Best Barefoot Running Shoes for Minimalist Runners

Best Barefoot Running Shoes for Minimalist Runners

Some runners prefer wearing minimalist shoes that mimic the feel of running barefoot. These running shoes are said to help in muscle strengthening and mileage improvement, but there are others who believe that it is risky to run using these shoes.

All we know is the choice really depends on the user. There are people who prefer running with supportive shoes, while others are more efficient when they are using barefoot shoes.

If you are one of those who love to go barefoot, the first thing you must do is to get the best barefoot running shoes you can find.

We hope you love the products we recommend! We only products that we thoroughly investigate and believe is a real value for you.
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Best Barefoot Running Shoes For Minimalist Runners Comparison Chart

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Best Barefoot Running Shoes For Minimalist Runners Reviews

Here are our top three picks for barefoot running shoes:

1. Oranginer Men’s Barefoot Shoes

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This comfy shoe has a lot to offer. Apart from having zero toe-to-heel drop, it has the following:

  • Wide Toe Box

The Oranginer Men’s Barefoot Shoes has a toe box that is wide enough to keep your toes relaxed and naturally spread out while running. This helps to keep your balance and gives you better ground feedback for stability and comfort.

  • Just Like Being Barefoot

This shoe lets you use your feet more compared to when you are wearing a traditional pair. It promotes the strengthening of the muscle fibers, improves running efficiency, and at the same time decrease injury rates.

  • Synthetic Mesh Upper

For utmost flexibility and breathability, this shoe is made with a synthetic mesh upper that is not only lightweight but also helps keep your feet dry.

  • Versatile Pair

This trail shoe is suitable for many activities such as walking, running, training, jogging, working out, and more. In fact, it can also be used as a water shoe.

  • Great Design

This barefoot shoe has almost zero heel-to-toe drop, allowing the foot to support natural, healthy posture by keeping it in a neutral position.

What’s more, it has a thin sole that promotes better proprioception from the ground and is also flexible, so you are able to move freely and engage with the ground more naturally.


  • checkPromotes muscle fiber strengthening
  • checkImproves balance and flexibility
  • checkMakes you a more efficient runner
  • checkCan be used in most activities
  • checkBreathable and lightweight material
  • checkSupports a healthy posture
  • checkLets you engage naturally with the ground
  • checkGreat fit and true to size
  • checkHas good traction


  • Can feel a little tighter compared to regular running shoes
  • Requires a little time getting used to

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2. Hiitave Trail Barefoot Shoes

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Next on our list is this minimalist barefoot shoes for men and women. Here are what it offers:

  • Zero Drop

This minimalist shoe has a zero drop heel-to-toe construction that aligns the forefoot and heel with the ground, encouraging correct and low-impact form whenever you run on a trail.

  • Wide Toe Box

The toe box of the Hiitave Barefoot Shoe is wide enough to guarantee relaxed and spread out toes. This design promotes stability and comfort during climbs and descents. It also helps minimize soreness and chafing.

Furthermore, the form-fitting heel and midfoot elements keep your feet framed and in place.

  • Flexible and Lightweight

This shoe is made with synthetic mesh for the upper, which makes it breathable and lightweight. The thin but durable material makes it flexible as well. Moreover, its stretchable materials ensure a snug fit.

  • Great Look and Design

The overall look of this shoe is appealing. It has synthetic overlays that give a sleek look, while the quick lace feature guarantees a customized and secure fit.

In addition, the midsole offers superior shock absorption, and the rubber outsole provides excellent traction and grip.


  • checkWide room for the toes
  • checkEncourages low-impact form
  • checkPromotes stability
  • checkComfortable to wear
  • checkSnug-fitting, thanks to its quick-lace feature
  • checkAbsorbs shock and discomfort


  • Flimsy material
  • Protruding heel fabric

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3. Zcoli Barefoot Running Shoes

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Comfort and flexibility are among the qualities of this pair. Here are its many awesome features:

  • Sock-Like Fit

This barefoot shoe has a seamless upper that is elastic enough to provide a snug fit. The sock-like design moves and stretches with your foot.

  • Breathable and Lightweight

The Spandex upper is breathable and keeps the foot dry and fresh, while its light weight ensures ultimate comfort even as you run for miles.

The rubber sole, on the other hand, is soft and foldable, making this pair easy to carry and store. Plus, it dries pretty quickly too.

