How to Buy the Best Running Headlamps on the Market

How to Buy the Best Running Headlamps on the Market

Want to buy the best running headlamps? Plenty of competitive options are available in the market but one thing is sure that you need not be an ace runner to use a running headlamp. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, or you are frequently going for hiking, trailing, camping, or hunting, a good quality running headlamp is an essential outdoor gear for you.

But before buying a suitable running headlamp, you need to check the most desired features of the same so that you can compare the cherry-picked items with these standard parameters.  Ideally, a running headlamp has to be

  • Light in weight so that you can carry it easily
  • Durable, which ensures its long service life
  • Weatherproof so that you can use it under adverse climate
  • Long battery life will help you to serve better and longer
  • Higher bean distance is a vital feature as it increases visibility and that makes the lamp more useful

Now when we know the basic needs of a running headlamp, we can easily compare our target products against these feature lines. Although there is no specific formula for buying the best running headlamp meticulous search can surely streamline the selection and buying process.

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Product1: Lighting Ever LE Headlamp LED

If your target is to buy a smart looking, versatile, and all purpose running headlight for your outdoor adventures, Lighting Ever LE Headlamp LED is one of the most viable options for you that you can buy at the most affordable budget range. It works well and it looks good, and above all its features are smart enough for serving you in all possible situations.

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Let’s take a close view of all its features:

  • The headlight offers four light illumination levels including three types of lights of whitish light brightness(2 LEDs, 10 LEDs, and 18 LEDs) and a red flashing mode
  • The headlight is light in weight& it is completely adjustable with its effortlessly adjustable, elastic made headband: however who needs it, will never feel any discomfort or the fixed lamp on the forehead
  • The headlight is Waterproof. It has earned IP44 rating, which  means it is confided that it is safe to use against splashy water from all angles
  • The pack contains 3pcs AAA alkaline batteries for extended functionality
  • It is a fully wireless light that you can use anywhere you prefer
  • The headlight comes with elastic and 100% durable headband, which has made this lamp user friendly and mostly secured

Product -2: Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight

Looking for a trendy and versatile running headlamp that can work as a flashlight? If yes, Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight is one of the best viable solutions for your search. This is a good looking, super durable flashlight that offers some of the most interesting features for its users. Let’s take a look here.

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  • The flashlight is light in weight and comfortable for use. It is only 3.2 ounce in weight so that while wearing you will not even notice it. It is easy to adjust, designed ergonomically, and fitted with elastic headband, which makes the light an easy-to-use gear for its users
  • It is waterproof and offers a long service life with little or no care. Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight is a perfect outdoor gear that you can use in an adverse climate because it is weatherproof in its structure. It has been rated by IPX5 which signifies that it is water splash and spray protected from all angles
  • The flashlight offers a long battery life; it has been tasted that it offers up to 45 hours of battery life. It offers a powerful light and it consumes lesser battery
  • The flashlight offers a wide range of white and red colored light, which offers wonderful visibility even in dead darkness. It is 45 degrees tiltable and that offers super flexibility. It has strobe mode and SOS mode and that will keep the user safe
  • The purchase of this running headlight is protected by money back guarantee. In case the buyer does not like the item, he can claim a money refund and it will be honored without asking question

Product 3: SmartLite Ultra LED headlamp

SmartLite Ultra LED headlamp is a wise choice for outdoor enthusiasts because it is built with a lot many interesting and user friendly features for making the purchase a viable one.

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Let’s take a look at its features:

  • It is light in weight, and it is 35 grams only. The SmartLite Ultra LED headlamp is easy to wear on the forehead due to its curved back and elastic made strap, which both kids and adults can use comfortably. Kids can use the light for reading their favorite game under a blanket, while adults can do lots of work like car repair, spotting something, searching for something in darkness with this lamp
  • SmartLite Ultra LED headlamp works perfectly even under foul weather. Regardless the weather is hot or humid, the lamp offers its best and consistent performance
  • The flashlight is built with six different light modes: users can easily select any of the six buttons according to personal discretion. There are two red light modes, one is high and the second is flashing: it can help your eyes to adjust swiftly to the dark
  • The flashlight is built with a Cree LED headlamp and that delivers consistent performance. It offers long service life and powerful performance
  • The flashlight is available in multi-colors

Feature summary:

All three running headlamps are loaded with user friendly features and they are durable, but SmartLite Ultra LED headlamp is one step ahead with its powerful performance. It can be used by kids as well as by adults and it is available in different colors too.  Its 6 light modes are a definite advantage in comparison to two other items.


SmartLite Ultra LED headlamp is made with different features, which are not only versatile in functionality, the product is excellently durable. It is kids’ friendly as well. As it is easy to use, outdoor enthusiasts can purchase it safely. In terms of buying one of the best running headlamps is one step ahead of its competitors, so it is wise to go for it.

4 thoughts on “How to Buy the Best Running Headlamps on the Market”

  1. Hi! I really like your post! It’s very clear, direct and easy to understand. I’ve always thought about buy headlamp for my running workout. I’m used to train early in the morning and I think headlamp is better and safer then a lightvest!
    I’m sure come bank looking for some other good fitness stuff!! 🙂

    • Thank you, Nik.

      The headlamp is great to use because security when you are running. It´s simple better to have good light where you run when there is a little light, like early in the morning like you said. But I would use light vest too because it is much better for the cars to see you when you are in light vest.

      Stay safe with both headlamps and light vest!

  2. Hello
    Thanks so much for sharing, reading your post make me feel …………….stupid in a way.
    I enjoy running, been running since a very long time as I feel it`s almost the only workout that I can do without stopping to think, when I`m running, my mind is free, not only free, to run, I only need to invest in good running shoes.
    That was the thought upto now and that`s why I said your post make me feel stupid.I have never thought of buying a running headlamp.
    This is a must have and soon, i do miss my weekly runs in the winter because of darkness.So I really appreciate reading this.Thanks so much once more.

    • Thank you Roamy.

      But not be too hard with you! It´s quite understandable that you haven´t heard about headlamp to run with.

      But like you say, it both add the time you can run and on too it is much safer to run when you have the light to see how the place in front of you. 

      Enjoy your run!


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