How To Choose Running Socks

How To Choose Running Socks

Running is everyone’s activity. However, there are those who prepare best on how to do the running and those who do not. To run, many things should be correct. To start with is your health – both physical and psychological.

Second is your running attire. You definitely know what you need to dress on to run best. A light dressing on lower and upper parts is preferred. A track suit is best for the practice sessions.

The third most important item is the shoes you wear. They determine your flexibility, speed, and tiredness at the end of the running.

It is worthwhile noting however that many do not put any consideration the socks they wear. You should note that socks play an equally important role on how effective your running is. If you put on wrong socks, your running might be seriously hampered. When it comes to the choice of running socks, several factors must be put into consideration.

1. The quality of the socks

Running socks are specifically made for running. This, therefore, tells you that you should look for quality socks for the purpose. These socks range from very thick ones to extremely light ones. The choice remains totally yours.

For quality socks, several indicators are key. To buy quality socks, make sure that you have hit well on trapping sweat. Running always leads to sweating. The socks you choose to buy should not dampen your feet. Quality socks that you go for should have good padding on the impact areas. The bottom should always be well padded. You should prefer woolen socks over others.

2. The size of the socks

Just like ordinary socks, running as well do come in different sizes. The common sizes are anklets, crew socks, socklets and knee-level socks. All these can be used for running depending on the type of shoes worn with, environment and the runner’s personal taste. You already know where you want to run.

You already have a preference of your socks size. For the choice, ensure your size appeals to these conditions: no slipping of the foot, proper holding of the leg, your toes are free, no sagging and most importantly, the heel area is well fitting; not stretched.

3. The material making the socks

As you are fully aware, socks are made of different materials. Over the years, cotton has dominated socks making. Today, woolen and synthetic socks are the most preferred. When going for the best material, always consider these factors.

First is the ability of the material to absorb moisture. Materials that get dump have a tendency of causing blisters on your feet. The second aspect for consideration is durability. The elasticity of the material should be taken into consideration as well. You should not go for the socks that before the running is over your socks have enlarged and loosened on your feet. Choose wisely.


4. Your personal preferences

You definitely have a taste over everything. Socks aren’t in any way exceptional. People will always have opinions on different colors, brands, companies, and makes. You also have your opinions on many things socks included.

At times, your preference might out do other factors. While exercising your preferential right, do not forget to take into account key considerations like the cushion, fashion, size fitness of the socks, ability to stick to the legs, elasticity, and comfort in the socks.

You might prefer ankle socks over knee-high socks. You might be a fan of light socks over thick ones. Let not your taste outdo the purpose.

5. Color of the socks themselves

There isn’t much in the color of the socks. You must, however, know that as is with peoples’ preferences, some colors are more appealing than others. This revolves around personal preferences and tastes.

However, some other factors may influence the choice of socks color. Other than your preferred colors, consider the event you are participating in. Different events do have different color shades and it is always good to take this into your consideration.

If you are running in a team, you should also consider the team colors before choosing your socks colors. The environment at which the running shall be done and the colors of the other running attires also should be considered when buying the running socks. You should always keep purpose first.

6. The training or running distance

You are already aware of how long you will participate in the running or how long you are expected to train. If you are buying your running socks for your daily training or long marathon like running, the considerations from should be different from a short race running socks.

For long distance races like a marathon, your socks should conform to specific requirements. You should go for socks with durability. Don’t take a pair that you will arrive already torn. Moisture absorption is key. Impact areas should look taken good care of. Your running socks should have shape after the run.

7. The weather and running shoes

A good runner changes running shoes, attire, and socks with the weather and season. If you are going for a competition in Mombasa, Kenya, your shoes, attire, and socks are different from doing the same in Moscow. Running does not stop when it’s winter. Running socks for the winter and summer should be different.

When it’s winter or when in cold areas, don’t stop running, improve your running. For cold weather, thick, long, woolen running socks will the most appropriate. For warm weathers, pick lighter running socks without compromising quality.

The type of running shoes accompanied by the running socks also determine the socks you wear. Their heights determine the size of the socks. Their texture and sponginess further dictate what to wear with.

Tightly holding shoes do not need very thick socks. The main aim of making a sound decision when it comes to running socks should be to ensure best results. You should have in mind: your safety, comfort, cushion and health fitness. Avoid dumpiness, blisters, foot sores as well as loose and slipping shoes by making correct choices today.

2 thoughts on “How To Choose Running Socks”

  1. A very interesting read. Honestly, I never take much importance of running socks. Usually, I will grab any pair of socks as and when needed. Meaning no matter for running or leisure, it is all the same. Now, you made me think twice. It is time to give more thoughts to it. Am heading to your article on “Why should you wear running socks?” after this.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Thank you, Sharon.
      There are many people which don´t know how important the socks before after they get a good one. Then they find the difference and don´t look back. Like so many other things in sports/gym/yoga etc.

      Great you are going to read the article about why you should running socks, I hope you get a lot of knowledge and ideas there.


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