ASICS Women’s Intensity Single Tab Running Socks Review

If you’re trying to be the best athlete out there on the field, there is just one more thing that you need besides premium running shoes. The answer? Running socks. With the help of running socks, not only that you can prevent any bruises or pain building up during long sessions, you can also make it more comfortable for you to run.

Besides the real positive sides of getting high-quality running socks instead of the regular ones, you also don’t have to invest too much money as they are cheap as well.

To sum up, by getting one of the best running socks, you will have a more comfortable experience that doesn’t come at a high price.

But which ones should you buy? We researched for the best model on the market and we decided that it has to be ASICS Women’s Intensity single tab running socks. They are specially designed for women and they come in a white and black color design.

They are elastic and they still come in multiple sizes fit for everyone. About 90% of the people who bought these socks also confirmed that they fit just as expected. There are also practical sides of these socks, which we will review and talk about in the next section.


ASICS Women's Intensity Single Tab Socks (3 Pairs), White, Medium


These are some of the best running socks on the market made especially for women, and there are real reasons that back that quality up. They are also one of the top rated ones currently, with a lot of people being happy with their purchase. Their comfortable design, practical uses, and stylish design are backed up by the following features:

  • Comfortable material made out of 75% Polyester, 20% Nylon, and 5% Spandex
  • Spandex allows the socks to be elastic which makes them compatible even if you get the size wrong
  • Integrated Lace Pad cushioning that minimizes bruises and pain during running
  • Has an Arch support band which doesn’t make the socks too tight in some areas
  • Comes in a three-pack that manages moisture and allows your skin to breathe


  • They are mesh engineered in patterns that are breathable so that your feet remain cool and dry
  • A high percentage of people are happy with the size they choose and declared that they fit as expected
  • Some parts are padded to some extent just enough so that it is more comfortable during running


  • The colors might bleed out when they are washed
  • There is not as much cushion or pads as there should be


If you have recently bought high-quality running shoes and want to increase your performance a bit more, then by buying these ASICS Women’s running socks, you can do exactly just that.

If you’re running on long distances, then you’re definitely going to need socks that are not too thin, by getting this model you can prevent bruises and pain from building up.

Although they are not as thick or padded as some other models, they will still do the job and at a low price as well. Why keep one of your most sensitive parts of your body under stress and in pain when you can prevent it with just some high-quality socks?

They come in a wide variety of sizes and most people reported that they fit just as expected, you can also pick between two colors options, black and white.

Both color options have stripes in different colors, this makes them even more stylish. But they have a practical side to them as well with their mesh engineered breathable patterns.

Another important part is that you keep your feet cool and dry during running, and with the help of this breathable pattern, you can have that. Lace pad cushioning is added as well in the design so that you can get even more comfort.


If you’re not happy with the design choices or lack of styles in these socks, then don’t worry because there are great alternatives out there as well. Our second choice when it came to selecting the best running socks for women was