  • Anti-Collision, Wide Toe Box

Even if it is a minimalist shoe, your comfort and ability to move freely are not compromised. The shoe has a wide toe box that gives more room for your toes, promoting the strengthening of the toes and at the same time protecting your feet from the elements.

  • Drawstring Tie System

The Zcoli Running Shoe utilizes a drawstring tie system that enables easy put on and take off. This allows easy adjustment and a foot-hugging fit.

  • Non-Slip Outsole

This training shoe offers an outstanding grip, reliability, and durability. The outsole features the lumps lug design, which prevents slipping even on wet surfaces.

  • Full-Length Cushioning

This shoe is equipped with full-length midsole cushioning that absorbs impact and returns that energy during toe-off, allowing you to propel faster. This makes your run more comfortable and efficient.


  • checkPromotes a more efficient run
  • checkSock-like fit
  • checkRoomy toe box
  • checkLightweight and dries fast
  • checkGreat cushioning and support
  • checkString yet elastic upper
  • checkBreathable
  • checkEasy-to-adjust closure system


  • Sizing is off
  • Weak material

No products found.


All the barefoot shoes we have included on our list offer outstanding features that most of you are looking for in a good pair of barefoot running shoes. These shoes offer comfort, flexibility, support, and style.

These shoes made it to our list because they offer qualities that other barefoot shoes lack. However, the Hiitave Trail Barefoot Shoes and the Zcoli Barefoot Running Shoes did not meet our standards when it comes to durability.

Therefore, the best barefoot running shoes for us is the Oranginer Men’s Barefoot Minimalist Shoes. It is not only comfortable and flexible, but it is also made of durable materials that can surely withstand everyday wear, no matter how active you are.

6 thoughts on “Best Barefoot Running Shoes for Minimalist Runners”

  1. Those seem perfect for jogging but I’m also a badminton player and I’m looking for lightweight shoes where I’m able to do both. Would you say that these are okay to use indoors for badminton as well, or would you recommend that I stick to a regular pair of running shoes?

    I’m guessing maybe that it’s better to stick with running shoes for badminton because of sudden stops and pivots while playing for longer lasting shoes. 

    It would really help to get your opinion on this. Thanks.

    • Hello, Reyhana, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      It is a little bit tricky, but on same time interesting, question because I know that one of the best team handball players in the worlds used similar shoes like this in the last years of his career. Even so, I would not recommend to use it in badminton and not running shoes either.

      Because in badminton you are using methods you don´t use when you run. You are turning quick to left and right, so the pressure on the shoes is in very different places than when you run.

      So would recommend that you use pure badminton shoe.

      If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

  2. I love the idea of wearing barefoot running shoes as have always loved being barefoot but prefer to wear shoes when out walking. 

    It is good to know that they support the foot properly but also give plenty of room for the toes to move freely. Would these shoes give good enough support for mountain climbing?  Would I not require more support for the ankles than these shoes would give?

    When walking any distance I find that the nerves under my feet become really painful, do you think that that wearing these lighter shoes would help?

    • Thank you for your kind words.

      No, I would not use these shoes in mountain climbing. There I would recommend using only specific shoes for that because it is accessible to in problem there with the wrong gear.

      About your nerves problems there so many pros and cons with that, for example, you could need extra support because it could come the back, but on the same time, you strengthen your little muscles with this shoes, that I always recommend talking with your doctors or physiotherapist too.

      If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

  3. Hi, Johann.
    It was very informative to know this variety of shoes which feel like barefoot and also give strength to legs.

    I need a shoe for daily Gym sports and as suggested by you will try Oranginer’s shoe. Please tell what is covered in 12 months warranty? I mean, any shoe is going to wear & tear with rough use in sports, so the company provides warranty on which defect? Secondly, please tell if service of this shoe is available in India or I need to contact Amazon for Same?

    Silly doubts, but needs to be clarified. Hope you don’t mind. Thanks for the timely information.

    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hello, Gaurav Gaur, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      About the warranty. It comes from Amazon ads. I agree that they should have talked about what it covers, but even so, I tried hard I didn´t manage to find it. Sorry about that. But usually, this is if the shoes come damages, not with regular using.

      About India, I don´t know that, would recommend that you send them an email and ask about it to get it from the source itself. But for me, it would be reasonable that they would come in as this is the same company.

      If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.


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