

      You can see the video here.

      Great to hear about the benefit of the article too.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me to help you with anything else or if you have any questions.

  2. Great blog post! I really appreciate the detailed instructions on how to set up baseball-hitting nets properly. It’s important to have a safe and secure setup to avoid any accidents or damage. The tips on wearing protective gear and warming up before hitting the net are also very helpful. I found the section on proper hitting technique to be informative and easy to understand. The step-by-step instructions and tips for avoiding common mistakes are valuable for beginners like myself. Overall, this blog post provides a comprehensive guide to using baseball-hitting nets effectively and improving one’s hitting skills. Well done!

    • Hi, Alice, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      I believe you will have interesting in reading this article. There we go deeper in the hittings nets.

      Great to hear about the benefit of the article too.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me to help you with anything else or if you have any questions.


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