Best indoor golf simulator 2021 for under $1000

Did you know that you can still enjoy professional golf simulation on a tight budget? Well, while the expensive simulators top the list, we still have our 3 best indoor golf simulator 2021 for under $1000. We start by reviewing these simulators and finally answer some of the commonly asked questions in this niche. Sounds exciting? read on.

A Detailed Review of 3 Best indoor golf simulator 2021 for under $1000

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Optishot 2 Golf in a Box Simulator

OptiShot 2 Golf In A Box Simulator Package

To be good at golf you must practice more tees and green. The idea of golf in a box is to make you play golf everywhere and anytime you get the opportunity. The OptiShot 2 golf in a box simulator enables you to get more golf time and eventually experience will follow. It is portable, stylish, modern and technologically advanced.

The OptiShot 2 golf in a box package includes

  1. Optishot 3DD Golf Software 

The latest version of the 3DD software has improved rendering and a number of new options and features.  It has three playing modes, training, custom and live mode.

  • Training

This is the electrical version of a driving range. It offers six target greens for you to train on hits at preferred distances. You can also practice your tees and get accurate driver hit analysis that helps you make adjustments on your hits.

Additionally, you can train on any hole from the golf courses provided with the software. This helps you play certain holes to perfection.

  • Custom 

Local multi-player- Here you can play full rounds with family and friends on any of the 15 pre-selected golf courses of the world. The different courses test your golf abilities on a variety of difficulty levels and characteristics. 

  • Live (Online Multiplayer)

This internet mode allows you to challenge other golfers from all over the world to a virtual game. It allows up to 2-4 players per game.

  • Other features 

  • Automatic cameras that track each hit
  • Ability to choose weather conditions (wind, rain, sun, fog, etc.)
  • You can putt or auto putt
  • Realistic sounds and graphics of well-mapped fields
  • You can regulate the green speed
  • Measurement in either yards or meters (MPH/KPH)
  • The simulator is adjusted for both right-handed and left-handed golfers.
  • Access to software updates
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows PC
  1. Infrared Golf Simulator Optical Swing Pad

This is the center of analysis that provides accurate ball shot and swing analysis like in real golf. It uses 16 highly tuned infrared sensors to track all the data from your clubs. Moreover, it tracks ball shots before they are hit, during and after contact.

The sensors also give instant feedback concerning your club head speed, face contact, swing path, and distance traveled, swing tempo, shot shape, and face angle.

Other features include

  • Replaceable turf
  • Plug and play cable to feed data to your PC
  • Ability to play with real balls, foam balls, or no balls at all
  • Ability to use your own clubs
  • It provides you with a good dynamic visual display.
What To Wear To A Golf Simulator
  1. OptiShot Practice Net

This hitting net is durable and designed to adapt to most environments. They are easy to set up and allow you to play with real golf clubs and golf balls in your home or office without fear of causing damage.

The net is also easily dismantled and portable. It comes with a carrying case convenient for storage and travel.

Other features

  • Offers  8’ x 7’ hitting area
  • Dimensions are 7’ H x 8’ W x 1’ D
  • Capable to contain ball speeds of up to 175MPH
  1. Optishot Hitting Golf Mat

The design is specific to fit directly with the OptiShot 2 simulator. It uses flush mounting to create a perfect fit making you experience the feeling of real golf. It has high-quality turf and high-density foam that brings the golf-in-a-field ambiance to your home or office.  It measures 5’ L x 4’ W.

Optishot 2 Golf in a Box Special Feature(s)

  • Technologically advanced software

The 3DD software has high-quality graphics that bring the feel of real golf in your home. The ability to support multiplayer mode connects you with other golfers making your experience interactive and competitive.

  • Portability

OptiShot 2 Golf in a box is compact and can be carried everywhere you go. You can play golf in your home, office or while on vacation. It has few pieces hence saves time during setup. This also means reduced chances of losing vital pieces.

  • 15 world-class golf courses

Improve your golfing experience playing on different courses handpicked from existing world-class courses. This makes the game both challenging and realistic. It also enables you to have fun playing different courses.

Additionally, it has eight playing modes that include stroke play, match play, alternate shot, better ball, best ball, Stable-ford, skins, and custom game lengths. 

What We like

  • Easy to use for both residential and commercial gain
  • It is for entertainment but can be used for practice and improving your golfing skills as well
  • A variety of game modes making it very difficult to get bored playing golf 
  • Has easily available and replaceable parts
  • The swing analyzer gives useful data that is easy to understand and interpret.  
  • Can work with foam, real or no balls at all
  • Fairly affordable


  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Not suited for a club fit
  • Needs a high ceiling when playing the woods or driver
  • Needs a PC or laptop to run


For the price, it is worth every penny. It is not up there with other golf simulators in terms of accuracy, but it costs a fraction less. In addition, you enjoy an enthralling golfing experience. It is consistent and convenient making your practice more interactive without having to go to the range. 

Rapsodo R Motion Golf Simulator and Swing Analyzer Review

The more you play golf the more you feel the urge to improve certain aspects of your skills, right? There comes a pertinent need that needs you to improve your swing. You will need help. With the Rapsodo R-Motion swing analyzer, you can capture every aspect of your swing and use the data to improve your game.

Rapsodo R-Motion gives a realistic ball trajectory and measures the distance, speed, and power of your swing.


What you will find in the package

  1. Golf club Software  

The software performs all the technical functions of fusing your golf experience between reality and virtual reality. It has pre-installed 15 golf courses and a single driving range. The idea behind the software is a  clip-on a club that analyzes every data of your hits. 

The success of its accurate analysis makes it a better simulator for its price. In addition, the software has improved render quality and runs on both your PC and mobile phone. 

Other Special features include

  • Driving Range

Swing and body movement is a golfer’s perfect harmony that adds range and precision to your shots. This product comes with a driving range with a quality turf that results in accurate swings just like a real golf course.

In contrast with the actual driving range ( crowded with golfers lined up making shots), there is peace in practicing in your home. 

  • 15 courses

You are not limited to club membership practicing and playing the same course every day, you get 15 times the challenge on unique golf courses. The good graphics make you enjoy a golf game regardless of the weather or time of day or night. 

The idea is to play as many simulated games as possible to keep you fit and ready for real-life tournaments and events. 

  • Multiplayer

The option of including your friends and family makes this an interactive game. The game supports up to four players. You can challenge one another on a variety of golf courses. The 15 unique golf courses will test your golf skills and abilities on different levels. 

  • Golf Club clip and attach

This is a versatile simulator that allows you to use all your golf clubs. It is compatible with any club. Just  clip the tracker to your golf club and you’re ready to swing. Moreover, you can switch the tracker and the clip to all your clubs in an easy process. This makes you track your data regardless of the golf club you are using.

Finally, the clips are designed to support easy detachment and you w