Are Vans Good Walking Shoes: What You Need To Know Before Wearing One

are vans good walking shoes

We all know that Vans are some of the most stylish, affordable shoes on the market today.

The company has been around since 1966, and it has a wide range of skater shoes that individuals, young and old, love.

Due to how famous the brand is, many people will wear the shoes as fashion statements more than their intended use.

Hence, we often see people walking around with Van shoes and don’t give it a second thought if they are even designed for that purpose.

That leads us to the question, “Are Vans good walking shoes?” or “Do these shoes have the qualities that qualify them as walking shoes?”

No matter if you’re hiking, running, or just walking around, having a good pair of shoes that are both stylish and supportive is crucial for foot health.

When considering what shoes to purchase, you should always research to ensure that you’re getting a good deal. Otherwise, your feet can become sore, tired, and injured.

Let’s break down what excellent walking shoes offer and what Vans shoes offer to find out if they are great options for walking.

What Are the Most Important Features of Walking Shoes?

To figure out the answer to “Are vans good walking shoes?”, we need to take a closer look at what features qualify as good walking shoes.

After that, we can compare Vans shoe features and see if they have similar criteria as walking shoes do.

According to MayoClinic, good walking shoes are built differently than standard shoes because of the all-day support your feet need.

So, what qualities make an excellent walking shoe? Here is a list of features that make an excellent walking shoe will include:

1. Tendon Protectors

Thanks to this feature, the Achilles tendon becomes more protected by reducing stress on the back heel.

2. Padded Heel Collar

An excellent walking shoe’s heel collar has padding and cushions the ankle and prevents sliding around.

This feature also ensures you stay comfortable even after walking for long hours.

3. Breathable Uppers

Uppers hold the shoe in place and are generally made from leather, mesh, or synthetic fabrics.

A good walking shoe will always have mesh, a material known for its breathability.

It can help reduce clamminess and sweat, even after wearing the shoes for hours, which could otherwise lead to discomfort and bad odor.

4. Removable Insoles

Insoles help support your arch. However, the best walking shoes will have removable insoles.

This is an important feature because it will enable you to switch between flat and arched insoles.

5. Sufficient Traction

Located on the bottom of the shoes, the outsoles provide traction on the ground.

Excellent walking shoes offer some of the highest levels of traction.


6. Well-Cushioned Midsoles

Midsoles reduce impacts and help cushion and keep the foot safe.

Walking shoes have gel, foam, or air midsoles since they provide great comfort.

7. Toe Box

A toe box isn’t mandatory but helps provide space for toes to prevent calluses.

While all of these features aren’t necessary, they do make a significant impact on how your feet will feel by the end of the day.

No one wants to walk around in shoes that will end up making their feet hurt and ache.

So, having at least some of these features can help reduce your chances of becoming sore.

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What Do Good Walking Shoes Offer?

From the features mentioned above, we can say that a good walking shoe will be flexible, comfortable, and firm grip.

Aside from that, good walking shoes also have more of a flat arch because you’re most likely going to be on your feet all day compared to short workout sessions.

Having high arches can put too much stress on your foot all day and become uncomfortable after a while.

Another vital element is to pick shoes that best fit your feet.

While it will be tempting to purchase the “best” shoe with the most features, don’t do it.

Instead, focus on finding a shoe that fits your feet and isn’t too small or big.

Do Vans Have Similar Features?

Now that we understand what features and elements walking shoes should have, we can take a quick look at Van shoes.

We will look at what a Van shoe has and doesn’t have.

That way, we can see how well they compare to regular walking shoes.

What Vans Include

Vans are very comfortable, making them easy to walk in.

Aside from that, the boot version of Vans includes a firm grip with a ribbed rubber outsole.

This sticky rubber sole also makes Vans suitable for other sports, such as surfing and bicycling.

The shoes are also breathable due to using canvas fabric that is lightweight and breathable.

Although, the canvas wouldn’t be as good as mesh.

What Vans Don’t Include

Vans don’t include tendon protectors, insoles, gel, foam, air midsoles, or toe boxes.

Tendon protectors aren’t a mandatory feature of walking shoes, but they help support the foot.

Aside from that, the insoles and midsoles are necessary for keeping the foot from slipping while walking.

The lack of these features makes it difficult to recommend them as walking shoes.

Are Vans Good Walking Shoes?

The lack of supportive features means they may not be the best for walking.

If you’re walking for an extended period, after a while, your feet will likely become sore and tired.

The material also isn’t that breathable, which means you’ll probably get sweaty and may even get blisters.

If you’re going on a short walk, yes, Vans makes a good shoe.

They provide minimal support and don’t have any slippage, but they don’t offer enough protection if you’re going on long walks.

They could cause strain on your feet over an extended period.

So, we would advise at least using insertable midsoles into the shoes and limiting the amount of time you walk in Vans.

What Shoes Should You Use For Walking?

The type of walking shoe you use will highly depend on if the shoe fits your foot.

As long as the shoe has the above-listed features and elements that a walking foot needs, then you’re good to go.

However, thousands of shoe brands are out there, making it challenging to find a good walking shoe.

Other Sports Shoe Brands

We highly recommend Adidas, Nike, and Skechers if you’re looking for an alternative to Vans shoes.

These brands have good walking shoes that have features to keep your foot protected from damage.

They also provide support for all-day use, which is ideal when being on your feet most of the day.

Hiking Shoes

There are also plenty of alternative types of shoes that would be good for walking.

For example, casual hiking shoes have a good hybrid mix between features good for walking or hiking.

Although they may not be as stylish as classic Vans sneakers.

To Sum Up

Vans are a trendy brand of skating shoes, but you see the average person wearing Vans shoes for style.

While they do well for casual days, they aren’t good enough to support walks.

If you’re looking for an excellent walking shoe, it’s recommended to check out shoes for hiking, trekking, and walking trails.

The reason for this is that hiking shoes include essential features that help cage your foot and prevent stress from being put on specific areas of your foot.

Your joints are also more protected from accidental damage from slipping or twisting.

Not only that, but the mesh materials will make you feel more comfortable, and the hiking shoe will likely last longer than a pair of Vans would.

2 thoughts on “Are Vans Good Walking Shoes: What You Need To Know Before Wearing One”

  1. This is an interesting read. Frankly, I’m surprised that Vans are not good shoes for walking. Considering the price, you’d think they would be better, but I guess that’s not what they are made for. It only shows that we have to do our research to make sure we have the proper shoe for the activities we are pursuing. Thank you for posting!

    • Thank you for your kind words.

      Yes, you are right. We need first to understand what we have in mind with the shoe we want to buy. Are we looking for short walking in the city, one thing they are great about.

      Then we need to give us time to find out what is ideal and essential to have in that shoes.

      And in the end, find a good shoe for it, and that fits in the budget we have in mind!

      It looks like a lot of work but really not so much because of all our information.

      Here are, for example, very good Nike walking shoes if you like to see them.

      Great to hear about your benefit of the article too.


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